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NetEase Ding Lei: businessmen are the biggest insult to me

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Ding Lei Du Ding life and death, wealth in the days, the wealth of his no impact in many big brother Ding Lei is probably the most anxious one. You find his photos, we can see almost every one is smiling. In the fierce competition, Netease is definitely not fast, it was also criticized conservative, but it is this leisurely personality, so NetEase unique. Doing something like, standing to earn money, in the business community which can be regarded as a luxury, but he is successful.


1, for the work of interest

I junior high school are very depressed, primary school is also very depressed. My primary school for 5 years for three primary schools, my junior high school on a never admitted to college junior high school, I high school to seize a chance admitted to the provincial key secondary schools.

I was in college in 89 years, was the first 10 classes, only higher than the key points 1 points. In the choice of professional time, I would like to choose a computer professional, I like the computer, in high school when writing games on the Apple computer, I have finished the BASIC language. But my parents say what professional can choose, the computer should not choose, because the computer is harmful to the human body, you sit in front of the computer every day like X-ray. This argument is not unreasonable, because when the computer picture tube radiation is very large, the number of health is affected. So, I filled the Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology of communication professional, was assigned to the school's smallest department & mdash; microwave communication, a department only 30 people.

But I went to the university to feel real freedom and pleasure, I spent two and a half years, three years less than the whole school finished, the last year happy, and I love it to finish it.

I was in 2009 to do NetEase. In 1997, there are several companies with "net" And this network is related to the Internet, not with the LAN! Not selling equipment. But this is my interest, I am willing to use my knowledge, with my time to explore.

Like one thing, be sure to go down, do not trample. Do not force yourself to do something you do not like, when you like to do one thing, you must be willing to do it well, will be drilled into, will become a field of experts.

I have never thought that in the rich list on the row of the first few, I have been doing business, the hope is happy like, do their own want to do things, their work is also very good return. We do the product is also very good, consumers are very happy. I was such a concept.

2, do taste business

Large enterprises will have their own direction of development, but this direction is generally macroscopic, it will not be particularly specific, because the business itself has its own extension, we want them in the general direction to explore the way of self-growth The Netease rarely mention the "strategy", "layout" of the vocabulary, but the outside world can still see that we have a general direction & mdash; & mdash;Do innovation and ingenuity of the product, do meet the needs of users of products.

There are several major needs on the Internet, the highest level is the communication, which is Tencent's site. Netease has a mailbox entrance, it is more low-frequency, more business. The second layer of demand is searchThe The rest of the demand, Jingdong Ye Hao, Ali Ye Hao, are the opportunity to be beyond the.

To say today's electricity business company, I think Jingdong's competitiveness is a word "fast".

"Fast" this thing should have been the logistics company to do, but the logistics company did not do good things to the extreme.China's logistics companies do not hesitate to step forward, their business by others to the extreme. Coupled with the warehouse, financial strength, which makes Jingdong in the field of electricity business is very strong. And Taobao days cat is a supermarket, super shopping mall, each brand in which to open a shop, it can shop rent.

But I also found that electric business people who send fast, many products, but they provide the product itself is not the ultimate.My Internet thinking in the "fast" is not particularly important, excellence, excellent user experience, the two are very important.The core of the electricity business is "business" is not "electricity". "Genes" genes are very important to help users find the right product is the "business" gene.

The user's needs are constantly changing, this change may be the product of their own innovation to cultivate the user's new habits, it may be new technology or new model appears, the user spontaneous new habits. Changes in user needs, are active or passive to enable enterprises to innovate.

A really competitive business is not going to enter the early or late, the key in which it is willing to really change the consumer experience through technology and innovation.You see the apple is not the world's first to do MP3 company, to be honest in fact they did when I was very looked down, because then a group of companies in South Korea have done a long time, but why Apple iPod can still win? Do not forget that he added a communication function on the iPod became the iPhone, then the iPhone has achieved great success. So I am more concerned about is the real experience of consumers is what.

