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Tencent Ali swap online music Copyright: a sniper war against Netease cloud music?

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September 12, the domestic music scene has a long time to see the event.

Ali Music and Tencent Music Group (TME) reached a copyright transfer cooperation, so the two sides to buy music copyright has basically included all well-known record distribution company.

But not in the Ding Lei, I am afraid there is no surprise, only frightened, because it is a sniper against Netease cloud music....

1, remove all the road on the road

Last year in July, Tencent QQ music business and CMC (China Music Group) to merge, the establishment of an independent Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME), became the boss of the online music market.

Tencent music 2017 goal is very clear, that is listed. According to Bloomberg News, TME will be in the IPO before a new round of financing, the amount of 300 million US dollars, after the completion of the total valuation of TME will reach 10 billion US dollars.

While the block in the TME IPO on the road there is a can not be ignored stumbling block: Netease cloud music.

Later, Netease cloud music by virtue of music social properties, personalized algorithm recommendations, unique creative marketing and other means to create an excellent user experience, with a large number of fans, in the online music market has become an out and out of the dark horse.

In March this year, in March this year, in July to replace the propaganda language for the "power of the music" and released a new brand of film, in August "Nongfushangquan & lsquo; music bottle & rsquo; cross-border Marketing "ralph lauren pas cher, the first half of this year, Netease cloud music marketing on the pattern frequently, a lot of eye, in the new users and retained on the effect is significant.

Netease cloud music latest data show that NetEase cloud music users have exceeded 300 million, in the new user retention rate, so that the first of its kind of music products.

At the same time, Netease cloud music has announced the completion of 750 million yuan A round of financing, the valuation of up to 8 billion yuan, only 4 years on the line Netease music among the unicorn club, its independent listing is very likely.

QuestMobile Mobile Internet 2017 Q2 summer report shows NetEase cloud music new users to grow strong, in June 2017, the new users reached 1905.28 million, an increase of 109.77% year on year.

Good momentum of development Netease cloud music urgently want to capital market IPO to prove their own value, in terms of TME is tiger, Tencent is bound to at all costs to attack this powerful enemy, even if it is and their enemies Ma Strong combination.

2, a sniper against Netease cloud music

Online music market, whether it is pioneer or later, from the functional point of view we are not big difference, are playing the "music player" and the role of the biggest difference lies in the "library" and the size and copyright How much.

Two years ago, the National Copyright Administration issued a notice on the order of the network music service providers to stop unauthorized dissemination of music works, each of the music platform within a short time under the 2.2 million unauthorized music works, known as the history of & ldquo ; The most stringent copyright order & rdquo ;.

After the promulgation, the music platform between the copyright wars, Matthew effect highlights, and now the battlefield only left Tencent, Ali, NetEase, Baidu several big players.

For example, in the copyright war on Universal Music, has triggered a strong battle for BAT and NetEase.

Authorization fee from the initial, but three or four million US dollars, to the most intense when the highest out of 350 million US dollars in cash, plus 100 million US dollars stake, the least bidder hands also clutched 240 million US dollars in cash, Battle, but the ultimate winner is TMC.

Two years, not bad money Tencent music and Ali music has been basically carved Sony, Warner, Jervier and more than 20 albums exclusive copyright.

Up to now, there are more than 200 record companies worldwide holding digital music copyright, more than 90% have been Tencent music won.

The money has to rely on the copyright of the giant transfer, such as the trend of the dark horse against the rise of Netease cloud music, in the copyright on the extreme dependence on their competitors Tencent music, resulting in this moment of their own very passive, Man stuck his neck.

Netease cloud music the most favorable situation, in their own scale and users of high-speed growth at the same time, in the copyright to continue to maintain and Tencent music cooperation.

But today's Tencent music increasingly feel the threat of the former, the fastest and most ruthless way is to further shrink the copyright authorization, quickly drag down this strong competitor to eliminate trouble.

