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VAIO, Sharp, Blackberry have worshiped the same big brother, the name is "Jingdong"

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VAIO, Sharp, BlackBerry are on August 8 this day as scheduled return. Three consecutive brands of return, the media is busy, public relations company is busy, but the busiest person should be Hu Shengli.

Morning VAIO Z, Afternoon Sharp AQUOS S2, Blackberry KEYone at night, three games & ldquo; King Returns & Rsquo; drama, Hu Shengli are one of the main characters and plot promoters of the stage. In the last BlackBerry conference, with the audience's uproar, and even Hu Shengli own Tucao, which is the third time in the day debut.


(Right for Hu Shengli)

As the president of Jingdong 3C business unit, the emergence of Hu Shengli, of course, represents the Jingdong for the king's return to the Chinese market attention.

In the morning that VAIO Z conference, Hu Shengli said, "Liu Qiangdong personally instructed Jingdong full support VAIO return to the Chinese mainland market." "I did not participate in the rest of the two games, do not know Hu Shengli have made a similar statement, but want to come," full support "such language should be indispensable.

Three details of the exhibition will be linked, Liu Qiangdong personally instructed these details are Jingdong support for these manufacturers is not normal, of course, this also shows the importance of Jingdong on these manufacturers.

But in the details of the cooperation, the three are different - for VAIO and BlackBerry, Jingdong are online exclusive sales platform; for Sharp, Jingdong is 3 years online exclusive sales, in addition, there are still under the Sharp line Dixon and China Mobile.

August 8, three days before the conference, this year, Hu Shengli on behalf of Jingdong appeared in the consumer electronics products conference, the earliest CES on the beginning of the Nokia 6 conference. In that conference, Nokia bluntly, the Chinese market for Nokia fans for HMD, or Nokia 6, its importance is self-evident.


HMD selected in the Chinese market, the world's first, the starting point of the Nokia brand sail again, it is because consumers love Nokia. Market research results, Nokia's brand appeal is still group, consumers are willing to see the combination of Nokia brand and Android.

And talk about the relationship between Nokia and Jingdong, Nokia said that the beginning of the creation of Jingdong is Nokia's partners. The return of Nokia, Jingdong will play the first return to Nokia's smart phone & mdash; Nokia 6 exclusive sales channels.

Cooperation with Jingdong, Nokia's effect is obvious. To January 19 on sale, Nokia 6 in Jingdong a total of more than 1.3 million booking, and this phone after a long time out of stock, and each replenishment after the second exhaust are further verified the Nokia 6 in the The popularity of Jingdong.

After a few months, Hu Shengli appeared in the hammer of the nuts Pro mobile phone conference. Taking advantage of the heat of the conference, nut Pro in the conference that day will win the Jingdong mobile phone sales champion, and created the Jingdong high-end Android mobile phone sales record.

Jingdong in the most important 618 shopping festival, nuts Pro in 618 that day will be shortlisted sales charts TOP5. To 618 end of the event, the hammer brand cumulative sales ranked seventh, the cumulative sales ranked eighth, which for hammers such "small manufacturers", the results can be quite good.

With the success of Nokia and nuts demonstration, with the mobile phone brand of BlackBerry and Sharp hand Jingdong is not difficult to understand. As for the notebook computer brand VAIO hand Jingdong, the data is more direct, according to IDC, Jingdong occupy 37.4% of China's notebook retail market share, high-end products share more, the main high-end market VAIO choose Jingdong to return to the Chinese market It's normal.


And these brands have a common selling point, that is feelings.

What is the feeling? Is the audience hear the classic ringtones after a touch of tears; is the speaker finished after a sigh; is the fans once again see the physical keyboard loudly and hell; these are feelings, and the role of the conference is to put these feelings the largest The limit becomes the actual product sales.

At this time, the construction of their own great problem, the relevant funds and stretched brand to rely on Jingdong convenient and huge channels of rapid conversion conference heat, after all, a good policy. Otherwise, if the brand of their own organization of logistics, and other consumers after the order, the product has not yet to the hands of consumers, they are hot in the past, would like to retire a single. of course. This example is slightly extreme.

A variety of feelings of products to return to the Chinese market and Jingdong have taken the way, in the final analysis is the value of the Jingdong topic and channels. To the mobile phone-based China's consumer electronics market competition with the intensity of the "bayonet see red" can not describe one percent of the brutal. In addition to the product, the importance of product channel construction is increasingly recognized. On the Chinese market, the largest number of mobile phone brands and mdash; millet, glory than online, OPPO, vivo and Huawei is stronger than the line.

Compared to the need to spend a lot of manpower, time and money to build the line channel, and Jingdong cooperation on the channel is relatively simple, the effect is more immediate.

Just after returning to China, relying on a Jingdong how to continue to maintain heat and sales, which is placed in front of these brands.

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