For an enterprise, you can enter a field early or late, but for consumers, he does not care if you enter late or early, and only care about what your consumer experience is.Our advantage lies in understanding the needs of consumers. Our products may not be a lot, but will win the user's favorite.

For example, Netease cloud music this product, we have to seize the user's core needs is what? It is not a traditional player. Use other players, the user said I want to listen to "grandmother's Penghu Bay", and then give him to put. We have to know that this person his taste is to listen to "grandmother's Penghu Bay", then we will taste this line to help him find a similar song. This extends to large data and artificial intelligence, and finally with these techniques to meet. Taste in a particular scene will improve the user pleasure, the product innovation and development is helpful.

One of the most big things for a woman is a dress. You walk in the Chinese road, one hundred people look down I think their clothes with a problem. If a company does not taste, can not make a software can help users improve the level of clothes with. Another example is that we today pig, to build a food brand, if there is no taste, I think can not make good dishes.Have the taste of the enterprise in fact to what direction is a huge impact.

So we are in the follow others things, including fashion media, not Japan and South Korea is Europe and the United States, as an Oriental thousands of years of ancient civilization, we are wearing their own fashion where the positioning? Today, a lot of a little rich people to Huobao bag or Chanel bag proud, and then no matter how long back to the back as long as you feel the identity, it is a lack of aesthetics caused by that we The heart is actually but the virtual, this is my own one that we do not go to explore their own taste?

Traveling around the world, I found a lot of things made in China, the quality is very good, but difficult to find in the Chinese shopping malls. Later, I learned that many Chinese manufacturers do not have retail channels, do not know how to do the brand, so the past few decades are unknown to help foreign brands to do OEM.

I appreciate the spirit of excellence, you never stop knock down it must be OK. "Forrest Gump" You see the movie which mentioned the actor to do a few things look very common, such as running, playing table tennis, for example, to shrimp, for example, to do something else, But the key is that everyone can do the ultimate thing ah! Chinese people rarely say that one thing will do it to the extreme.

So I have to do NetEase strict ideas, the outstanding manufacturing industry to find out, for China's 1.3 billion population consumption upgrade services, to remove the brand premium. Strict selection is also a process, an action.

Our choice is not necessarily on other platforms. This uniqueness is not unique and unique, is unique for consumption upgrades. Our core is the goods, goods first with others not the same, followed by pricing we have to conscience, service to upgrade. We use a higher service standards, such as 30 days worry-free return. The most important thing is no fake.

3,I am a very ideal entrepreneur

Many people will only see some superficial things, how much profit a year, the market value of how much. We see a person's success, not to see him have a Nobel Prize, not to see him interested, climbed over a hill, to overcome the challenge to obtain the achievement, we see is money and money, a standard, A measure of tragedy.

Others think that my money is a businessman, I think this is the biggest insult to me.I am very happy, do not like being called a businessman, because I think I am not a businessman. I will not because of what appears on the market what I do, I still need to meet the needs of consumers to do. I am an entrepreneur, or a very ideal entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs of the three words, not to rely on money to measure, it has a higher value behind the request.Entrepreneurs should not stand at the moral high ground all day long to talk about some concepts and topics, but to change a lot of things through the product.Such as Google, is through search, artificial intelligence algorithms and AlphaGo. Such as Apple, is redefining the communication device. Fortune 500 companies rarely like some of China's entrepreneurial values, but the product is no standard.

I am very depressed, some media always said that the capital operation, I now do not know how the capital operation is one thing. Now many companies addicted to mergers and acquisitions, excessive pursuit of capital is easy to step into the foot, the capital will make people hold a speculative attitude, so I am a financial attitude is to take a far-reaching attitude, Netease in addition to the 2001 acquisition The seven or eight individual team of a game company, did not do other acquisitions.

Netease is a listed company, Wall Street often ask us to estimate future revenue. This led to a lot of people in order to meet the requirements of Wall Street, do some quick success. However, from 2007 onwards, we no longer give investors next quarter's estimates, with their usual heart to move forward, the user's satisfaction in the first place, rather than the income in the first place The

I still want to return to the nature of business, the product is king, integrity-based.

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