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Zhang Xuhao and Wang Xing's second half of the showdown: hungry who Baotuan Baidu takeaway, Ali and then bureau

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Text / Tencent technology phase Xin

Stormy Baidu takeout finally ushered in its "rescuer", this acquisition fog has finally been opened.

Close to the transaction of people who know today Tencent technology, hungry what acquisition Baidu takeaway is a foregone conclusion, the fastest will be announced this week, specific news. An investment community had told Tencent technology, the hungry acquisitions Baidu take-away price or will be between 5 to 850 million dollars. Compared to Baidu take away the previous financing of $ 2 billion valuation, the transaction price sharply shrunk.

According to the latest financial reports, the details of the transaction: first, Baidu take away 500 million US dollars to sell; second, Baidu will pack some of the flow of resources to the hungry, the price of 300 million US dollars, including mobile Baidu, Baidu glutinous rice , Baidu map, for five years, Baidu search for two years. After the completion of the transaction Baidu hungry shares of 5%, the remaining $ 300 million lock-up period of five years.

According to Tencent technology to understand that the acquisition does not include Baidu glutinous rice, a big reason is that the strategy for Baidu glutinous rice has been converted from the original O2O business into Baidu's advertising business, and in July this year to achieve profitability.

In addition, Tencent technology from the people who are almost hungry learned that hungry what has been completed in the near future by Ali and ants gold collar investment in the scale of more than 1 billion US dollars a new round of financing, the round of financing in April this year, including Ali And ants gold clothes on the hungry holdings of $ 400 million.

This series of changes means that the Internet take-away pattern officially from the original hungry, the US group take-away, Baidu takeaway three competition into a pair of hegemony, a new round of fighting is about to start. Get Baidu takeout and complete a new round of financing hungry, can challenge the US group take away the market first throne?

Exiled Baidu takeaway

2014 Baidu began to start the internal hatching takeaway business may not have thought, three years after the high hopes of O2O business will eventually end of the sale.

And the US group take away and hungry compared to 2014, when the official launch of Baidu takeout Although the entry is not early, but from Baidu's strong support it in a short time into the industry before the three.

However, in 2015, Baidu showed a focus on the layout of O2O after a year, Baidu showed its continued investment in O2O business wavering. In last year's Baidu Conference, Robin Li's opening speech has been that Baidu Center has turned to artificial intelligence. Although later in the earnings conference call clearly stated, O2O is still an integral part of the company's business, but the reduction has been ongoing.

Baidu takeaway gradually become Baidu abandoned son, and even had been added 20 billion investment Baidu glutinous rice in the beginning of this year has also been incorporated into the search business.

If the past Baidu glutinous rice was Baidu O2O field layout of an important pawn, then it is now more and Baidu other business integration, and tend to advertising model, that is, display business information, and through Baidu map and other products to help businesses Do the conversion.

Baidu takeaway market share seems to indicate the current decline in the outcome. A Baidu takeout insiders told Tencent technology, Baidu take away the national market share is now less than 8%. From this, Baidu takeaway has been difficult to achieve comeback, looking for buyers are also expected within.

A noteworthy detail is that the registered capital of Baidu's takeover company, Beijing Small Information Technology Co., Ltd., changed in March this year, from $ 538 million before the change to $ 750 million.

This is not Baidu takeaway the first registered capital change. Last year in May, Baidu takeout announced before the B round of financing, the company's registered capital from 250 million US dollars increased to 538 million US dollars.

From a certain point of view, the change in registered capital indicates that Baidu takeaway to seek buyers. Some analysts pointed out that Baidu takeout to raise the registered capital is to enhance the value of the company, hoping to be able to talk about the sale of a good price.

Looking back on the development of Baidu takeout in recent years, one in Baidu take off work for three years old employees will be 2016 Spring Festival as Baidu take away from Sheng to decline an important turning point.

That year the Spring Festival, Baidu take the main warmth of the card, so that the Cavaliers home New Year, and even give them to buy a train ticket, the staff of Tencent Technology Memories, Spring Festival is a takeaway platform to keep the city an important point in time You let the knights go home, who to send meals? & Rdquo;

And recently Baidu take away frequent personnel turmoil also shows that this has been regarded as Baidu O2O important weight of the company is facing disintegration.

According to Tencent technology to understand, from the end of last year, Baidu takeaway began in the nationwide abolition of the channel city manager, the channel was cut the proportion of employees to 40%, Beijing market sector cut the proportion of 30%; May 4, Baidu takeaway channel agent vice president Chen Jinhui announced his resignation by another vice president of Chen Qing take over; Baidu takeout product director left the United States group comments.

Not only executives and employees, Baidu takeaway knights are also hungry with the US group take-away loss. In the last month our knights left 700 people. "Baidu take-away insiders told Tencent technology, he said the take-away knight mobility is normal, but such a large range is still rare.

For the market in Baidu take away many rumors, Baidu take-off CEO Gong Zhenbing also changed the original initiative to ask the attitude, become particularly cautious. In Baidu takeaway staff, Gong's right to speak was significantly reduced, and he may need to consider more Baidu Group side of the attitude. "The staff analysis."

Why is it hungry?

Hungry is not the only one with Baidu takeout contact with the company. SF, the US group takeover also have Baidu takeaway sex scandal object.

