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The best brand in the world ten years of ups and downs, why not China BAT?

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September 25, the world's leading brand evaluation agency Interbrand released "2017 the world's most valuable brand 100 strong" list, basically and 2016 list of data, not too much brand ranking changes, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and other sit in the top ten, China (mainland) business has only two list, Huawei (2017 ranked 70), Lenovo (2017 ranked No. 100).


2017Interbrand the world's most valuable brand Top 100 Top10:

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Samsung, Toyota, Facebook, Mercedes-Benz, IBM

This also confirms the global brand ranking of a distinct feature, brand value ranking changes subtle, more difficult from the year and the previous year's data to see the industry trend gap. So this article pull the last decade (2008-2017) data to sort out the rise and fall of the world's best brands, and explore the future brand trends.

The same is the list of enterprises, September 10, the China Enterprise Confederation, the China Entrepreneurs Association released "2017 Chinese enterprises top 500" list, and we usually say "Fortune" Fortune 500 "ralph lauren pas cher, "Forbes" Global Enterprise 2000 "as well as the brush of the banks, financial institutions, energy companies and these enterprises are mainly based on the business revenue for each fiscal year as the basis for ranking, pay attention to the scale, simply said , These & ldquo; the strongest "rdquo; actually refers to the" big & rdquo; business. "




"I spent more time analyzing the business" brand value "and" strong "and the focus on the three relative" wealth of the top 500 "and" "Forbes 2000" is not so well known but in the world is very authoritative brand value list Interbrand, BrandZ, BrandFinance. (This article mainly to the current recognized most authoritative Interbrand data for the description basis)

Brand Value

Brand value, the commonly used commercial word, it is a very abstract and fuzzy concept, and even some people see the brand as a "mysterious and mysterious" thing.

In contrast, David Reibstein, a professor who studies the marketing brand at Wharton School of Business,

The value of the brand depends on the degree of acceptance of the consumer. From a business perspective, whether a brand is worth to see whether consumers are willing to spend a higher price or have a stronger desire to buy. & rdquo;

Interbrand is the world's leading brand research, brand consulting firm, in 1988 to carry out the world's first brand value assessment study. Interbrand brand value assessment system is based on future earnings assessment of brand equity, through financial analysis, market analysis, brand strength analysis of three aspects.

financial analysis: In order to estimate the precipitation benefits of a product, it reflects the intangible assets, including the full benefits created by the brand.

Market analysis: The main purpose is to determine the role of the brand in the industry in which the product or product is rated, and to determine how much of the product's precipitation is attributable to the brand, much due to non-brand factors.

Brand strength analysis: Determine the relative status of the brand being evaluated compared to other brands in the same industry. Mainly from the nature of the market, stability, brand in the same industry status, marketing, brand trends, brand support and brand protection in seven areas to evaluate the strength of a brand.

This article through the 10 years (2008-2017) brand value list data analysis, will be easier for you to experience the real business world feel, aware of the industry trends in consumption trends, and you may get to the brand did not understand the facts The

First, the brand value and business revenue is not completely positive correlation.

From the appeal data can be seen, business revenue ranking and brand ranking is not a positive correlation, which is related to the Interbrand brand assessment:

1, the assessment of the brand is consumer-oriented, so to exclude a lot of consumers do not directly affect the role of holding companies and B2B companies.

Global brand ranking list closely follow the global consumer trends, for long-term immersion in the market practitioners, concerned about the brand value ranking data than focusing on revenue-based "XX strong" list may be more exploration value, on the one hand Is to follow the consumer trends, on the one hand is insight into the brand value.

2, the brand belongs to the company must have sufficient public financial information.

And all the list, only to assess the company enough to disclose financial information in order to accurately assess the financial situation of enterprises, thus, the list is basically listed companies, and Huawei is a special.

From a legal point of view, non-listed companies such as Huawei do not have a mandatory clause to disclose the financial annual report. Huawei can open the financial annual report that the company's operating norms, their own business results and cash status is very confident.

This low-key "bright muscle" approach, but also to further enhance the company's visibility. What is important is that Huawei is responsible for the authenticity and fairness of public reporting! Become the world's most valuable brand of a Chinese enterprises, Huawei deserved

3, must be long-term profit, more than 30% of the income must come from outside the country.

To some extent, this indicator can also explain why some companies are large, but not strong. The size of the revenue to a certain extent on behalf of how much, profit on behalf of doing good and bad, reflecting the viability.

BAT such as the Chinese Internet giants did not appear in the list, mainly because of the degree of globalization is not high, the international basically can not hear any sound. When we talked about the degree of globalization, most Chinese enterprises have no right to speak, although domestic enterprises are strongly in the layout of globalization, but the overall face of many of the tenacious multinational companies, is still difficult.

