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Bypassing OLED iPhone 8 next year may be the case

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OLED version of iPhone

As we all know, Apple has brought the iPhone X with OLED screen. The benefits of OLED technology Needless to say, its characteristics make the new machine's full-screen design possible. It is because of the new design, iPhone X can be eligible to end from the iPhone 6 era began the "big cycle."

The problem, however, is that OLED production capacity is very limited. It is different from the LCD has been developed for many years very mature technology, and now able to mass production of mobile phone size OLED screen only Samsung this one. This means that Apple to some extent not only subject to Samsung, and production has become a need to always worry about the problem.

So we have a problem - if the future of the iPhone lineup will be three machines together, then the corresponding iPhone X this line needless to say, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that two lines how to do?

Recently there is news that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus follow-up models will also be OLED screen. If this is the case, then it shows that in the Apple's planning, to that time the capacity problem has been resolved. In fact, we really see this hope, because this year Apple is not only frequently in the potential of the OLED supplier contact, and even the news that it purchased the production-related equipment, the production of OLED test. Based on these signs, some analysts believe that Apple can solve this problem.

However, after all, the iPhone is a small number of product lines will be able to achieve high sales of equipment, Apple can create such a miracle, not everyone is very optimistic. Is there any other program? In fact, there really is.

New program

"The Wall Street Journal recently said that Apple is likely to seek a more advanced solution for LCD screen technology, namely, Japan's JDI research and development of Full Active technology." The Wall Street Journal is also quite reliable. The so-called Full Active is also an LCD screen technology, but it overcomes many of the inherent limitations of traditional LCD panels. "Wall Street Journal" that Apple may be applied to this technology in the iPhone 8 series of follow-up models.

On the Full Active LCD technology, we now know very little From the official JDI company, and only a few simple introduction. JDI said that they used the "high-density cabling program", "new processing technology and module assembly technology", will use the LED to the screen display of the most rational design of the optical, the introduction of the minimum. The ultimate goal is to make the LCD screen can also achieve a full screen in general large screen share.

OLED mobile phone design in this area one of the biggest advantages is that it allows manufacturers to better achieve a narrow frame full screen. Full Active LCD appears, but also to make LCD technology in this direction and OLED technology go hand in hand.

It is worth mentioning that the traditional LCD screen to achieve flexible design difficulties, because it is a whole screen contains many layers, one of which is glass. Full Active There is one thing that it uses plastic instead of glass, which makes flexibility possible. It can be said at least in the narrow border and flexible implementation, Full Active technology to LCD screen and OLED screen to narrow the gap.

Are Full Active reliable? At least on the market into practical use in this regard, it has been such a qualification, because we are familiar with the millet Mix2, equipped with actually is the JDI launched Full Active LCD screen. Obviously, Full Active LCD should already have the potential to compete in the market and other technologies.

How will Apple choose

Although, as we have just said, Apple has been actively seeking to allow OLED production capacity to go up, but in the end it does not necessarily have to let all of its mobile phone use this technology. Taking into account the world's demand for OLED panels so much, Apple can be completed within a year to enhance the overall capacity of OLED enough to hold up the level of three iPhone? It's hard to say.

By 2018, even the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus follow-up models, in the design have to change a change. This year the two new machines compared to the previous generation of iPhone 7 series, almost no change in the design, which has caused a strong criticism from the industry to the printing room. If the next year, three new machines, there are two or the same shape, which is no one can accept things.

So Apple is likely to consider Full Active LCD technology, at least it is another solution outside of OLED, not only for next year's new iPhone to bring a comprehensive screen design, but also to bypass the OLED panel may also take a long time To solve the problem of production capacity.

Analysts believe that Apple from the beginning of this year will be transferred to the use of this three-pronged strategy, on the one hand continue to expand the limits of flagship products, a substantial increase in profit margins, on the other hand with a lower price of the new Machine to meet the high demand for the iOS platform. This year the iPhone 8 market performance, this is a very controversial topic, but in general the root is because people think that these two new machine progress is too small. If Apple can change their design as much as possible, then in the novelty of smart phone consumers seem to be more of their own do not blindly chasing the reasons for the super flagship.

Imagine it

Then the assumption that the three machines together, next year's iPhone may be how it? First iPhone X this line should still maintain this year's design - no matter how Apple's traditional change, the second year of a cycle will not immediately update the design. iPhone 8/8 Plus this line if you switch to Full Active technology, that change is coming.

Full Active LCD screen has a feature that even if it can significantly reduce the LCD screen border thickness, the bottom in any case still have to "stay a little". This may wish to look at millet Mix2, although it is a full screen, but the fuselage at the bottom of a must have a black side. LCD version of the new iPhone certainly have their own design, but this part of the look should be about the same.

As a result, Home key and fingerprint recognition will completely disappear from the iPhone body. However, this will not cause a lot of problems, because Apple's code to the developer has been shown, developers can only decide not to use biological means, if used, they can not control whether the user is using Touch ID or face ID. So, iPhone X that "bangs", next year maybe it is standard.

Of course, now even the iPhone X have not yet started on sale, even if Apple is already considering the Full Active LCD technology, which does not mean that the future will be like this. In the course of the year, many things may happen. But for those who feel the flagship iPhone is really out of reach of consumers, may wish to look forward to the other two new machines. At least in love, Apple can not continue to maintain the iPhone 6 that set of design. It will eventually choose how to change?

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