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ZTE mobile phone these years: Huawei "wolf" development, and ZTE Gan as "Ruzi cattle"

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The two days of Huawei's new flagship Mate10 release of the year, the global propaganda momentum is fierce, the domestic water workers fans pinch frame is bustling news constantly. One of the enterprising, industry focus of the style. At the same time, people have overlooked a since the birth of Huawei has been entangled in the ever-rival - mhash;

ZTE's smart phone brand Nubia, in fact, just a few days ago, Huawei released its own flagship flagship & mdash; Z17S, and a mid-range product Z17miniS.

Although ZTE Nubia new product withstand the long-term accumulation of the border without a comprehensive screen technology, but not unexpectedly covered by the momentum of Huawei. Even last night ZTE and abroad in the release of a folding dual-screen mobile phone & mdash; ZTE secret Axon M, can only barely catch up with Huawei mobile news layout.

ZTE's mobile phone business also let people see the fog, the development has been 20 years, there are channels, supply chain, technology and other advantages of all-round, but can not help the face of a wall. According to Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi's argument, that is, "Trade and Industry" is not balanced, in the "trade" and "not as."

From 2004 onwards, busy more than ten years to pay off the Hou Hougui, to see the results of this carry the rest of the life of the cow had to officially retired in 2016 before their own hands to pick up successors one by one cut fan.

Wolf and cow

In fact, ZTE has been very good, from 1985 to the present, not only to overcome the domestic complex market environment, but also escaped the 2000,2009 two wave communication industry winter, and now the new 2017 communications industry winter, ZTE also cope Have been at ease.

In the dragon, Datang two peer down the background, ZTE can grow into a 100 billion market value of the international take, how to see is a happy thing.

But everything is afraid of comparison, people than the people of the goods and goods should be thrown. Look at ZTE's old rival Huawei! Advocate the wolf of Huawei's performance year after year, not to mention the old line of communications equipment business, the difference between the two times the amount of volume, and even mobile phone business Huawei has captured the global market share of 11.3%, will soon hang Apple has crushed Samsung. And started earlier ZTE phone? In contrast, feeling ZTE is like a rhythm behind the company.

And today's small business to say that the mobile phone business, ZTE is also a good hand to play badly beaten.

The most intuitive feeling is: the domestic mobile phone ring in the past few years is already a chicken fly dog ​​boiling up, ZTE is superficial a lot of cold, a non-inflow of the product phase. ZTE, but to know the former domestic mobile phone leader! Previously ranked first in the domestic brand position.

And the entire smart phone market compared to the hegemony of China, ZTE this cold has come to the point where he did not hear the window, ZTE executives treat the kind of strolling attitude of the market, do not feel any of them to deal with market competition urgency Feeling, has been uphold the pacing forward.

However, even so, ZTE's global sales have also been stable for several years in the 50 million units up and down (including ZTE, Nubia and the global channel of the mobile phone features mobile phone), attached to the 5-year ranking of the US smart phone sales charts fourth Bit.

So this is also a can not see the Lord. Compared with the kind of big ups and downs with the HTC, the day is also a stable and pragmatic.

But look at ZTE mobile phone in the domestic position, it is really worrying. From 2013 to the present, ZTE mobile phone domestic sales have been stable at about 15 million units, the peak was close to 30 million units. Not as good as now Meizu!

And in 2015 decided to streamline the product line, abandon the low-end market, the rapid decline in sales. ZTE originally learned to build up the Samsung sea machine tactics have also been abandoned, ZTE mobile phone has made great contributions to the Grand S / Memo series of products, said cut to cut, this was ZTE has brought a lot of fans' & rdquo ;. And then in order to implement high-end strategy, ZTE R & D photography technology, no border technology, launched a secret business phone series has not made a big move.

At the same time, in the full implementation of the new plan in 2016, ZTE mobile phone market sales of less than 10 million units. This has been far behind their own Huawei compared to the poor near an order of magnitude.

The entire ZTE is still in 2012,2013 and last year's 2016 suffered a large-scale losses. 2016 Zhongxing 100 billion market value was also the industry joke: in order to farewell founder Hou Guigui and brush out the results.

ZTE this ups and downs of the history of development, directly show the company's passive position in the market. Of course, some people can also be interpreted as: this listed company honest, "Ruzi cattle" culture in-depth bone marrow, will not use a variety of means to whitewash their own performance.

But in any case can not conceal is that ZTE's initiative is not very good.

The golden age of ZTE mobile phone

1998 began to develop and sell own-brand mobile phone ZTE, industry veteran, the main industry engaged in telecommunications equipment technology, mobile terminal as a sideline also experienced the Chinese mobile phone industry so many years of development history. From the PHS to the chord MP3 mobile phone, from the cottage era of a turn to the business machine, the internationalization of the sea, supply chain war, etc., the domestic mobile phone market ups and downs have experienced, and smart phones, Internet phone is only nearly five Years of things.

So many years, the mobile phone industry ups and downs, Amoi wave of sudden appearance, Sony Ericsson Nokia Motorola have exit, regardless of whether ZTE mobile phone manufacturers have done the first Chinese second, ZTE has always been the kind of " Big fortune & rdquo; representative. Can insist for so many years, have to say ZTE is still very capable.