4, the brand business scope must be widely involved in emerging developing countries and regions, must cover at least three continents around the world.

Over the past decade, China's rapid economic development, it is difficult to use a single dimension to determine whether China is a developing country or has entered the ranks of developed countries, but it is undeniable that China's consumer power, almost all brands of one of the key markets. As a global brand enterprises, from the global consumption data, Asia, Europe, North America is almost must win the position.

There are many factors that affect the value of the brand, the degree of globalization, financial data (sustained profit level), these are a result. In short, this is something that is closely related to the market demand and the consumption trend, the brand value represents the consumer's willingness to buy in the future, how much you stand out in the product category, and how high you can sell The

Second, the brand potential energy, non-day power

This decade the top 100 global brands in the list of a total of 139 enterprises, which is the decade, the average annual rate of only 3.9 corporate brand in the top 100 to add or disappear.

As the factors that affect the brand value, including the market, profitability, globalization and other factors, resulting in this subtle brand ranking change is not as wealth list with the revenue changes so obvious, the annual changes almost feel and almost the same year, The degree also shows that most of the brand value of the shape and precipitation is a long time process.


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2017 the world's best brand of 100 companies, the average creation time of 94 years, the average time to build science and technology Internet brand about 40 years, alcohol, banking, insurance brands, the average creation of up to about 170 years.


This data may make some people surprised, to start from scratch to create a world top 100 brands, and the existing competition of these brands, enough cattle, the average also spent a lifetime, unless in some emerging Industry to open up the soil, such as the era of the main theme of science and technology Internet industry, it may be in the next decade, two decades of new areas.

Some industries over time, the brand value is like wine as mellow, such as luxury goods, FMCG and other industries, such as the perennial in the global brand list of enterprises: Coca-Cola (131), Pepsi (119) Nestlé coffee (79 years), luxury Hermes (180 years), LV (163 years), Colgate (211 years), Gillette (116), Johnson & Johnson (131) & hellip; these brand giants spent dozens Year or even hundreds of years in the hearts of people positioning is difficult to be shaken.

Brand road, long.

Third, the global brand value of the most

1, the global brand overlord - Apple (Apple)

In the Interbrand & ldquo; 2017 the world's most valuable brand list ", Apple for the fifth consecutive year won the world's first.


2017 Apple brand value of 1841.54 billion US dollars, equivalent to 2.3 Microsoft, 2.6 Coca-Cola, 2.8 Amazon, 3.8 Facebook, 4.4 BMW, 17.4 Citibank, 27.6 Huawei, and has been in a growing trend, this advantage is not Who's up.


Rely on a product leading the world a lot of companies, but the series are leading the world, only Apple.


Over the past 2016, the global smartphone industry's total profit of 53.7 billion US dollars, while Apple took the iPhone alone took 79% of the industry profits, Samsung profits accounted for 14.6%, ranked second. Although Huawei is China's largest mobile phone manufacturers, coupled with OPPO, vivo, China's top three smart machine brand in the global smart machine profits accounted for less than 5%.


iPhone this absolute in the world of the advantages of rolling, did not give other opponents too much profit space, the first quarter of 2017 iPhone profit accounted for 83.4% of global mobile phone profits (data source Strategy Analytics), all peers are catching up.

A strong brand appeal for the iPhone to provide a sufficient premium space, although Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, millet and other sales strong, but can be more than 4,000 yuan has been selling, and do not do in the low-end market only Apple, this is not just a gesture, it is a strategy.


As a new species, iWatch performed well in 2016. Canalys data show that last year Apple sold about 11.9 million smart watches, accounting for 50% of the global smart watch market. The second is Fitbit, the market share of 17%; third for the Samsung, the market share of 15%; other smart watch manufacturers to share the remaining 19% share. The market is still occupied by Apple.


And even more frightening is that smart watches seem to face the same problem as the mobile phone market: 80% of the smart watch profits are in the hands of Apple.


Although the global flat market in the past two years are shrinking, but 2016 iPad shipments 42.55 million units (data source TrendForce) is still a clear advantage to win the world's first position, Samsung 27 million units in the second.

This article provides these financial data, market data, only as an inspiration, to reflect the meaning of the brand behind the representative.

IWatch is not the next generation of intelligent product leaders, and at least for a long time it is harder to prevent Apple from becoming the world's most valuable brand (and the most profitable), whether it's going to be innovative, Of the technology companies.

2, the brand of Waterloo's most - Nokia (Nokia)


In the era of no iPhone and Andrews, sold several hundreds of millions of mobile phones, and only once the dominant Nokia.

The Nokia 1110 in the 2005 market, sold 250 million, Saipan system, one of the classic representative of the Nokia 5230 has sold 150 million Well, these are the glorious history of Nokia.


