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Tencent also has a credit points, which means what?

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And then to the monthly sesame credit sub-update day, but today is the top of the thunder of Tencent's credit points. Rush in the "8.8 no cash day" before the long-awaited "Tencent credit points" finally began to open to some users.

Sesame credit just launched when only some users can view, Tencent credit points also adopted a similar approach, and the threshold is quite high: only QQ super members are eligible to view. In other words, you need to pay at least 20 yuan to see their own scores.

Tencent credit points of the more subtle, you need to focus on the first mobile phone QQ "Tencent credit" and the public number, enter the "credit" and enter the name and identity number will show the corresponding score. Minimum of 300 points, up to 850 points.

In the payment of this matter, Tencent and Ali has been playing hard to understand, but Ali in the establishment of the credit system is undoubtedly much faster action. Ants gold clothes in January 2015 officially launched a sesame credit, a few years down, sesame credit access services more and more, covering the accommodation, travel, consumption, loans and other fields, the monthly changes in sesame credit points also become A lot of users are concerned about things.

In contrast, although Tencent has been sparing no effort to promote WeChat payment and QQ wallet, but in terms of personal credit has become very cautious. In fact, Tencent as early as the beginning of 2015 will become the first batch of the central bank's personal credit license one of the pilot units, "Tencent credit" ralph lauren pas cher, the official website also hung for several years, but has been slow to move.

It has been reported that the reason why Tencent credit is so low-key and Ma-related, it is said that the person in charge of Tencent letter to Ma to report the product situation, but Ma was stopped: "This product is not the sale of personal data? "After the horse to" protect the user privacy "on the grounds that the product to stop the development.

However, the idea of ​​Pony seems to have changed later. In last year's Tencent "cloud + future" rally, he mentioned in the speech "Tencent will be a long-term record of each user's credit," for the protection of the interests of partners.

With the WeChat ecology gradually formed, the lack of credit system will undoubtedly become a big deal, to establish their own credit system is also imperative.

Tencent credit points how to comment? What can I do?

Tencent credit points from the five dimensions of the user's credit assessment, respectively, social indicators, security index, wealth index, performance index and consumer index, and sesame credit difference is not.

(Left for the Tencent credit points, right for the sesame credit points)

As a competitor, Tencent and Ali two in the construction of credit system, has its own characteristics and advantages. Ali's credit data is mainly built on the huge electricity trading data, there are balance of wealth management products such as blessing, more emphasis on the Internet financial data.

As for social, it is always Ali's lingering pain. These years in order to Alipay to join the social properties, Ali did not work hard, but each time the results are not satisfactory. The last time was a hubbub of the lively "circle" event.Alipay wanted to use sesame seeds into the field of high-end dating, but because of excessive force caused by a bad comment.After this storm, Alipay is no longer how to tossing social, and peace of mind to return to the payment and financial of the old line.

Unlike Ali, sitting on the QQ and WeChat two major national communications applications Tencent, social is its natural advantage. WeChat monthly active users nearly 900 million, QQ month also has more than 860 million monthly users, these users can provide a lot of Tencent, continuous, trackable user behavior data. Tencent credit in the introduction page also mentioned that the user's friends chain, friends circle is also a measure of credit scores of the reference factors.

Tencent did not like the days of the cat, Taobao, like the electricity business platform can obtain consumer data, according to the introduction, it is the user's consumer index assessment mainly from the hand Q, WeChat payment and shopping behavior. Taking into account the Tencent QQ and WeChat have access to the Jingdong shopping, may also refer to the data of the Jingdong side, do not rule out the future and Jingdong's "white credit" rush to open up the possibility.

For ordinary users, we are more concerned about this score is what can I do? Because it is just launched, the current Tencent credit application scenes are not many, in addition to "micro-loan" and "lunders credit card application" looks relatively practical, mobile phone warranty, auto insurance and other stages are slightly " "It's an open-minded" freak "that is more exciting.

(Matthew's 30-day free ride card is Tencent credit to the user's small benefits)

Currently on the market mainstream shared bicycles, including theo and small blue, etc. are through the introduction of sesame credit to achieve a deposit, Matthew Tencent because of the reason is obviously not likely to access sesame credit, 299 yuan high deposit has been Criticized by the people, if you can use Tencent credit for high score users to achieve a deposit, the user is undoubtedly a big positive.

(Left picture is sesame credit, right picture for Tencent credit)

Similar to sesame credit, Tencent credit points can also be added through the work, education information to enhance the score. A while back sesame letter points were burst out of the "black branch" of the black industry chain, ants gold clothes followed by a rumor, said the so-called "rose points" means is completely untrustworthy. And with the future Tencent credit application scene gradually increased, it is no guarantee that there will be no lawless elements eyeing this market, do not know whether Tencent prepared for this?

Credit points, means that Tencent and Ali in the new field of war, but do not know this time, starting later than Ali's Tencent, but also can not be the same as the WeChat to pay the same as it?

From: Tencent credit official website

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