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Only used to chat too waste! Micro letter of these sideline functions you know a few

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A few days ago inventory of the mobile phone QQ sideline function, we also reflect the bad, then, this time to see it with the door of the younger brother of the sub-function of the letter, by the way Tucao about its shortcomings.

This young and old, friends and relatives of the WeChat in addition to chatting, but also do some what?


Figure 1 Today you used a micro letter did not

Micro-sweep sweep is not limited to two-dimensional code

You use the WeChat sweep the function is limited to two-dimensional code? In fact, sweep sweep can also scan bar code for product identification, check online prices and fast online shopping.


Figure 2 Scanning the product barcode Get the product information

◆ scan express single number can quickly check express delivery note details.

◆ scan drug bar code can get drug brochures and medication advice.

◆ scan pages can be quickly query and purchase.

◆ scan the building can be Tencent map Street View, but looks like the location of mobile phone location information to achieve positioning.

◆ scan English words can be obtained in Chinese translation results.


Figure 3 Get the drug description, Figure 4 Get the courier information


Figure 5 obtained Tencent map Street View, Figure 6 won the English word translation results

Micro letter to the translation finally know the foreign language of friends made some Han

Speaking of translation, WeChat also comes with translation function, only in the WeChat dialogue or friends circle hold a foreign language, you can quickly translate it into the language used by the system.

Not only in English, but also in other languages. No longer afraid of friends in friends circle of foreign language do not know what meaning.


& Uarr; & uarr; & uarr; Figure 7 text translation function

WeChat can understand the voice to the text

WeChat can be sent to friends of the voice message into text, when you are not convenient to listen to the voice, but can help on the busy.

In the WeChat to hold the voice of friends sent in the pop-up menu, select & quot; convert to text & rdquo; will be able to convert it to text, but this feature is only standard Mandarin.


& Uarr; & uarr; & uarr; Figure 8 voice to text function

Micro search can find a lot of stuff really a lot

Micro search function, not only can help users search friends circle and public article and other content, but also can carry out novels, music, expression and other content search.


Figure 9 Search the music can be online audition

In addition to the search for the above content, WeChat search ability is still rising, this is not a small search engine was born.

◆ Enter the stock code to check the stock information.

◆ Enter a currency + exchange rate (such as the US dollar exchange rate) & rdquo; can query the exchange rate.

◆ Enter the flight number to check the flight details.

◆ Enter the number of the mobile phone number.

◆ Enter English to query the translation results.

◆ Enter the weather to check the weather.


Figure 11 Search stock code, Figure 12 Search exchange rate

WeChat receivable voice is not afraid of two-dimensional code is replaced

Recently there are lawless elements to use the business busy or fear of dirty mobile phone and did not timely view the news of the loopholes in the message, secretly for the business of payment two-dimensional code, to the business caused losses. Indeed, sometimes busy or sell meat, first-hand oil dirty hands who want to take a cell phone to see the payment message. In this regard, WeChat official specially developed a "receivable account voice reminder" function, after the arrival of real-time news to hear the account, the user does not need to touch the phone.

In the upper right corner of the 3 button & rarr; open the receipt of the tone.. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;


& Uarr; & uarr; & uarr; Figure 13 Open the receipt tone

Micro-city service a bunch of convenience services

WeChat city service function, can help users stay at home for some business, there are many convenient features, we look down. (Open steps: WeChat & rarr; me & rarr; wallet & rarr; city service)


& Uarr; & uarr; & uarr; Figure 14 City service

◆ traffic illegal inquiries: you can easily query the motor vehicle illegal information and driver scores.

◆ the most upset parking: shift service can help users quickly contact the owner of the block car.

◆ recharge service: you can quickly help the petrochemical petrochemical fuel card to recharge, but more annoying is the WeChat recharge, then also went to the store circle. Of course, WeChat for the phone number recharge that is commonly used functions, in addition to Guangdong card card recharge service.

◆ Inquiry service: easy access to expressway real-time traffic and urban thermal map (query the current regional traffic); can check the weather conditions (weather forecast, rainfall forecast and typhoon query). There is a tax-related inquiries (personal income tax, invoices), but also check the academic and college entrance examination notice. Social security inquiries, can check the social security payment situation.

◆ ticket service: you can buy Guangdong and Hong Kong direct bus tickets, of course, add the major bus station public number, the WeChat to buy tickets that is a convenient. There are also movie tickets to buy (entertainers located in my wallet movie performances), air tickets, hotels, takeaway.

◆ accreditation service: can handle the Guangdong immigration business.

◆ payment services: water, electricity, gas, broadband, fixed-line mobile calls, all help you stay at home.


Figure 15 City Tour Service, Figure 16 City Thermal Chart

So many convenient services, but some of the service is not the country can use, there are still using regional restrictions.

