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Will Dong Mingzhu's presidency be handed out or out of GREE?

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Recently, Dong Mingzhu and easily boarded the headlines. In addition to denying the acquisition of Xiali, propaganda within a year without reduction of holdings of shares, Dong Mingzhu's term will be full and pushed onto the cusp of public opinion.

According to Gree 2016 annual report shows that Dong Mingzhu's term will expire on May 31, 2018, about 8 months away today. When the 64-year-old Dong Mingzhu is able to continue to re-election, or unknown.

However, the industry believes that Dong Mingzhu or in May next year, Gree's board of directors elected president of the position, and its chairman or will continue to retain.

In the past few years, Gree and Dong Mingzhu depth binding, Dong Mingzhu three words also laid a deep mark on the body, and Dong Mingzhu also comes with traffic, its every move will lead to market hot. After Dong Mingzhu, who can hold up a large body of Gree, but also much attention by the outside world.

A person close to Gree Electric to the "Securities Daily" reporter said: "Dong Mingzhu's successor or in the Gree internal generation, in the Gree internal growth of the old people" and the Gree shareholders and other parties to get the trust. & rdquo;

The successor has been quietly produced

"I will not go back to retirement." "talked about retirement, Dong Mingzhu said. However, with Dong Mingzhu's term into the countdown, the successor who is also speculation.

For the successor, Dong Mingzhu's request is high, she said, her mind successor to love Gree than love their own home. Successors have to play first, followed by a strategic vision must be. "I am most worried about when I give someone else, this person can like me love this business. & rdquo;

And Dong Mingzhu more than once in public to talk about successors. However, in her remarks about the successor, there is a contradiction.

Dong Mingzhu had received an interview with the media had said: "I started in 2012 when the two organizations started, the first training people, the second to create a fair and open and transparent environment, to promote the construction of the contingent of cadres, the formation of a leader The team. & rdquo;

But when talking about the opening of the board of directors of Gree, Dong Mingzhu said that within five years, no matter about the successor. "We came to mention this, and I thought it was too early." I really want to be able to train the whole team, and now our team should be very good, but really lack a real leader. "Dong Mingzhu view, the current power of the real leader of Gree has not yet appeared.

Household appliances industry experts Liu Buchen that: Dong Mingzhu will not soon from the Gree force completely withdrawn, or in May next year, Gree's board of directors of the general election, give out the position of president, and chairman of the position or will be retained. & rdquo;

It is noteworthy that Dong Mingzhu's successor or has been in the Gree internal brewing. In August this year, Gree Electric suddenly announced in the internal, the company executive vice president, chief engineer Huang Hui as executive president, no longer part-time chief engineer, by the president assistant, central air conditioning technical director Tan Jianming as chief engineer.

Gree has never set up a former executive president. Generally speaking, the executive president of the position after the chairman, higher than the executive vice president and vice president, Gree Gree internal Huanghui position is second only to Dong Mingzhu. The appointment of a hair, the industry have speculated that Dong Mingzhu or clear successor.

Dust settles or takes time

In fact, within the Gree electrical appliances, there have been many people who are considered Dong Mingzhu successors candidates.

Five years ago, Zhou Shaoqiang, who served as deputy director of Zhuhai SASAC, was appointed secretary and president of Zhuhai Gree Group, and also became a candidate for the new board of directors of Gree Electric Appliance. At that time, the industry speculation, Gree appliances or usher in the "team" and the new director Zhou Shaowei will become the company to build the future of the core figures, and even may be Dong Mingzhu hand-picked successor.

However, in all walks of life have to interpret "Dong Zhou with" pattern, in the year's shareholders meeting, the major shareholders of the Group's recommended candidates Zhou Shaojiang director out. Dong Mingzhu was elected chairman and continued to serve as president.

And in this year Gree Electric announced the establishment of executive director of the post and hired Huang Hui as the company's executive president, and the appointment of Tan Jianming as the company's vice president and chief engineer, Dong Mingzhu's successor who again heated by the outside world.

Huang Hui is also Gree's "old", in 1992, joined the Gree Gree appliances, had served as vice president of Gree Electric, executive vice president. Huang Hui is currently the chief engineer of Gree Electric and Gree Electric Director, in the market, the technology are quite experienced, the outside world as Dong Mingzhu may be one of the successors.

Industrial economic observers Hongshibin that Gree into the "team" after the era, began to diversify, but the effect is not obvious. From the deal with the full power of Dong Mingzhu, Gree's many actions triggered dissatisfaction with shareholders, at the same time in the Gree internal, major shareholders and listed companies' s and the father and son of the dispute & rsquo; has been there. Next year's Gree Electric Board of Directors, Dong Mingzhu can continue to sit tight position is still unknown. However, Dong Mingzhu has begun to accelerate for their own "repairer" business layout.

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