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The only profitable public cloud company in China is such a layout on AI

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This article is from the titanium media feature column "fast company". The project is recommended by TMTBASE database "I made community"

As one of the earliest established a number of public cloud startups, UCloud now has a distinguished record: 21 global data centers, more than 50 thousand customers, indirect amount of nearly 1 billion users, second in size only to Ali and Tencent, the top three domestic cloud computing vendors

In contrast, the domestic cloud computing market, the current pattern is Ali and Ali benchmarking; Tencent, Jingdong NetEase followed step by step; with the attributes of the industry; Baidu is more distinctive,

In AI this move, UCloud has a kind of layout? How will the future cloud computing market be melee?

Card technology cloud, make AI more convenient

In the cloud computing market after cultivating for 5 years, the development of AI for UCloud can be said to represent the general trend, but also a matter of course. In artificial intelligence, UCloud not only provide the basis for the IaaS platform computing ability and storage products, also launched the first three products: AI UAI Train for the task of training support, artificial intelligence algorithm framework of UAI Service, and guarantee the security of data flow

First of all, for AI, want more intelligent computing power will give it more, it needs to make CPU, GPU and FPGA have different performance processor for effective collaboration, so as to meet the various needs of processing and analysis under different scenarios. There is also a better algorithm that allows the processor to analyze and process it efficiently, and through constant data collection, data modeling, training, debugging, and so on, we can debug a practical AI product. UAI Train integrates computing capability of UCloud cloud platform and data integration capabilities, help AI companies need to face in order to lower the cost of solving AI model training when computing resources, task management, the task of disaster recovery and other issues.

Secondly, with the landing of AI concept, AI technology and products appear more and more in every aspect of society and life. Such as face recognition, ever more is used in the field of security, especially public security, government public institutions, but with the technology of inclusive now more used in shopping malls, convenience stores, small civilian sites and other scenes, which also extends the online AI service and a lot of scenes. So, how do you achieve rapid business deployment in a highly available environment? How is the cost lower to lower the use threshold? How to improve the efficiency of deployment and operation and maintenance? How to effectively restore disaster to ensure security? This is the pain point for many AI companies, and that's exactly what UAI-Service is going to solve.

Again, it's UCloud

Compared with various BAT bet on AI, UCloud, COO Hua Kun believes that the biggest characteristic is the layout of the AI UCloudUCloud do AI product development, only to do AI business services. In Hua Kun opinion, there is competition between BAT and AI in the AI business, such as face recognition, speech recognition, there is no lack of Shang Tang technology, Face, cloud known sound and a number of other leading professional AI company, therefore, many enterprises of AI BAT cloud services there are concerns, it is becoming a breakthrough UCloud AI service.

In addition to the professional AI company, in fact, some of UCloud's regular customers are also trying new applications for AI. Some online education, online travel, online financial companies, for example, have set up special teams to test the water for AI. This virtually extends the objects and scenes of UCloud AI services.

Embarrassing commercial realisation

According to the State Council in July this year issued "a new generation of artificial intelligence development plan", by 2030 China will become the world's leading AI innovation center, the core of artificial intelligence industry will exceed 1 trillion yuan, the scale of related industries will be more than 10 trillion yuan.

Faced with trillion industry scale, although many enterprises eager to beach layout artificial intelligence, but commercial realization is still a very hot issue. On the one hand, some professional AI companies are very strong in terms of algorithms, but they do not have their own business team, so it is difficult to reach customers who can realize it in the future. On the other hand, the cost of enterprise infrastructure deployment is high, and generally from tens of millions down to hundreds of thousands, it is difficult to achieve rapid replication.

In this respect, UCloud already has a number of landing projects, such as collaboration with the first paradigm, using the first paradigm


As the foundation of prosperity, cloud computing is the basic framework of artificial intelligence, carrying capacity, but also the lifeblood of UCloud. Although the battle for the clouds for a long time, BAT have staking, the rising star bravely fight before, but the preemptive UCloud already in this battlefield occupies a place.

In the interview with Hua kun,

Starting with the earliest games, UCloud is still the leader in the gaming world, with electricity providers, online education, online healthcare, and PaaS

For the future of cloud computing market, Hua Kun believes that public cloud business has faded,

In addition to infrastructure threshold, UCloud Hua Kun, 5 years has accumulated more than 50000 customers, covering many Internet and traditional industries, have a scale effect in the quantity and quality of customers. Secondly, the UCloud has completed the D round of financing, and enterprises are more than 60% research and development and technical personnel, has a leading position in the capital and the talent level. Again, UCloud launched

In addition, UCloud also vigorously develop overseas services, has built covering the domestic, Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, the world's 21 largest data center, as well as the north, on, wide, deep, Hangzhou and other 11 national service stations below the line.

It is worth mentioning that, UCloud has now completed a single monthly profit of 10 million, this year's goal is to achieve full year profit

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