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On the iPhone on the non-Apple's ultimate goal why?

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Wei Feng network news, apple CEO Tim Cook for augmented reality of interest is not a secret, he has repeatedly publicly discussed this topic, which is called "big event" like intelligent mobile phone the same, and most of the conversation was only in the past year or so now, so apple at this year's WWDC release of ARKit and thus enter the field of AR is not a coincidence.

IOS 11 biggest new feature will undoubtedly add the name of ARKit, looks simple name, the technology itself is actually quite revolutionary. Google has already launched a similar platform - Tango, but it requires a series of sensors and very high demand for hardware support, and ARKit no doubt more "close people", it only needs an existing iPhone, more importantly, its performance But also better.

So far, developers have been able to use this technology to create something very interesting, for example, it can be used as a temporary distance measurement tool, you can also provide power for video games, it allows you to draw in 3D space, it The possibilities are endless.

But there is a problem: the reality of the smart phone to enhance, at least from now on, may still remain at a very simple level.

Existing problems

You will see that even if we imagine that the technology is perfect (but not yet), we use the scene to come up with your cell phone, open the relevant application, and then point your device to the desired object, but the problem Is that you need to keep walking to make the AR effect appear. Moreover, all things happen on a tiny, crumbling screen, so the interaction with the virtual object is not easy.

For example, become fashionable for a time augmented reality game Pok mon GO game player the first thing is to disable the bad camera AR pattern, this pattern makes throwing Poke Ball become more complicated, because the screen is in constant motion.

Or another example, at the unveiling ceremony of the Apple ARKit, the highlight of the Unreal Engine represents a non-interactive presentation on the stage.

So the game is almost no discussion, but we have other uses, right? Technically yes, but consider the following questions: Do you actually use your iPhone as a digital scale, or as a 3D canvas, or IKEA's room simulator? Now these are the best shows that smartphones can gain in terms of enhancing reality, so far everything seems to be cheap marketing gimmicks or static technical presentations.

To be sure, the developers have not made more complicated things, ARKit is still just a few months old children. But it is worth noting that apple did not invent the augmented reality, it is just to let AR get better. In fact, many years ago, a variety of consumer electronic products already exist different solutions (e.g. the intelligent mobile phone, SONY Nintendo 3DS), then why mobile AR is still not "killer application"?

Looking to the future

But even taking this into account, do not be too anxious to think that Apple has built up the best possible AR platform. On the contrary, to enhance the reality may prove that Apple in the next decade or so can achieve the key to sustained success.

A lot of rumors over the past year has claimed that the Apple Corp is secretly developing a AR headset device. In fact, Tim Cook is said to have been built in a dream team, this team includes scientists, engineers, software developers and computer audio, visual and user experience of experts in the field.

In addition, Apple may also have a different prototype, there are a lot of patent applications, although the latest news that Apple has not yet determined the exact direction of its planned products. It is foreseeable that Apple's rumors of wearing equipment will use ARKit-based technology, in the past period of time we have seen the potential of ARKit.

Build the developer base

From the current situation, ARKit may lack the actual use of the scene at the beginning of the debut, but interested people have enough time to test the new technology, and then hope to find out the possible use of the scene, and use its potential to publish related application.

And when the actual AR products come, Apple will have a software ecosystem has been established, as well as an experienced developer base, which is every new platform are urgently needed.

It has been proved that the AR headset is practically possible to solve almost all of the problems associated with mobile AR. On the one hand, its display size will no longer be a problem, because it will only continue to appear in your eyes. The same is true for mobile, because you only need to interact with real-world 3D objects, without a handheld device, you can try to use other things to communicate with the virtual space.

Once the limitations of smart phones are eliminated, the potential for realities will really come. It's still a few years before Apple's earning equipment is expected, but many people will soon be able to see them start using the iPhone to experience the prospect of AR, but this may not be Apple's ultimate goal. The layout of the business for AR has only just begun, ARKit is just the beginning of their test area of ​​water AR, in the near future there may be more attractive to the user's products appear.

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