Tencent and Netease in the last month had a dispute, NetEase eventually had to go offline song part of the song, including the song Mayday, Yoga Lin, etc., song appeared in a large gray song.

A month later, NetEase cloud music in the copyright still did not announce any progress, but at this time regardless of the powerful combination of Tencent and Ali began to diss dissatisfaction with their own, leaving alone to fight Netease cloud music time is running out, it is estimated that this time Ding Lei The heart has been numerous grass horse horse Pentium and over.

The world is our, but also their, but ultimately TA (Tencent, Ali), music copyright warfare from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms to the two hegemony, online music platform of the world can not tolerate the third party.

This is the usual laughing Ding Lei in the recent public outrage. Ding Lei bluntly, 68% of the musicians into less than 1000, a platform is valued at 68 billion, as stealing money. & rdquo;

He said a platform, is the Tencent Music Group (TME), we can see Ma and Tencent music recently done, so that Ding Lei really very uncomfortable heart.

3, FireWire rescue, Netease cloud music daytime Cry

And buy, taxi, sharing and other areas of the war, the music platform between the copyright battle, after all, is a field of capital games, there is no deep family property, destined to play hard, which is still behind the Swordsman is not bad Money Tencent and Ali.

Recently, the heat of the large "Spider-Man: hero return", the Iron Man on the young and fit of the Spider-Man's words make people profound: "If you take off this dress after nothing, then you do not wear this body Clothes & rdquo ;.

At this moment, Ali music and TME reached a cooperation, two horses hand, leaving Netease cloud music time and space are not much, was copyright constraints he faced the plight of the giant together, want to survive, Also need to prove their strength.

Netease cloud music had responded that, "have plenty of money to buy copyright, and has been actively buying copyright. & rdquo;

Netease should have long predicted that they will suffer copyright crisis, this year has been in the power of radio + video features, to explore other than possible songs.

At the same time, in order to master more of the head of the new song copyright, Netease cloud music launched the development of independent music program. August 27, Netease cloud music in a salon, Netease cloud music vice president Ding Bo announced the platform of independent music support program.

At present, Netease cloud music more than 40,000 people settled, original works more than 800,000, 2016 independent music daily broadcast volume reached 150 million times, compared with peers has a greater advantage; the other is short video. Netease cloud music in March this year to support the upload short video, the most social gene NetEase cloud music attempt in the music short video community has been breakout.

Obviously, most of the users of the platform is still very dissatisfied with the operation, a kind of iron-loving attitude, complaining about the platform of a single piece of gray, so many people every month to fill the money Ding Lei are taken to dry What? Everyone together to buy money to Netease it right. & rdquo;

There are also iron powder that even if the cloud music which day only a song of copyright, and I will not abandon it. Because it holds the Internet side of the Pure Land, enjoy the material world of a sounds of nature, Netease cloud hold.

However, Netease cloud music in the previous work is still doing another thing, is to promote the introduction of a policy prohibit the same platform for a short time to buy exclusive rights to the copyright owner.

In today's critical survival of the occasion, the National Copyright Administration finally shot, and this saved Netease cloud music life.

September 12 later the National Copyright Administration on network music copyright issues related to Tencent music, Ali music, Netease cloud music, Baidu Taihe music is mainly responsible for the full authorization to widely disseminate music works.

Netease cloud music from full of despair to see hope, but just half a day, this interview is given to Ding Lei and Netease cloud music a panting opportunity, but the attitude of the regulatory authorities for Ding Lei and Netease cloud music is only considered A temporary help it.

In the sniper Netease cloud music on this road, even the hands of Ali can do things, even if the official came to talk about the future Tencent TME certainly not let go, let Netease cloud music.

Copyright is Netease cloud music around a homeless, in the copyright to spend money or to really gold and silver flowers, a minute are not mean.

Otherwise even if you experience the user experience and then won the hearts of the people, it can only be icing on the cake, if the fight in the copyright battle, the library gradually become smaller gray music player is difficult to retain the user.

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