Tencent technology had learned that Baidu take-off in the second half of last year and Shunfeng began to contact, in Baidu take-away internal, even the middle of the investment by Shun Feng to appease the staff, but the original commitment in April this year, the official declared in the later.

And Shun Feng merger of the news in this year's development more precise. In June this year, there is news that the founder of Wang Feng, Wang Wei pledge billions of shares intended to buy Baidu takeout, Tencent technology from the SF executives were informed that SF and Baidu takeout of the "cooperation" is not as rumors of the & ldquo; Acquisitions, but the two in accordance with the 5: 5 ratio of capital to set up a new joint venture, but the proportion of the two sides are still in negotiations, the news was received or will be announced in the month.

In the SF before the US group has also been comments with Baidu takeaway, when the news is because the price did not talk about, and both in the acceptance of Baidu glutinous rice package to sell the above views and eventually into a bubble.

If from the business point of view, for Baidu takeaway, hungry may be better than Shunfeng choice.

Hungry in the field of take-away integration has long precedent. April 2016 Ali joint ants gold service investment hungry, and its reputation of the takeaway into the hunger it? In this regard, the reputation of the CEO Fan Chi said, "take away can bring incremental business, but this (take away) is not our special, Ali is the platform." As to who did it? Of course we find the best. & Rdquo;

At the same time there are analysts pointed out that hungry what is the largest shareholder of the current Ali, hungry what the acquisition of Baidu takeaway behind, in fact, Ali is further layout of the layout of local life areas, such as just mentioned Ali for business focus will be word of mouth and give Hungry, and word of mouth network is focused on helping businesses do marketing.

In addition, the United States group comments in the recent launch of the new retail business palm fish fresh, which is seen as the outside of the box of the Arabian box of freshman, we can see the US group comments and Ali's war again upgrade. And hungry the acquisition of Baidu takeout, for Ali, in the confrontation and its relationship completely broken, and Tencent support the US group comments received a new chip.

Two strong duel, the United States group how to fight?

In this regard, takeaway market in the second half of the two strong duel is about to open.

Earlier this year, the founder of Zhang Xuhao has publicly stated that the highly competitive take-away industry to accommodate the two head competitor, after the formation of the US group, hungry and Baidu take away three pillars of the situation for up to six months. Recalled the expression of Zhang at that time, seems to implore a deeper story.

Baidu takeaway has become an indisputable fact.

Trustdata reported in July this year, from the main independent take-off APP DAU development trend can be seen in comparison, into the 2017, the US group take-away APP, hungry the APP's DAU trend steadily rising, the US group take-off APP's leading trend has been Gradually lay. After the Spring Festival in 2017, Baidu take away the DAU has been the US group take-away, hungry what pulled away, away from the first echelon.

In this regard, Tencent has reported that Baidu takeaway at the end of the year to the beginning of this year has undergone a round of adjustment, Baidu takeout in the internal implementation of a two-month radical strategy in order to enhance profits through more investors to obtain the trust.

In order to be able to successfully get financing, regardless of water, only for the profit strategy, although in the short term pulled up the profitability of Baidu takeaway, Baidu takeout had to pay the price decline in market share.

The US group take-away aspects of Tencent technology, said the data only calculated from the US group take-away independent APP traffic, not included in the US group take-away other entrances, only the US group take-off business overall traffic of about one-third.

In addition, the report announced the takeaway business side APP business users live scale trend also shows that business users live on the scale level, the US group takeaway business version of DAU in 2017 after the Spring Festival to accelerate growth, Baidu takeout ranked third.

Nevertheless, Baidu takeaway is not without merit.

As we all know, Baidu takeaway although started late, but in the white-collar market occupies a place, by virtue of the high passenger unit price, Baidu takeaway accumulated a lot of spending power stronger users.

For the student market started in the main campus market hungry What is the acquisition of Baidu takeaway one of the biggest significance is to quickly win more white-collar market, to break their own user limitations, while hungry what can learn from Baidu takeout in the logistics The field of accumulated results.

After all, from the data point of view, white-collar market to occupy the main part of the take-away market. Data from the second quarter of this year, white-collar market transactions reached 38.13 billion yuan, accounting for 83.0% of the overall take-away market share; campus market share accounted for 10.1%. Life community market accounted for 6.9%.

In addition, hungry in the acquisition of Baidu takeaway at the same time will also receive Baidu packaged traffic import resources, including mobile Baidu, Baidu glutinous rice, Baidu map, the period of five years, Baidu search for two years.

On the whole, hungry what acquisition Baidu takeaway will cause pressure on the US group comments.

But there are analysts pointed out that Baidu take away the previous market share decline is serious, coupled with a large number of rider and user loss, to what extent to help hungry what the market has yet to be considered. Hungry together with Baidu takeout challenge the US group take-away market leader status is not easy.

In the new market situation, how hungry and how to integrate with Baidu takeaway will also become a must consider the issue. From the Internet industry in the past few major mergers and acquisitions point of view, which will undoubtedly bring Baidu take-off executives exit, both business integration and team reduction. In addition, for hunger, what if the media reported that after 18 months can not continue to use Baidu-related brands, then Baidu take-off itself has the brand effect can be hungry, how long blood supply, but also time to verify.

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