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iPhone X first few goods: consider your choice again

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The first shipment came

Seeing the official sale from the iPhone X only half a month, and many fruit powder must have been tempted to start buying and buying it. The good news is that the first shipment of the iPhone X has been sent out; the bad news is that the number of these goods really as we expected so much less

According to news from the supply chain, Foxconn has issued the first batch of iPhone X goods, the destination is the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. The problem is that the number of such goods is very small, it is said that only 46,500 devices. Although we are on the iPhone X low production of this matter some psychological preparation, but the actual number in front of the moment, perhaps still think it is less surprising.

Although the recent news that Foxconn has been able to iPhone X production from 100,000 units per week to 400 million units per week, and this is indeed a big step forward, but even so, taking into account the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus did not cause a big sensation, and more people are still waiting for the iPhone X, so it is harder to meet its high demand for three times the yield.

iPhone X low production capacity of the most important factors we already know, that is, Apple has high expectations face ID. More specifically, it is the new machine so-called "original deep camera" system in the dot matrix projector, used to a large number of invisible spot projection in the user's face to draw the three-dimensional spectrum. Well-known Apple analyst Guo Ming also said that the original deep sense of the camera structure "far more complex than the camera with the camera."

So in this distance iPhone X sale there are half a month when the mouth, we may wish to look back, around the iPhone X those things.

Everyone wants iPhone X?

We always say that Apple users are the most sensitive to the product price of consumer groups, iPhone X entry price of up to 8388 yuan, and people are still waiting, can be said to be the best evidence. Because of this, from the beginning of the product before the release of the industry on the iPhone X prospects that are very good.

People's mind is understandable, after all, iPhone from the beginning in the hearts of people positioning, compared to other smart phones has been the level of the super-flagship. So all of Apple's hardcore users, they are far beyond the price of the iPhone is also quite a psychological preparation. Another point is that after the iPhone X released nearly a year before the media reports, consumers have also understood its possible price range.

More importantly, because the iPhone has always been such a position, so people are about to start their own new machine is very high expectations, hope it can bring the latest, best, most advanced experience. For this, fruit powder can accept a higher price, as long as it is good enough.

Apple's current content from the current point of view, iPhone X is no doubt enough good. It has a higher resolution OLED full screen, you can achieve a stable and rapid facial recognition, and ARKit has the best optimization results. Directed at these advances, even if the price is also expensive to pay the reason.

Reality is cruel

So combined with what we said above, iPhone X demand is very large, but the production time and a half can not get up, which led to the result is obvious, it is difficult to buy.

Analysts have now lowered their shipments expectations because of the recent news about iPhone X capacity. By the end of this year, iPhone X shipments are likely to only 30 million to 35 million this. Taking into account the holiday season has always been the peak sales, Apple also hit nearly 80 million sales in the quarterly sales record, which is undoubtedly a shortage of the situation.

So we can imagine the iPhone X how difficult it will be to buy, the industry is expected to most of the order delivery time will be forced to postpone to 2018 years. If coupled with the influence of the cattle party, the problem is bound to be more serious, short-term to choose the real machine, have to face the price was fried up trouble.

Then the apple side of the situation so what will deal with it now? First of all to maximize the output is certain, but this measure will not be effective in the short term, that is to say the next few months we must face the iPhone X want to buy can not buy the problem.

Apple itself is not too much about this, because the price of iPhone X is expensive enough, the demand is high enough to ensure that it can have a high profit. Even if most people can not buy a short time to find the desired model, has been accustomed to Apple's ecological and service users will not just because of this to switch to Andrews camp. Even if it is anxious to change, they after some tangled, the final will certainly choose iPhone 8 or iPhone 7.

So in the final analysis, the choice of iPhone X or not the problem, we have to consider their own.

Viable program

Then the iPhone X after the sale of what can we choose? If you really really want to have an iPhone X, of course, is the first to grab a grab to try, even if the grab is not loss is not? If lucky, the long-awaited new machine as soon as possible to get the hand, of course, is a matter of luck.

Although there are high prices to the cattle party to buy this choice, but taking into account the needs of the iPhone X, the price will be speculation how high can be imagined, so this road can not recommend.

There is also a viable option, of course, is the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Although it has a far less innovation than the iPhone X, but at least A11 bionic chip can not be fake. Which is currently the most powerful chip in the two new machines lower resolution is expected to have better performance performance. In addition, two iPhone 8 on the AR experience also has some optimization.

It is worth mentioning that, iPhone 7's performance is still very strong. Until today, we can say that the iPhone 7 is a good experience, powerful models. With the introduction of the new machine, iPhone 7 price has a corresponding down, which makes it less demanding in the eyes of consumers is very tempting. Market research firm KeyBanc Capital Markets According to a survey in the US operator store, even if the new machine launched, iPhone 7 is still able to ensure that they do not lose even a little better than the demand.

If you think about yourself in fact not in a hurry, then wait a year is also good. All aspects of the news are shown to 2018, and now plagued the iPhone's production capacity can basically be resolved. At that time, I believe that everything will be much more stable than it now

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