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Baidu take away sale of 800 million US dollars behind the endless regret

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This morning, hungry officially announced that the company acquired Baidu takeaway is a foregone conclusion. Immediately, there are informed people to the "financial" that hungry the acquisition of Baidu takeout the final turnover of only 800 million US dollars. Of which 200 million US dollars for the cash, hungry Mody shares 300 million US dollars, after the completion of the transaction Baidu hungry shares 5%. Leaving $ 300 million, Baidu will pack some of the flow of imported resources to hungry, so the total acquisition amount of 800 million US dollars.

At present, the incident is still ongoing exposure process, Lei Feng network will continue to focus. But before the final results come out, we can first look back on the vigorous takeaway market:

2008-2015: expansion, burn!

In 2008, in the Shanghai Jiaotong University graduate Zhang Xuhao see the country to encourage students to start and introduce "zero registered capital will be able to set up the company's policy, the feeling quite interesting, so" happened "set up hungry it.

A year later, started in Hangzhou, a veteran takeaway platform "point me" and began to set up, and deep plowing in Shanghai and Hangzhou. At this point, buy group originator Groupon has just started, the US group has not yet set up, let alone Baidu takeaway.

After surviving the most bitter years ago, hungry, and finally in 2013 and so on to the "tuition & rdquo ;. But the changes in the environment also brought a lot of new competitors.

& Mdash;November 2013, and hungry about the acquisition of investment on the failure of the US group, simply start their own take-away, the US group take-away on the line.

& Mdash;More than a month later, Alibaba into the game, Ali's take-off ordering platform Amoy bit officially launched.

& Mdash;May 2014, Baidu also "unwilling", Baidu takeaway officially launched.

& Mdash;In 2015, Ali and the United States group contradictions open, and its ant gold co-funded to support the reputation of the O2O business.


At this stage, everyone has only two beliefs in mind: expansion, burn money.

& Mdash;May 2014, hungry got the public comment $ 80 million in D round of financing.

& Mdash;At the same time, the US team to sit 300 million US dollars C round financing.

& Mdash;July 2014, & ldquo; point me bar "to complete the $ 10 million round B financing.

& Mdash;January 2015, hungry what the internal mail broke out has completed $ 350 million in E rounds of financing. In this round of financing, Tencent, Jingdong, public comment impressively in the column.

& Mdash;Soon after, the US group announced the financing of 700 million US dollars.

& Mdash;July 2015, Baidu takeaway from Baidu spin-off, independent operation, and financing 250 million US dollars.


If the financing is in the "undercurrent surging", then placed on the surface, that is directly expressed for the various platforms with investors in the "burn rush". Among them, the US group take away and hungry between the war is particularly prominent, both from financing to subsidize, from the line to the line, can be described as "enjoying themselves."

Lei Feng network to understand, for example, hungry what subsidies in 2015 focused on guiding consumer behavior, the user as long as 10 o'clock before the booking of Chinese food, that can enjoy relief and other benefits. According to the report, the US group take a month for subsidies to reach 200 million. The so-called "money is fast, burning money is also fast", just let the take-off platform to play the most vividly.

After 2015: service upgrades, mergers and acquisitions

After nearly two years after the melee, the time came to 2016, many industry began to take away O2O market is about to enter the second half. The fact is the case, the mobile Internet user size bonus is slowly disappearing, the platform can no longer rely on burns, subsidies and other means to increase the user to achieve explosive growth.

According to Lei Feng net (public: Lei Feng network) to understand, last year iiMedia Research released the "2016Q3 China Online Catering take-up market research report" shows that 2016Q3 China Online Catering take-up market active user distribution, the US group take the first place accounted for 38.2% The third takeaway platform to occupy the market share of more than Jiucheng, the overall takeover O2O market showed "three pillars of the situation." The situation is more than 20%, accounting for 33.9%; third is Baidu takeout, accounting for 19.3%

And take away O2O market to this stage, as the taxi software, service upgrades, mergers and acquisitions has become the main theme.

In the service upgrade, we can see is that hungry, the US group take-away in the fast action. The two began to war burning to "logistics and distribution services" up. Such as the May 2015 US group take-away self-built logistics and distribution model, when more than six months, and launched the US group package. The end of last year even launched intelligent distribution system. And hungry in this side, its not only self-research "hummingbird" distribution system, also began docking third-party team and crowdsourcing logistics.

And in the boss, the second hit the "so hot" case, as investors Feng said one, "old boss war has killed the youngest thing is very common", Baidu takeaway is This is the "youngest". Baidu has been trying not to put too much energy on Baidu takeaway business. In the same year, Baidu takeaway Baidu spin-off, and lost Baidu this mountain, the acquisition has become its best choice.

Baidu take away from the hope that the acquisition of the message, we can see, all the way people come after another. Obviously, sitting on the patronage of the US team take away and hungry, no one would like to let go of the acquisition of "youngest" opportunity.

Why Baidu takeaway to escape the acquisition?

At the beginning, Baidu takeaway look at the US group comments. Last year in September, the Baidu takeaway, Baidu glutinous rice and the United States group commentary merger rumors have been rampant. However, as the first financial reported earlier, in the rumors of the whole process, "from start to finish seems to be active only Baidu a".

In the United States and the United States and the United States for a long time after the delay is not enough to repair the fruition, then, SF immediately into the. Until June this year, Baidu takeaway finally gives the official statement, saying that although the two cooperation, but only in the business level, does not involve capital. Of course, the industry there is no news sources, the two companies did not talk or because of the "price" problem.

US group comments, Shun Feng are not successful, Baidu takeaway began to hope that hungry on the body. Even in June this year, Zhang Xuhao personally led the team to Baidu negotiations.

More than two months, hungry what successful. Although we are not clear the details of the specific negotiations between the two, but the current informed sources revealed that the final turnover is only $ 800 million, the market's overall situation is a bit interesting.

After all, Baidu takeout last year's offer or 20 billion US dollars, less than a year, that is shrunk more than 10 billion dollars. So flesh, whether it is Baidu or crowd, but they are not sore. As early as before the United States may be the acquisition of Baidu takeaway news at the beginning, Baidu shares had a direct rise of 6%.

We can see that everyone for Baidu "O2O from the quagmire in the withdrawal of" rush "is how eager. And in the beginning of this year after the entry of Lu Qi, Baidu has actually identified a new strategy and the whole company will be around the AI ​​layout, the future will be transformed into a platform company, not just search companies. & Rdquo;

Has become a knife under the ghost "ralph lauren pas cher, Baidu medical also showed Lu Qi unwavering determination, so placed in front of Baidu takeaway, perhaps not just a loss of more than 10 billion dollars, but to block Baidu continue Front wheel problem.

But there is a person this is still solid "disgusting" arrived, it is reported that Wang Xing last year, the United States group finished the assessment of 3.3 billion US dollars financing, and investors have signed a "bet" agreement: 2018 US Mission Comments completed the listing, while ensuring that the IPO valuation of not less than 20 billion US dollars, if unable to complete, the US group will pay nearly $ 4 billion comment.

How to deal with just $ 500 million acquisition of the industry's youngest industry, and how can we complete the IPO plan before? Wang Xing estimated to headache all of a sudden.

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