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Sales fell 36% after the success of this year, against the anti-millet to do what?

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Millet company chairman and CEO Lei Jun Wuhan University Department of Computer Science is well-known school Pa: two years of four years of full-time credits, homework also at every turn to get full marks.

This afternoon, school tyrants lee went to Yale Beijing Center to another group of school Pa made a speech.

"millet phone sells cheap, so millet is very low? "That's probably you do not know about millet."

Lei Jun, the theme of this speech is "millet innovation story", and the previous platform, Lei Jun tried to let more people know millet, understand millet, and then buy millet products. Of course, also shared a lot of dry goods.

Phoenix technology through Lei Jun's speech and the past to participate in Lei Jun interview learned that for everyone to sum up the millet sales fell 36% last year, the first half of this year can successfully counterattack, back to the world's top five, and even expected to In October this year, ahead of the completion of the annual 70 million shipments target to do a few things.


In this speech, Lei Jun introduced the original intention of millet and millet in product design, business model, new retail and other aspects of innovation.

Filed on September 11 millet latest release of the full-screen mobile phone millet MIX2, Lei Jun said iPhone X released after the attention of millet more people, millet MIX2 also sell better.

He even had friends to persuade him to sell more expensive MIX2, but Lei Jun said he did not want to make millet as a luxury company.

"When I was running millet, the thing to do was to change the whole of China's manufacturing industry, change the impression of Chinese people on domestic products, how to use China's strong manufacturing capacity to make the world's top works for the benefit of everyone in the world, this That is, I do all the dreams of millet. "said Lei Jun.

As he had previously stressed in other public occasions, Lei Jun that millet is a mobile phone company, but also an Internet company, or a new retail company. "Hardware + new retail + Internet" is the millet mode of the triathlon, millet's goal is to do the science and technology industry MUJI.

Review millet company 7 years of development, such as mobile phone for two and a half years, millet to aspirations to China's first, the world's third in 2014 turnover of more than 10 billion US dollars.

Millet from 2015 began to decline, including the past 2016 years, even Lei Jun himself frankly "confused" and "rdquo ;. According to IDC data show, 2016 millet mobile phone shipments of 41.5 million units, down 36% year on year, fell out of the world's top five.

What is millet?

1, the supply chain problem, 2017 years ago more than a year, experienced two months of serious shortage of goods;

2, over-reliance on online channels, line layout slow.Online only accounted for 10% of the entire mobile phone retail, including glory, including millet Internet phone apprenticeship after the online market soon met the ceiling.

In this process, deep plowing under the channel OPPO, vivo but to seize the three or four lines of the city's bonus dividend to the dark horse out of the potential.

3, brand positioning.Millet products have been the main cost-effective, especially red rice series. But when other mobile phone brands react, the market will always have cheaper than the product of the existence of millet phone, especially after the consumer upgrade, millet & bar "price advantage" but not so big.

Experienced in 2015 is not "OK", and 2016 years of happy "rush" after the first half of this year, the most difficult time finally millet in the past.

In July 2017 millet company mobile phone business pledge meeting, Lei Jun announced millet second quarter shipments reached 23.16 million units, an increase of 70%, a record millet quarterly mobile phone shipments of new records.

In the IDC and other research firm's statistics, millet market share in the second quarter of this year also returned to the world's fifth.

Lei Jun said: "This is the history of millet significant significance of the great victory! The world does not have any mobile phone company, after the decline in sales can be successfully reversed, in addition to millet! & rdquo;

So, millet in the end to do what? In addition to stick to their own values ​​to do the price fair and moving products, millet also do these:

First, in the supply chain issue, Lei Jun from the beginning of last year to personally take over to this year, a substantial improvement.

According to Lei Jun millet MIX2 conference after the announcement, the aircraft in the product definition, engineering research and development are in production for the production. This product is also available before the sale of millet company the most abundant ever.

Second, with the Internet to do millet home line of self-operated retail stores, the new retail is one of the five millet strategy.

Lei Jun's words, when he was "braved the determination to do a retail store, go and found that they are nonsense." & rdquo;

As of August 28 this year, the latest data show that millet home cumulative passenger flow reached 15.7 million passengers, single store average of 5.19 million yuan per square meter of Ping effect is 27 million, currently ranked second in the world.

Up to now millet home in the country has opened 181, to the end of the year is open to 200, plans to open to 1000 within three years.

According to Lei Jun revealed that millet home layout has been completed this year, to the beginning of next year is the time to heavy volume.

70 million units are millet mobile phone this year set the target shipments, this goal is expected in advance in October this year, another billion this year, hundreds of millions of revenue on the small millet is also no pressure.

According to Lei Jun before revealed, millet next year to challenge the 100 million mobile phone shipments target.

Third, millet change marketing style, variety title, building advertising, please star endorsement multi-directional attack, Lei Jun also personally on the variety, do live.

This year invited small meat Wu Yifan endorsement, in fact, more is to get more female users, because the millet is now too many male users, accounting for 75%.

Fourth, in the core technology, millet MIX series of comprehensive screen, pine nut chip, AI beauty, etc., millet trying to obtain market access through innovation.

Five or three years into the see results, this year is the millet international business outbreak of the first year.

India's market performance is particularly prominent in the first half of this year, millet in India's performance grew 328%, the market share has been ranked second, millet brand has become India's most popular mobile phone brand, red rice Note4X become the best-selling mobile phone.

At the same time, millet in Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries have made outstanding achievements.

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