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Are these enough? Similarities between iPhone 8 and iPhone X

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After nearly a year of waiting and speculation, iPhone X exactly what kind of, we have been through the last release of the new conference to know. The new aircraft will be on sale in November 3rd, and even the booking will have to wait until October 27th. What we can do now is like waiting.

Even if the iPhone X price up to $999 in China reached 8388 yuan more, but there are still many fruit powder is waiting for it. After all, even Apple says, "iPhone X" is the future of smartphones". Be able to hold the flagship new machine with so many new technologies in your hand and think about it.

Thus the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus position seems to be embarrassed, after all, and iPhone X compared to them is still not a small distance in technology, even a lot of people simply said the two new machines and a generation is not what difference. Of course, we don't know what the final sales will be for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but there are a lot of people in the industry who are worried that they will be greatly affected by the presence of iPhone X.

IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus due to it? If you compare carefully, they still have something in common with iPhone X. From a purely pragmatic point of view, perhaps some people will feel that the iPhone 8 series is enough. Careful inventory check, you may find that in fact, iPhone, 8/8, Plus and iPhone X have so many similarities.

First of all, of course, it's processor chip. As we expected before the release of the new machine, iPhone 8/8 Plus is equipped with the same chip as iPhone X - A11 bionic. According to Apple's consistent tradition, the same generation model does not use processor performance to rank. A series chips have always been iPhone and iPad two single wire. If Apple announced at the press conference, iPhone X uses a single super chip, while iPhone 8/8 Plus is using the properties of inferior model, how are justified.

So, at any rate, at least on performance, iPhone, 8/8, and Plus are powerful enough to be exactly the same level as iPhone X. Compared with the previous generation A10 Fusion, its 2 performance core speed increased by 25%, and the 4 energy efficiency core speed increased by 70%. Apple's own design of GPU makes graphics processing 30% faster. In addition, Apple's new generation of performance controllers can better play the full 6 core potential, multi-threaded processing, performance improvement can reach 70%.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone X uses the so-called "super retina" screen resolution of 2436 * 1125, to some extent, the lower resolution of iPhone 8/8 Plus performance may be better

In addition to pure performance, the A11 bionic chip also has the so-called neural network engine. As we all know, apple now attaches importance to artificial intelligence technology and machine learning, and it constantly emphasizes the potential of these things in the future, and has played a huge role. The neural engine is designed for machine learning tasks for iOS devices. It uses dual core designs and operates up to 600 billion times per second. Thus, when performing a machine learning task, the device can use it to accomplish the target quickly and efficiently.

Although these things are not so shiny as artificial intelligence and machine learning, change can benefit us imperceptibly. Similarly, the A11 bionic and neural network engine shows that iPhone, 8/8, and Plus are not left behind in the general trend of the future. They are at the same level of artificial intelligence as iPhone and X.

There's also a rear camera. The front camera system, iPhone X, has the original depth camera, which gives it the ability to recognize faces. There is a shortage of iPhone 8/8 Plus on this point, but if it's a rear camera, iPhone 8 doesn't say, at least iPhone 8, Plus, and iPhone X are basically the same.

The same 12 million pixel double lens, they also have f/1.8 aperture wide-angle lens and f/2.4 aperture telephoto lens, up to 10 times digital zoom. Portrait patterns, portraits, light effects, these functions support them. This year, including the newly added 4-LED Yuancai flash, these are all the same.

Of course we used before the "general" three words, means that iPhone X is actually something unique, such as double lens optical image stabilization, which can greatly increase the amount of light into the camera, making it better in low light environment.

In addition, the iPhone X dual camera layout is changed from horizontal to vertical. Although the ordinary camera experience does not have a big impact, but in the use of AR, people generally hold across the mobile phone, let double camera becomes tapped. Plus the distance between the iPhone and X cameras increases to facilitate the computation of object depth. By adding these features together, we can expect the iPhone X experience to be better than the iPhone 8 Plus AR. This has been confirmed to some extent in the hands-on test after the keynote speech of the conference.

The charging function is also worth mentioning. A new feature added to the new iPhone is wireless charging, which is supported by three new machines. IPhone X does not have the new technology such as remote wireless charging because of its flagship positioning, but it is the same as the two iPhone 8, which also uses the Qi standard base induction charging program. In addition, the new iPhone has fast charging features. Although this requires USB-C adapter, probably means more money to spend, but for the moment is inseparable from the smart phone for the modern people, 30 minutes, 50% power is still quite attractive.

Finally, iPhone X, like iPhone 8/8 Plus, is made of glass and, in Apple's words, is the most durable glass panel so far". Although there are some slight differences in design, in general their glass covers have a 50% thick strengthening layer, and steel substrates and metal rims reinforce them. At least from visual effects, it should be said that the difference is not very large. In addition, you don't worry all the time that a little shock can cause unsightly cracks in the cell phone's shell.

There is no doubt that the iPhone X is definitely better and more advanced than the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, otherwise it would be totally unreasonable for it to be more expensive. IPhone X has the original camera system, so that it will no longer adhere to fingerprint identification, access to the face recognition era. IPhone X put on the OLED panel, brings the ultra retina concept, lets the screen display effect be more beautiful in the past foundation. Show the performance was good, not to mention the cool full screen to design.

But as we said above that, even under the shadow of the iPhone X iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and their former gap is not so large, at least in many ways, the three are similar. Even with iPhone 8/8 Plus, you still get a pretty good use experience. If you're not eager to have a full screen design, you're not interested in facial recognition, and you don't pursue those AR experiences, then iPhone 8/8 Plus, think about it, it seems like it's enough. In addition to the technical shortcomings, that is, even replaced with double-sided glass, this design we have seen for four years.

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