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Mobile payment to speed up the sea pay treasure WeChat tax rebate quietly started

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National Day Mid-Autumn holiday has passed, residents travel and driving consumption are a new high, the National Tourism Administration exit team tour system and network data show that the number of outbound tourists during the holiday is expected to exceed 600 million people. With the growing number of outbound travel, China Mobile pay "the sea" and the pace of the more step by step. In China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other traditional hot tourist destination, Alipay use is very common, WeChat payment is also often seen, experience and domestic almost no difference.

While the mobile payment boom gradually extends to overseas, overseas payment market structure has begun to be affected.

90 after the purchase of foreign mobile payment the strongest

Mobile payment methods in the popularity of overseas, for the people travel has brought convenience.

October 8, WeChat issued "National Day holiday large data report." The report shows that from September 29 to October 6, WeChat total number of visitors out of millions.

WeChat also issued the "National Day WeChat cross-border payment report" shows that Southeast Asia has become the favorite of Chinese tourists, followed by East Asia (Japan and South Korea), China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, North America, Europe. WeChat paid the most concentrated in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, South Korea and other places.

The report also shows that, according to gender statistics, male payment accounted for up to 65.39%; in accordance with age statistics, "90 after" the strongest purchasing power, accounting for 34.67%, "80" after the purchase accounted for 30.75% The

According to the data provided by Alipay, people most like to go to the destination: China, Hong Kong, Thailand and China Taiwan.

Alipay related data show that this year's National Day holiday use Alipay in the number of foreign consumption is more than 8 times the same period last year, the amount of per capita consumption has increased substantially by nearly 50%. From the age point of view, the main force of foreign consumption to "90 after" mainly, the number of users accounted for 44% of the amount of per capita consumption of 1301 yuan, "after 00" per capita consumption was 532 yuan.

Of course, not all outbound travel can experience the convenience of mobile payment. Choose to travel to Eastern Europe during the holidays to play Tangshan Liu told the first financial reporter: "In Hungary and the Czech Republic rarely see Alipay and WeChat figure." "In Canada, Ms. Ma also said that WeChat, Alipay is relatively rare, mainly to pay the main VISA and CUP credit card.

Mobile payment to the sea three models

In recent years, the Chinese pay giants have been dissatisfied with the domestic market share, have to expand overseas markets.

In April this year, WeChat announced that mainland tourists in Hong Kong can be paid through the WeChat, the use of RMB consumption, do not have to exchange Hong Kong dollars, businesses in Hong Kong dollars settlement. At present, there are more than 900 stores in Hong Kong at the same time on-line WeChat to pay. In September, the ant gold service announced a strategic cooperation agreement with the Yangtze River Hutchison Industrial Co., Ltd., co-operation of the Hong Kong version of the electronic wallet & ldquo;

Jingdong Finance and Baidu Financial will also be aimed at overseas markets. In mid-September, Jingdong Finance announced a joint venture with Thailand Shangtai Group Co., Ltd. to provide financial and technical services to customers in Thailand. Earlier in July, Baidu announced a strategic agreement with Paypal, a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay, to target cross-border payments between Chinese consumers and overseas online companies.

After the interview with the first financial reporter learned that the current mobile payment model can be summed up into three categories: First, strategic cooperation and other forms of cooperation with foreign leading local enterprises to jointly provide financial services for local users and businesses; Online global payment business; third is cross-border business.

The first model, to pay treasure, for example, since 2015, its in India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries have worked with local well-known financial enterprises, launched the Indian version of "pay treasure" Paytm, Thailand version & ldquo; ; AscendMoney, the Indonesian version of "pay treasure" Emtek BBM, the Philippines version of "Alipay" and "Mynt. Among them, Paytm is best known.

In 2015, the ant gold service to Paytm carried out two rounds of investment, and from the system architecture to the wind control system to build and then to the data capabilities of the full range of technical output. At present, Paytm has become India's largest, the world's third mobile payment platform. Alipay related data show that as of August 2017, Paytm has 230 million mobile e-wallet users.

Through the second model, not only Chinese consumers can pay to overseas businessmen, overseas consumers can also pay to China and even overseas businessmen. At present, Alipay has more than 200 countries and regions, more than 250 financial institutions to reach cooperation, including MasterCard, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank.

According to the information provided by Alipay, at present, Alipay has more than 40 million overseas users. Overseas use Alipay trading users the most countries and regions are: Russia, the United States, Spain, France, Brazil. 2016 "double 11" Alipay international transactions increased by 60% year on year, a total of 224 countries and regions, consumer spending with Alipay.

The third model focuses on providing mobile payments for Chinese expatriates as well as connecting the surrounding food and drink and travel services, so that they can enjoy the same as the daily convenience of domestic consumption experience.

July 2015, Alipay announced that it will open to overseas partners to pay, cross-border O2O, data operation and maintenance and other basic capabilities. At present, more than 30 countries and regions in the world landing. According to Alipay data, 2017 Spring Festival Golden Week, Alipay cross-border transactions more than five times the number of transactions last year, including Thailand, China Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and China Macau is Alipay users active countries and regions.

Alipay, WeChat tax to be promoted

For overseas shopping, in addition to pay experience, the tax rebate is also a necessary link. At present, Alipay and WeChat have opened overseas tax rebate service.

Beijing people Ms. Lee travel experience in South Korea to pay the Alipay tax rebate. She said that Alipay tax refund only need to fill in the tax rebate to pay their own binding phone number, after the seal, the tax rebate will be delivered to the tax rebate mailbox, a few days later you can receive tax rebates, very convenient.

It is understood that this year to pay tax rebate increase in the number of users, the total tax rebate over the same period last year increased by 180%, the amount of tax rebate per capita amounted to 922 yuan.

According to statistics, the current Alipay sweep in more than 30 countries and regions access to hundreds of thousands of various types of businesses, of which 24 countries and regions can be tax rebate to Alipay; 56 airport access Alipay provide a variety of services, including Europe 16 Airport and South Korea have launched a number of real-time tax rebate to Alipay services.

The first financial reporter learned that the WeChat tax rebate need to pay attention to the WeChat public number "tax rebate pass" by filling out the information of taxpayers, upload data pre-trial, pre-trial after SF courier door to send a single mail, The The advantage is that after returning home SF Express free home receipt of all bills.

According to the public number, tax rebate can now support, including Europe, South Korea, more than 30 countries (regions) Chinese tourists return tax rebate, but be sure to stamp the customs chapter and shopping tickets and tax returns back to the country. The fastest tax 3 working days issued to the WeChat wallet.

Although Alipay, WeChat tax returns quickly, simple operation, eliminating the trouble of queuing tax rebates, but there are still many outbound tourists choose cash tax rebate.

The first financial reporter interviewed dozens of National Day during the outbound tourists, of which only a few visitors to experience the Alipay tax rebate service, and said that very easy to use. While the rest are selected cash tax rebate, the main reason is not know by Alipay or WeChat can be tax rebates, and the way this tax rebate doubt.

The above-mentioned Tangshan Liu told reporters: "cash tax rebate can get real-time tax rebate, there is no follow-up trouble. Ms. Zhang said that he had tried to credit card tax rebate, but did not receive tax rebates, so the choice of cash tax rebate, the other way of tax rebate or wait and see attitude.

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