In the nearly half of the list of Interbrand, the largest decline in brand ranked Nokia, the brand ranked from 2008 to No. 5, until 2014, 98, until later disappeared in the global mobile phone ranking list. Nokia's exit, in essence, is clear that the global era of functional machine completely over, fully into the intelligent machine era.

All brands can not be independent of the existence of excellent products, this is not a good comparison of their past, is a better consumer expectations of the mind.

3, science and technology is the main theme of this era

Technology companies through technology products can quickly gather global users to the world's massive user resources and cutting-edge technology to establish a strong barrier and influence, this effect is more of the traditional industry upgrades and even subversion, and then change people's way of life The


This year, the global brand change, the world's top 20 brands, most of these technology brands swept, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Facebook became the largest increase in brand technology companies , From 2012 into the list, to 2017 to become the global brand 8,5 years time brand value increased by 789%.

Until now, the boundaries between technology brands have become increasingly blurred. Traditional brands use IBM's cloud services, use Intel chips, publish their own apps on the App Store, and advertise more ads on Google and Facebook. This integration greatly enhances the overall ecosystem, Opportunities and possibilities for new products.

4, the entire consumer electronics industry are declining

In the era of no intelligent equipment, almost every living scene corresponding to electronic products to meet the needs of life, camera, game, camera, learning, computing and intelligent machine era, too many living conditions are changed, follow the change Is the overall electronics industry downturn.


Once the phone overlord Nokia's appearance represents not only the decline of a traditional mobile phone manufacturers, but also means that the competitiveness of a single consumer electronics gradually weakened. Look at the 10-year brand list, the overall value of the consumer electronics industry brand did not follow the trend of technological ups and downs, but gradually decline, with more strong brand birth, the consumer electronics industry as a whole no longer have advantages.

5, the only one collective brand to rise in the industry - car

Car, almost in addition to the house, the phone is one of the most talked about the topic. In the Interbrand2017 list, the car brand has 16, second only to the technology industry, becoming the largest single list of history in the history of the record.


2017 brand ranked the top three did not change, is still Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and BMW ahead, Honda's performance is quite prominent, advance into the top 20.


Specifically to create a mini car will actually beat the ultra-running brand Ferrari, to 5 billion US dollars brand value ranked 87th. Last year the success of the list of Tesla from 100 to 98. For two consecutive years have grown substantially Nissan, more in this year than the public, rose to 39 positions.

Rattan ten years of data, the entire automotive industry showed a strong upward trend, a group of prosperity. Daniel Binnes, director of Interbrand, said:

"It is admirable for an industry that could have been muddy in a large infrastructure, complex manufacturing processes and corporate culture. Although the rate of environmental change is exponentially faster and faster, many car brands are trying to respond to consumer demand, accept technical changes, let the world re-understanding of the car. & rdquo;

Fourth, the Chinese brand, the world's best brand camp collective absent

"Fortune Global" 2000 "strong" in the list of strong Chinese enterprises, the vast majority of brands have a special resource advantages, these resources or from the advantages of large state-owned enterprises, "the wealth of the world's top 500" ralph lauren pas cher, Background, or from the national protection industry to build the market barriers and thus the formation of the absolute dominant market share.

The same is because of this "protection" and barriers, these brands are extremely difficult to take the country to participate in the global brand dispute, in the world brand ranking list in the figure, even if we think that the Chinese Internet logo & quot; BAT & rdquo; also No trace.

Until 2014, the first Chinese brand Huawei (ranked 94th in 2014) in the Interbrand global best brand list appears. In 2015, the second Chinese brand association (ranked 100th in 2015) appeared in the list of the world's best brands.


Huawei ranked No. 22 in 2016, Lenovo ranked No. 99 in 2016. And now only two brands in the world's best brand camp, Huawei ranked No. 70 in 2017, Lenovo ranked No. 100 in 2017.

Huawei's overall strength and to the results are obvious to all, is clearly a combination of many reasons. This is a very important point is to increase R & D investment, the establishment of a number of research and development centers around the world.


While there is still a clear gap compared to the top brands in the world, Huawei is likely to erode more energy in the 5G communications era with the world's leading information and communications services technology (ICT).

Lenovo currently rely on the global sales of the first notebook can not be long-term advantage, from 2015-2017 Lenovo brand value trend is declining, the mobile phone market has no more opportunities, Lenovo core technology and ecological revolutionary breakthrough, will decide Whether to continue in the world brand camp name.


We have often heard some companies say "we want to go beyond xx" and "we have surpassed xx" and so on some of the vanity of the remarks, rational thinking, China's reform and opening up 40 years, many companies seize the opportunity To do a great scale, but compared to the world's top brands have experienced decades or even a hundred years of brand growth pain, we may also just a brute force with the young.

Brand road, long way to go.

Titanium Media Author: Zong Li, micro-channel public number: Future Laboratory Marketing / fmlabs

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