And ZTE can come today, its mobile phone business contributed 2000 global telecommunications winter, ZTE rely on the earliest layout of PHS mobile phone and telecommunications equipment earned pours, the success of the domestic telecom equipment manufacturers in the first half of the body position. But also their own betting CDMA technology missed market opportunities to fill back.

To know the then Datang, because the eyebrows for the gambling WCDMA technology, but also learn to completely bet TD technology, has now become a second-line telecommunications equipment manufacturers. At the same time found the mobile phone market this piece of cake Huawei, to 2004 before the official launch of their own mobile terminal products, and has been taking the ODM foundry way.

Tribute to the sweetness of Zhongxing immediately set up the terminal business, in 2003 when ZTE's mobile phone business sales reached 4.82 billion yuan, when the whole said the PHS business (including telecommunications equipment) reached 12 billion yuan, attached to 3 years ZTE total 50% of revenue. But at that time PHS business has begun to show the decline, the state intends to block the PHS, the major telecom operators have stopped purchasing PHS equipment.

In 2004, ZTE turned to vigorously develop the mobile phone business, inviting the popular Li Lianjie as a mobile phone spokesperson.

Then, the Chinese telecom operators to re-integration, mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, the Big Three situation sit real. ZTE relied on CDMA technology in the first-mover advantage, and rely on CDMA technology started Qualcomm cooperation more closely, relying on Qualcomm's ZTE almost contracted all the telecommunications contract machine.

And now everyone is familiar with Qualcomm, Qualcomm now rely on their own force contracted the entire Android high-end smart phone new technology chip solution research and development. Android phone every year, the new high-end features need Qualcomm's single-handedly support, each mobile phone manufacturers to get. And ZTE as early as ten years ago and Qualcomm has such a core partnership. 2010, ZTE mobile phone design and development capabilities to basically catch up with the international level.

But even if ZTE and Qualcomm have such a close relationship, ZTE phone or not like the outbreak of imagination grow. The reason, or because ZTE is too slow!

2010 ~ 2013, ZTE mobile phone and Huawei mobile phone in the major channels of personal melee, ZTE's blade series entry models with a variety of chaotic models compared to Huawei, obviously in the design work configuration higher than a grade, ZTE Brand image in that period more advantages. ZTE mobile phone in 2014 during the peak period, ZTE mobile phone sales in the world more than 100 million first.

Just want to play tickets ZTE, so that millet snatched the core supply chain

But by the end of 2011, millet channeling out the release of millet 1. ZTE's real rival appeared!

Millet phone and ZTE mobile phone is not in the market channel to produce direct competition, but millet rely on Lei Jun save the founding team, successfully convinced Qualcomm, not only brought high-pass investment, but also from the hands of Qualcomm to the advantages of technical cooperation , Supply chain support. And the original resources in the Chinese market, are ZTE.

The most direct evidence of this problem is: millet phone because of patent issues, has been unable to open up overseas markets, ZTE phone is not affected by what.

Therefore, ZTE will become the first to play the traditional brand of Internet mobile phones. ZTE's Nubia Internet brand, set up by the end of 2012. And Huawei Lenovo also have to wait for the first half or even two years before the reaction came.

But ZTE in the market channel operations, playing the water test the nature of the majority. ZTE bent on asking the channel side to resources, rather than by the professional market operation to attract users, and then form a joint force to open the market. So far ZTE mobile phone is this attitude, ZTE also through capital operation, to protect the channel advantage.

The end of 2015, Suning's Suning Rundong to 1.93 billion yuan investment in ZTE's Nubia, accounting for 33%. ZTE intends to use this way to sell equity, to seize this channel Suning business. But nearly two years of sales situation, mercilessly hit a big mouth ZTE.


ZTE Nubia so dissatisfied, in 2016 during the two eleven, Nubia choose their own new products on Suning competitors & mdash; Jingdong platform exclusive sale. Suning behind Ali directly do not want, and days cat phone head directly on the microblogging named curse Nubia.

The end of July this year, ZTE and the sale of 10.1% stake in Nanchang High-tech New Industry Investment Co., Ltd., this one to beautify this year's ZTE revenue, and second to stabilize the supply chain channels.

In the past Nubia Z17S flagship new conference, Nubia general manager Ni Fei said: Nubia products in the past in the channel control to do unreasonable, online channel release of new products, to the line under the serious impact of freight increases, this year for the This issue specifically launched a line version.

The original toss for 5 years, ZTE mobile phone line on the line under the conflict are not handled well, which would like to do the market?

Executives are fighting, ZTE is not suitable for the consumer market

ZTE mobile phone is now the state is less than enough than the next, the supply chain is strong, holding the global high-quality operators channel. But want to ZTE growth for the international first-line mobile phone manufacturers, has missed many opportunities ZTE told us that this is basically impossible.