WeChat small program without the need to install the mini-application can be used

WeChat small program, to provide users with an installation without the need to install the additional applications, which for small mobile phone users, but the gospel. WeChat small program there are many, here only recommend several more practical.

Applet and rarr; find & rarr; applet & rarr; upper right corner search button & rarr; enter applet search.

◆ invoice small assistant: users scan the cashier's two-dimensional code to submit invoice information, the client can receive and a key into the billing software, quickly out of the invoice.

◆ micro letter my car: automatic record parking location, parking payment, friends location sharing, smart destination recommended.

◆ McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken: get coupons, in addition, "you can also send red envelopes to the small group of small groups to send fries, hamburgers and other gift cards.

◆ Tencent optional stock: can carry out stock inquiries, concerned about the stock, and the stock price monitoring, to set the value to remind.

◆ WeChat rumor assistant: timely release of the latest rumors, and can be quickly rumors to see the rumors of the recent views of the article.

◆ typhoon path, real-time earthquake, weather report: a few on the weather conditions, the natural disaster that must pay attention to the public.

◆ Moji cycling, dripping travel: one can sweep code open to share the bicycles, one can call a car or rent.

◆ voice artifact: enter a text, automatically converted to audio, but also comes with a bunch of advertising words, and finally know how annoying every day nagging advertising is generated.

◆ shape color flower: see the beautiful flowers do not know the name, ask it is it.

◆ Netease proper way dictionary: multi-language translation, support words, sentences, paragraphs translation. Similar to the Tencent translation Jun, graphic recognition and translation.

◆ Maker: can help you make a variety of pictures, such as WeChat dialogue, received red envelopes, friends circle content custom.


Figure 17 Micro letter to my car, Figure 18 Matt is polite


Figure 30 WeChat rumor assistant, Figure 20 dubbing artifact

The microblogged public number is not limited to reading information

In addition to small programs, many WeChat public numbers can also help users complete many things, such as tickets, such as inquiries. The same public number a lot, here only recommend a few practical.

Public number add method: micro letter & rarr; upper right corner + number button & rarr; add friend & rarr; public number & rarr; enter the public name in the search box name. Remember to check the certification information to avoid being cheated.

◆ Pacific Internet: software hardware evaluation, the latest IT information, query digital products offer it.

◆ fly regular: query flight information, airport weather, delay message, flight take-off landing time

◆ WeChat traffic: query information on the road to rely on it

◆ growth guard platform: the management of children's game time, limit the game consumption.

◆ Tencent micro-gold: online purchase of gold, but also send gold red envelope

◆ electronic social security card: the social security card into the phone,

◆ each bus station WeChat public number: can check the frequency of information and online booking.

◆ the major hospitals of the public: can be online registration, query expert Zuozhen time.


Figure 21 Pacific Internet public number, Figure 22 Growing guard platform & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt;


Figure 23 micro-gold, Figure 24 electronic social security card

WeChat so much function is still lacking

Look at some of the shortcomings of WeChat.

◆ friends circle can not send GIF dynamic map: hair can be made, but to a friend circle after the automatic conversion to a static picture, and get Xiaobian collection of N dynamic map can not be used to Hyun, and sent to friends of the GIF dynamic picture There are also size restrictions.


Figure 25 friends circle can not send GIF dynamic map

◆ into the group without verification: no more than 40 groups without the consent of the other party can pull people into the group. More than 40 people need to agree to each other group, more than 100 groups, the other party will need to verify the name to accept the invitation.

◆ WeChat small video time is too short: for users to shoot real-time video, WeChat recording time limit to 10 seconds, the time is too short. There is also a size limit for sending local videos.

◆ friends circle can not send the original picture: friends circle can not send the original picture, the picture was brutally compressed, the result is some photos are compressed to appalling.

◆ permanent online: QQ can not be seen as if the other online. Did not read the tips made a message do not know each other did not read.

◆ mass and rarr; function & rarr; mass assistant & rarr; start group ralph lauren pas cher, so that the deep letter of the letter is so many users do not want to mass. How many people mistakenly believe that group chat is a mass and mistakenly established a group.


& Uarr; & uarr; & uarr; Figure 26 WeChat group assistant

◆ on the voice: friends sent the voice can not be forwarded, in addition to voice no progress bar. In addition to voice can not be forwarded, dynamic expressions, business cards, games, payment messages, card coupons, special messages, etc. can not be forwarded.

◆ night mode: how many people still play WeChat late at night, but that pale background is really bright blind ah, why not like other applications to join the night mode.

◆ chat history: no cloud synchronization, another phone have to use chat records migration (micro letter & rarr; I & rarr; set & rarr; chat & rarr; chat record migration). And chat records backup is also troublesome, need to dispatch Windows version of WeChat.

to sum up

WeChat in the country can be said that the phone must be applied, and we rely on it to contact friends, in addition, it also integrates so many additional features, really good. But you have any dissatisfaction with the WeChat where, may wish to comment on the following area Tucao Oh

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