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Alibaba Technical Committee Chairman Wang Jian: urban brain will become the city's essential infrastructure

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October 11, at 2017 Hangzhou & middot; cloud habitat meeting, Alibaba Group Technical Committee Chairman Wang Jian published with "city brain: data reshaping the city's future" as the title of the speech. Billion Europe as support for the media to participate in this report.

The contents of Wang Yong's speech are summarized as follows:

We talked about the city last year, the brain, in fact, since the human Internet technology, so that we can go to rethink our city's problems.

The city is the greatest invention of mankind, but today the city's development of resources is amazing

In fact, I was the year to understand what the city in the end, nature invented a very great thing, called human beings, but left a little regret, called the disease. And the greatest invention of the people, is the city, but also left a little regret, that is, urban disease, and the disease is quite serious.

All our invention today, all the activities, all the efforts, are done around the city. We feel that we must return to nature, back to the countryside, but this year I seriously study the future, or 80% of people will live in the city, human beings can not do without their own invented this thing called the city.

Some data may not be familiar with everyone thought that opened a car to enjoy a happy life, but we may not pay attention to what we paid. Each car member occupies an average of 80 square meters of road space, when I first saw this data, very surprised. I am looking for a lot of professional data, want to verify, I even think that the actual situation may be greater than this figure. Today, most people do not have eighty square meters at home, but you need 80 square meters on the street.

This is only for the demand for road resources, in fact, the development of a city, for the natural resources of the request is far beyond everyone imagined, we met today water resources, electricity resources, all the resources are beyond the imagination The The ultimate nature of urban development To solve the problem of resources, this is a common challenge we face.

When we enjoy all the benefits of life to life, we do not realize that, in fact, today we are living in the city on the island of the island.Some time ago I went to see the satellite shot of the Hangzhou city photos, the city was isolated as a road isolated island. The more the so-called high-tech zones today, the more the road repair, the more we live in this island.

I have seen a picture of Kunming in a book about urban development, and one thing is that people even think that they have to drive a car over the road because the road is too wide. Like the plaid shirt I wear today, the lattice is very small, but the line is very thick. Originally with a thin line will be able to draw the living area, but more and more wide road so that we live in a road on the isolated island.

Data resources become the city's most important natural resources, which is the first time human beings rely on their own behavior generated resources

I think God is still fair when the Internet technology, the calculation of technology, when the idea of ​​data development to today, in addition to the traditional land resources, water resources later, the city more than a very important thing is the data resources will Become the city's most important natural resources.

I think this may be the first time on the human behavior, resulting in an important resource with the land, which is our most fortunate place, but also just talked about the horse, we have to be optimistic. There is no relationship between the disease, will find a way to solve. We are very lucky, today there is a new natural resources, is the data. This natural resource is the biggest difference from the land resources of the past, it is produced by mankind itself, not natural gift to us. Second, it can be reused, which gives us a great opportunity.

After the city has the data resources, with the city brain can help us do a lot of things. Last year I was here to tell the world's farthest distance is the distance between the traffic camera and the traffic lights, these two things on a pole, but never been connected by the data, and the middle of the process complex to probably the majority of the seat People have no way to imagine.

But we are very happy last year from the beginning of the pilot Xiaoshan, the first time the data to eliminate the distance between the camera to the traffic lights, the city can be the first time every 15 minutes according to the camera to see the traffic situation to update the traffic lights strategy The The change of the traffic light policy is the reallocation of the road resources, but also the reallocation of the time resources, the people can return to the house every day earlier.

Zhang Zhichang just introduced, we are in the main city of Hangzhou viaduct also do the practice. Hangzhou is also the first time in the Chinese city to know at this moment, how many cars on the road in the end how many cars. Hangzhou urban car ownership is 120 complete, but every day on the road there are 1.2 million. All the assumptions about urban planning are half of the car on the road, but Hangzhou despite the limit line, there are 1.2 million running on the road. The same is the first time we know that the 1.2 million vehicles every day at least half of the car over the fast road, these findings let us understand the city had an upside down.

This is why we will work together with Hangzhou, in the elevated to the police station in the past, with machine intelligence to control. Making the most important in the river in Hangzhou, the average exercise time will be reduced by 10%, so you walk on the elevated time, probably will be shortened to five minutes to eight minutes, we imagine to see, for the 1.2 million people saved How much time.

When I first started doing Pinyin input method, think if the Chinese people to lose so many Chinese characters, for each word save 0.01 seconds, how much time you save for the entire Chinese people. The same for the 1.2 million vehicles 50% of the daily 10% of the time to the people to bring much convenience. With the data, a police officer, a police can provide services for the city increased by ten times.

We have done in Suzhou practice, very pleased that Suzhou, the government, operators and enterprises are their own data into the city brain, in fact, these data is also part of the city. These data finally changed the way people travel, we made two bus pilot in Suzhou, passenger traffic increased by nearly 17% and 10%. We love people in the past that consciousness is not high, in fact, we do not know how our bus lines with the site design how unreasonable, and finally you blame the problem to the people went to the head.

In fact, the development of the city today, but also by repairing a wider road, making a bigger car to develop, this is the idea of ​​a century.

The most important thing is the data resources into the city's most important resources, just line up to Hangzhou, set up a data bureau, I corrected, Hangzhou is not set up a data bureau, Hangzhou is set up a data resource bureau, less two Word is very different, this is the Chinese city, the first time the data as a resource to look at.

Urban brains become the city's new infrastructure, Hangzhou is a gift to the world's cities

I would like to make a very big change in the development of the world's cities, the city's brain will become a very important infrastructure in the future city. The mission of the city's brains is to let all the city's data resources be processed in a timely manner. We will not endure garbage at home for three days, but today most of the city's data are wasted, do not know where to go.

A few days ago when President Xu Kuangdi came, I told him a joke, I said I did this thing to understand the mayor is not a person capable of things, the city has been running beyond the state of the brain can be perceived. When I first knew that there were 1.2 million cars running on the road at the moment, I was most sympathetic to the mayor because the mayor did not know where the 1.2 million vehicles were running. The timely analysis of the state of a city is the basis of all things, the ultimate goal is to serve the people. A city of all public resources will eventually need to be deployed in a timely manner.

Just Ye Juchang mentioned 110,119 and so all the life-saving, save the car, the speed run faster, not simply put the other car card down, let yourself go. But with our data resources, without affecting the circumstances of others, so that these cars can get better urban road resources and time resources. This also shows that the timely deployment of urban resources is a very important thing.

To do this, the city needs a new infrastructure, we call it the city brain, which is what we do in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is really a unique place, 2022 Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou, we hope that the place in the Xiaoshan Asian Games, so that the city is the brain to become a real infrastructure, but also let everyone realize that the city will be the future of the city every city The necessary infrastructure.

We have a great opportunity in Hangzhou, for the world to do such a search. The same meaning of this matter beyond everyone's imagination, this is not just a traffic blocking the problem. The government said for the 2022 Asian Games, in the transport infrastructure to invest 200 billion, if we optimize 10%, then save 20 billion. Think about it, 20 billion can do for the people how much health insurance.

City brain from Hangzhou, which is given to the development of the city of Hangzhou, a gift.

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