Here the reasons for the management, but also the reasons for the company's genes, as well as technology research and development, design services, marketing and marketing aspects of the reasons. But the core reason is because: ZTE is a B2B business company, very valued technical services, channel cooperation, so that he do toC business is really difficult

ZTE is also the case for the past two years, although from 2012 began to shout to win the B2C, but still only one channel, regardless of publicity and marketing. The past two years finally took a good look at the Internet marketing, are also "three days fishing two days drying network" rush, something sprinkled with water.

ZTE is a business service company, so that he had a good R & D technology to win the customer channel is also OK, ZTE simply can not do that kind of "trade and technology" rushing to play, or Hou Guigui do not want to learn Like Liu Chuanzhi, Hou Weigui is not the kind of people who show their limelight. Although ZTE, Lenovo in 2000, the tide of Chinese enterprises, pulled out their first in the field, are also familiar with the market channels around the Chamber of Commerce resources operation. But ZTE did not associate the kind of toC enterprises must have long-term publicity plan.

B2B channel because of the technical development cycle limit, although the money when the silver flower block can not stop, but the market demand for a break, the winter is really tough days. Nearly two years 5G technology development is too slow, even Alcatel-Lucent such big names are quickly merged with the rival Nokia, the industry even betting Nokia when combined with Ericsson. Not to mention the previous two years 3G, 4G standard competition period, dead a number of telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

Core business market so, no wonder ZTE mobile phone so much ups and downs.

And contrast has been doing B2C market Lenovo, has always been a big start, pay attention to the big direction of the layout, up to take the money to smash the acquisition. IBM, Motorola bought to buy. This thing on the ZTE body, the new mobile phone release with a 15s of commercials are not willing to shoot, marketing department is always at the expense of the state, how could play the B2C?

"ZTE's resignation" ZTE, do not come to associate the kind of big hands to do publicity atmosphere. Because ZTE people do not know how to promote a corresponding promotion to bring the reasonable benefits of how much.

Of course, we do not have to expect ZTE can be as small as millet in the low-end products will be able to restore the situation. ZTE this has its own complete supply chain, heavily dependent on the channel of telecom operators brand, if in 2015, 2010 can not be cut in the low-end products in time, this year's end will be the same with Lenovo & mdash; backlog of low-end inventory Resulting in huge losses.

The same is done telecommunications equipment manufacturers, operators channel started Huawei, in the mobile phone business is still a few years later than ZTE, and has been doing OEM ODM business. Have to say in a very long period of time, Huawei's mobile phone design and configuration technology, and so on all aspects, have a few poor level of ZTE. But Huawei's mobile phone business has done up for nearly two years.

The reason is obvious, Huawei is more willing to ZTE than in the B2C market for quick trial and error, input. Huawei is now in the mobile phone products on the advertising investment, can catch up with ZTE mobile phone annual overall revenue.

ZTE internal management at the same time a lot of problems.

Although Hou Guigui in 1992 through the establishment of private companies and the use of cross-holding to avoid the impact of state-owned capital too much impact on the development of the company's problems. This is more foresight than other state-owned enterprises, the solution is also very professional.

But it also took another question: cross-holding private companies in the introduction of a large number of corporate management shareholders, which ZTE executives in the presence of ZTE directors, while dealing with ZTE business, internal interests of great disputes. Each holding a subsidiary of the shares of the company, of course, more like the use of head office resources for their own subsidiaries fishing interests.

Which also seriously drag the ZTE in the technology supply chain on the layout, affecting the development of ZTE mobile phone.

ZTE occurred in 2012 after a serious loss crisis, has been relegated to second-line planning retired Hou Guigui, had to return to the front line. In 2013, ZTE long-term training of young generals Yin Yimin, He Shiyou, Xie Daxiong, all the president-level characters have been resigned from the post, put a director post retirement pension.

Last year in 2016, Hou Hougui completely retired in the key year, ZTE has ushered in a serious loss crisis. Of course, this time the US business sector sanctions reasons. This is a huge blow to ZTE.

So this year, Shi Lirong, Wei Zaisheng, Zhao Xianming a few president-level figures, but also one after another resigned from all positions retirement pension. At this point, the original Hou for your first-hand training of the five Major General, has been fully withdrawn from the ZTE decision-making level. The only He Shiyou now only in the subsidiary Zhongxing health play heat.

In 2012, ZTE's dilemma, ZTE has chosen to abolish a large number of business promotion system, resulting in the subsequent promotion of ZTE products lackluster. 2017 under the new dilemma, ZTE has also carried out a certain size of the layoffs, but with the 2013 people that time compared to layoffs, this time this time cut 3,000 people are not bitter.

A new generation of chairman Yin Yimin, president of Zhao Xianming combination, one is in the ZTE mobile phone business has a contribution, a long-term responsible for ZTE's technology layout research and development, so it looks like the future of the market or a large variable, very worth seeing.

But, ZTE mobile phone can really fly all the way to Huawei as big as it? Can ZTE be able to change fundamentally?

After all, ZTE is out of the name of the moment of hot, good performance when the executives of the care of each, there is a big hole in the hurry to go back to an emergency remedy. Perhaps ZTE is also suitable for wide spread of more fish, willing to cattle for the prudent strategy of it!

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