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Do you think Apple Watch is a good time to change shapes?

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As early as last year, there are rumors that Apple will give a new generation of Apple Watch and LTE communication module, make it more capable of independent operation, but the function of what effect is there is no answer, Samsung in a few years ago tried to insert the SIM card mobile phone, but the costs of electricity and increase machine body product, the user is not feel much use. The hardware of the watch is so weak that it is decided that people are still used to cutting out their cell phones. But later, due to battery life and other factors, Apple's program was temporarily stranded. This year, more than a month after the release of the new generation of Apple Watch, the device's integration of LTE functionality has emerged.

Apple plans to launch LTE Apple Watch this year, Bloomberg said in a news release earlier this month. In addition, often broke the news and high credibility of the John Gruber said, there is also a new shape design of Apple Watch in development. He was also cautious about the news, saying he was getting the news through well-informed sources, but it was impossible to prove how high the credibility of the news was.

But earlier today, from the well-known KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji said that he believes that Apple will release Apple Watch Seiries later in the year 3, but this product appearance does not have big change, just like iPad is divided into LTE and non LTE models. The new product will still have 38 millimeters and 42 millimeters in two sizes.

So, do you think the design of Apple Watch will change this year?

Apple Corp launched a new product category, Apple Watch, in 2014. At that time, the design of the product caused great controversy, the focus of both sides of the debate on the Apple Watch square fuselage. The unsupported side naturally believes that the Apple Watch should adopt a round body, one of the reasons is that the classic models of the famous watch makers are all round. In addition, at that time, Android camp also has many manufacturers launched round body smart watches, some users feel that contrast, or round version of the fuselage looks more comfortable.

The supported side thinks the square fuselage is higher than the round body in usability. Apple uses this design, on the one hand is functional needs, to display information and functional icons on the screen, the circle of the top and bottom of the circle narrow, difficult to use. Another point is that traditional table is round, is a single function, only to meet the need of hand rotation space, so the definition of smart meters need to consider the needs of more applications. However, no matter how controversial the outside world, apple still adhere to its own way, let others quarrel to go. On the second generation of Apple Watch, apple did not make any adjustments to the design of the device, the only change is that the body becomes a little bit thicker.

Now, in the third generation Apple Watch shape design will change this thing, the Apple community with the highest confidence two people have exposed the different news, for a time we also difficult to determine whether the Watch Apple variable is not changed.

If the shape design of Apple Watch has changed, it is not known what effects these changes will have. The interface and function of Apple Watch are set according to the current design of the fuselage, if the Apple Watch shape design of Apple adjustment, whether Apple or application developers, this change will bring about a series of changes and adjustment work. Although iPhone has had this precedent, from 3.5 inches iPhone to 4 inches iPhone, and then 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches iPhone, but these transition process will bring a lot of new work.

Of course, if the factors such as body thickness change, then, for developers, this change basically does not have any impact on them. Only if Apple apple to add the LTE module in the device, want to go up in the foundation to reduce the thickness of the body if it is too strong.

There is also the possibility that the LTE Apple Watch and the so called new shape design are completely different.

Suppose the LTE version follows the current Apple Watch's shape design, and the battery life can remain the same. Then Apple quotes the same energy-saving features of the LTE version on the non LTE version, so apple can then select one of the following features for this version of the Apple Watch:

The first option is to extend battery life, which will satisfy users who have been feeling that the Apple Watch battery is too short.

The second option is to reduce the battery capacity, so that the non LTE version of the Apple Watch fuselage becomes thinner. So, users who have been feeling Apple Watch are too happy this time, and may attract users who did not buy this device because Apple Watch is too thick before.

From Apple Corp in recent years, "thin a little thinner," the obsession to read, if you can choose, then Apple should choose to let Apple Watch turned thinner, rather than extended battery life.

In fact, for most Apple Watch users, they are satisfied with the current design of this device, that is, the thickness of the fuselage, in some cases really feel too thick, it seems a bit cumbersome. It would be great if Apple could design Apple Watch a little thinner.

What do you think? Apple Watch has been released this year for 3 years, do you think its shape design should change? Is this a big change or a minor change, or do you think the design is so classic now that there's no need to change it at all?

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