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John McAfee: Bitcoin cash is freak, to issue your own virtual currency

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Block chain market to a bit of network security industry players - John McAfee.

McAfee has been very controversial in the industry, he has created a long time anti-virus software McAfee, in one fell swoop the company with the market. 2010, Intel 768 million acquisition of the company. After the withdrawal of McAfee, and then repeatedly business. 2016 and even the election of the US president, he said, the actual purpose is to promote network security, and the effect has been.

MGT capital - digging, block chain and security products combined?

MGT Capital is a new set of McAfee network security.

Last year in May, McAfee served as CEO of MGT Capital, the loss of social gaming investment company, transformed into focus on network security, at this stage the company to the special currency mining business as the main source of revenue.

Mining business to McAfee confidence doubled, he recently accepted the Bloomberg interview said the company "will be profitable at the end of the year." As of March 31, MGT quarterly sales of $ 312,000, a net loss of $ 5.89 million. McAfee said that the next will add 1,000 BitmainAntminerS9 Miner, will produce 225 per month after the currency.

McAfee stressed that the current MGT capital has the largest mining capacity in North America, although compared to many Chinese enterprises are still some distance. "Everyone has noticed China," he said, adding that China has a strong minefield. According to Btckan data show that as of August 5, China accounted for nearly 81% of the global force.

McAfee's goal is that the future of MGT capital to become the world's first mine.

Bitcoin cash is freak, McAfee wants to issue its own virtual currency

Bitcoin mining is not the only bet on McAfee. MGT capital in addition to digging special currency, but also the exploitation of a small amount of ether Square and R & "He did not want to lag behind," he told reporters. "It is not clear that Bitcoin will be a leader and have to observe all the currencies, and they may have different abilities."

In the world of virtual currency is still not yet mature, a steady stream of virtual currency has the potential to compete for bit as long as possible. Information website Coinmarketcap statistics show that the global virtual currency is now up to 1025 species, over the past three months increased by more than 200 species.

Bitcoin itself is staged "coup". August 1 Bitcoin Cash (BitcoinCash, referred to as: BCC) Derived. Bifurcation caused by the dispersion of demand and computing power, so that bitcoin prices are affected. Bitcoal prices experienced plummeted, but also rebounded record, BCC is the first soaring, and then by Waterloo.

McAfee believes that "BCC is a freak", and the improper hard bifurcation makes the Bitcoin community split, and this division is meaningless to the development of the technology.

In addition, McAfee is also preparing to issue its own name in the virtual currency - MCAfeeCoin. The virtual currency is based on the etherfloft, and is responsible for the role of liquidity in McAfee's joint venture-based accelerator McAfeeXL. McAfeeCoin will be used to invest in China's block chain technology companies, while in the form of incentives to reach the participation of social platform investment in individuals.

As to why China, McAfee said, according to conservative estimates, nearly 80% of the special currency transactions in RMB settlement, China's block chain market has great potential. While the United States, Singapore at this stage regulatory policy is not yet clear.

"McAfeeXL is now receiving hundreds of white papers per week," says McAfee. "99% is rubbish." Turning to the ideal white paper, he says, "it's time to really change things, To share with people, not just to use ICO misappropriating.

In October, McAfeeXL will launch the first round of ICO.

Put the chain into the network security products to go

Bitcoin mining business is not the end of McAfee's vision. He said that the future MGT capital business will be the main network security business.

McAfee told reporters that, in addition to the special currency mining business, MGT Capital also involved in private telephone, monitoring network traffic Sentinel system, mobile device tracking and awareness of product E-tagged network security business, mining is to accumulate experience and expertise, the final Is the hope that the bottom of the bitcoan block chain technology, and the company's network security business together.

In the eyes of McAfee, "the block chain to the centralized distributed accounting system, in the safest way to keep records, such as intrusion records, access records and so will be retained." So, will be able to intercept identity theft, to prevent Data tampering and other aspects to enhance security.

But many people are concerned about the block chain investment, ICO and so on, McAfee told reporters, "block chain network security is not the proper attention, especially for China with strong computing power, it is not to be ignored "In September, he will come to China to see the" Shape the future "global block chain summit hosted by Btckan, which is also the first time that McAfee has met with China's Bitcoin players. "At that time, I will share my own understanding and research on Bitcoin and Block Chains, hoping that the combination of block chains and security areas will receive more attention."

Block chain is the best application of the supply chain, incidentally solve the problem of high energy consumption

Where is the future of the block chain? This is also McAfee to come to China, with many industry leaders to explore the issue.

McAfee said that while it is hoped that the best application of the block chain is in the area of ​​cybersecurity, but he believes that the supply chain is an urgent improvement, the weakest part of the block chain technology can provide a solution.

In the case of retail trade, for example, in the past, the transaction process was opaque and the black box operation grew. The block chain was transparent and shared by sharing. Everyone could see the process. Where to go.

In particular, McAfee also envisioned the application of the power energy block chain. We often hear the chain chain related criticism, high energy consumption will be in which. McAfee believes that the block chain and solar energy, wind, water and other new energy power generation combined to solve the problem.

Such as many American families have stressed the "green house" (GreenHouse), and clean energy such as wind power and hydropower in many areas is also very abundant, which makes the waste is often wasted. Now can be used to mine excess energy, and the waste to the point of the point to sell to the neighbors, this way, both to promote the development of block chain industry, but also to save energy from waste.

In addition to high energy consumption, the block chain technology, there are still low frequency of transactions, government regulation, security vulnerabilities, and even many scenes in the efficiency of traditional database solutions and other questions. On the security issue, McAfee frank, the chain chain itself has the risk of being black, but because the stealing project is too vast, the hacker into the output is higher, this is not a cost-effective business, "hackers through other means, rather than attack the block chain."

In general, McAfee feels that is not a matter of doubt, At this stage the block chain industry is not yet mature, the technology has different views and then normal, however, "long term, the block chain technology is worth looking forward to." He said.

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