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Internet people and the first line can be a. Cat domain name

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In 2013, the article posted on a web site provider was shown - since May 19, 2006. The total number of registrations has exceeded 50000 since the opening of the .cat domain name. Can be seen, four years ago. Cat has been regarded as a very top-level domain name, is a lot of people who love the first choice.

However, .Cat domain name in fact until recently considered the "real open registration."

According to an article in Air China, in May this year, there were already about 113,000 .cat suffixes registered on the Internet. And we tried to find it! Many fans who have been eyeing the cat has been eyeing the "suck the cat top domain name"!

For example, we search a lot of domain name sites that cat, your cat's domain name, have shown that the domain name has been eyeing it! Line and cat domain name action.

For example, everyone knows the fat cat star, Garfield:

Open this site, in fact, this is the case:

In fact, what have not started to do

Such as the same well-known Siamese cat, siamese.cat:

After opening, in fact, still did not officially enable the state:

But some have been hung up (go to facebook) cat content, such as this Bengal cat, bengal.cat:

English short is this state, but short hair cat was eyeing:

Scottish Folded Cat:

Do not ask me how to know the type of cat so much! This is Google's credit.

There are some more fun, such as this:

But this site has not yet started operating ... ...

Why the most Meng domain name suffix. Cat so many people accounted for pit, but all did not start to operate it? This starts with the "real meaning" of the .cat domain name.

The suffix of this domain name is not because ICANN is the cat slaves invented.

.cat is the international domain name suffix sponsored by the Catalan region, a top-level domain name for (Spanish) Catalan language. With regard to Catalonia, the region is most familiar with its capital, Barcelona, ​​that is the annual MWC (World Mobile Communications Conference) held the place:

The reason why there are so many people registered. Cat domain name but not used, because according to the Catalan domain name management agencies, the use of. Cat domain name of the site must be Catalan or Catalan Culture, otherwise the domain name may be recovered.

Although the number of registered 113,000 for a top-level domain name is a bit slight, but. Cat domain name contains multiple meanings, for the smoke of the fans, naturally needless to say. But in order to avoid finally grab the domain name was recovered, it can only be empty.

In accordance with the Catalan authorities, the .cat domain name must be used in Catalan or the Catalan culture. It is a cultural symbol, the increase in the number of .cat domain name also means that their local culture is accepted by the Spanish authorities, or ... ... cultural output, challenge the Spanish authorities.

Of course, we do not know how many of these registered people in the promotion of Catalan culture, how many people are running a cat to go.

For the .cat domain name, there is no official announcement of any official opening to the world (non-Catalan cultural content). However, .cat domain name up a small minority, how was found?

If you now look at Catalonia about Catalonia will find that the original contradiction between the region and the Spanish government in the near future to upgrade to a new height.

In this case, at the end of last month the Spanish police rushed into the Catalan domain name management agency, arrested previously responsible for the management. Cat domain name staff. This means that the .cat domain name may no longer be "restricted only Catalan content" restrictions.

In Barcelona, ​​Spain, the local has long been very clear that there are two forces that support Spain's reunification and support independence from Catalonia.

Walking on the streets of Barcelona, ​​the residents on both sides of the roadside upstairs is also covered with representatives of the independent will of the national flag, the Catalan dialect can be seen everywhere and the demonstrations on the square of Catalonia square formed a Barcelona Special symbol.

The New York Times reported. At the end of September, the Spanish police rushed into the management organization responsible for maintaining the .cat domain name, who arrested the IT director of the organization and controlled the computer. It is precisely because of this management of the thousands. Cat domain name of the organization, require. Cu website only to provide Catalan language / culture content.

Of course, the discussion of political culture is not the purpose of this article, the Spanish police are not directed at the cat culture to go, but some of those who hold the domain name is actually directed at the cat ah ... ...

Internet smoking cat people, and quickly to their own cat to register a. Cat domain name!


My home cat qiuqiu exclusive domain name!

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