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This year installed AMD or Intel? Old players say for you

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First of all, we have to look back on this year AMD and Intel released new situation.

US time on February 21, 2017, AMD officially released the Rui Long AMD Ryzen 7, return to the CPU high-end market.

Rearing Ryzen 7 based on the latest Zen architecture, using 14nm FinFET process, the use of 8-core 16 thread specifications, run sub-chasing Intel i7 6900K.

At 10:00 on March 16, AMD announced the new R & D AMD Ryzen 5 series processors, AMD's Raptor AMD Ryzen 5 series processing all priced at less than 2,000 yuan, the sword that Intel's Core i5 series processors The

July 27, AMD Ryzen3 officially ushered in the third member, for the mainstream and entry-level users Ryzen 3 series, starting two models 1300X, 1200.

AMD part of the new parameters

Los Angeles time on July 30, AMD announced the latest flagship desktop processor AMD Ryzen Threadripper, once again and the old rival Intel Core-X in the high-end fever platform began a new round of positive collision.

At this point, AMD processor layout is complete.

AMD has to release this year, "Rui Long" processor, can be said to play a good counterattack, cost-effective, so that consumers installed in the addition of a new choice.

What is this new product in 2017?

Intel, Intel this year is also a lot of new products.

May 31 Intel released a new generation of high-end processors, new products with up to 18 processing core, mainly for gamers and computer enthusiasts. Intel hopes to strengthen its competition in the high-end PC processor market with new products to face competition from AMD.

Intel part of the new parameters

US time on August 21 Intel officially announced the eighth generation of Core processor (Coffee Lake), which is from the seventh generation of Core processor release just over eight months.

Intel eight generations of new products

Eight generations of Core processors still use 14nm process, but the processor core number has been greatly improved. i3 system 4 core 4 threads, i5 was 6 core 6 threads, i7 upgrade to 6 core 12 threads.

Motherboard and functional aspects of analysis

In the motherboard layout, AMD and Intel are also very similar.

AMD, X370 motherboard AM4 is the high-end models, the function is more complete. Such as PCI-E 3.0, USB 3.1, M.2, DDR4, SLI crossfire and other readily available. To B350 in addition to not support the graphics card crossfire the rest of the function are the same, very high cost. A320 is AM4 entry motherboard, does not support overclocking, reducing the number of USB and PCI-E channel, but still retains the M.2 interface, suitable for entry-level players.

Adaptation thread rips processor X399 motherboard function is more powerful, X399 chipset so that AMD platform for the first time to support four-channel memory. In addition X399 motherboard on the M.2 interface function has been upgraded. NVMe RAID on X399 platform supports array boot function, including RAID 0/1/10 three modes, and can add up to 10 hard disks to the array.

Intel side is more embarrassing, though, 300 series motherboard pin and 200 series motherboard exactly the same, but not compatible with each other. But now the market only Z370 system motherboard, that is, whether you buy i3, i5, i7 can only choose Z370 series motherboard.

Memory Intel once again leading AMD, Core i5 and Core i7 can default support 2666MHz frequency, but the performance is limited.

Can provide the total number of PCIe channel the same, or 24, that is, scalability, Z370 and Z270 is exactly the same, there is no difference.

High-end, and i9 series corresponding to the motherboard is X299 series motherboard, the largest cpu through pcie number 44, less than X399 64. Although the motherboard pch pcie X299 more, is 24 3.0. But this kind of pcie in general, the delay is longer than the cpu, and not all can support all pcie devices.

Finally need to mention a little bit, Intel platform supports Proton memory, AMD motherboard does not support this feature.

Cost - effective analysis

And then analyze the cost of the two. From the above price analysis, AMD is indeed a great advantage. Thread taps are priced at $ 549-999 (approximately 3658-6656). And Intel's Core i9 will be much more expensive, the initial price reached $ 999 (about 6613 yuan).

AMD thread torn off offer

Intel's advantage is to provide i9 have more optional models, including the most high-end models of the number of processing core 18, and Threadripper up to 16 only. In addition, the Intel processor's energy efficiency should be higher.

In terms of critical processor frequency, AMD thread torners offer a higher base frequency, but lost to Core i9 upscale under high load. Of course, i9 and thread tear are not locked, and consumers can overclock.

Intel part of the product offer

Consumer products, AMD Ryzen 1800X priced at 3599 yuan, with the purchase of X370 motherboard package is about 4500 yuan, Intel i7 8700K price of 3999 yuan, with Z370 motherboard purchase package is about 7500 yuan.

Although the i7 8700K only 6 core, but in the actual test, i7 8700K multi-core computing power can draw 8 core 1800X, and in the single-core, needless to say is definitely i7 8700K victory.

Considering, although the Intel performance is stronger, but more money to spend more, in a price, AMD superior.

Do not forget the nuclear factor

We do not forget the nuclear factor when we buy the processor. Modern society to accelerate the pace of life, many users use the computer is nothing more than watching movies, dealing with documents, browse the web and so on. These operations on the performance requirements of the graphics card is not high, no need to configure a separate graphics card.

But AMD's chip is not a large part of the kernel is not equipped with (AMD some models of the processor is equipped with APU, performance is not behind the same level of Intel's nuclear, but Ryzen processor based on the new APU has not yet released) , Including Ryzen7 1700X and Ryzen5 1600X. Need to be equipped with a separate graphics card.

In addition, the above mentioned AMD deal with the high cost, but from the market feedback AMD processor market share is still a small poor. The reason is the consumer's inertia thinking, Ryzen series of processors is released earlier this year. In the past, Intel's chip process, power consumption, performance, stability, better than the same level of AMD chips. So DIY enthusiasts have chosen to use Intel chips, stable and easy to use.

AMD new processor is not enough for a year, it is impossible to say that change is changed, because the mass market AMD processor awareness has not changed.

Finally concluded, like the stability and do not use the graphics card users can consider using the Intel platform; and DIY hardware to understand the students, you can choose a more cost-effective AMD processor. High-end processor, the inexpensive thread ripe is obviously more attractive, the game is strong and weak is not good to say that different games are very different, it is recommended that you have a special concern if the game can view the corresponding test scores , On-demand purchase.

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