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General manager of NetEase Market: build social retail platform "push hands", let good goods find the right people

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Netease kicking the first social retail platform "Netease push hands" and started the product closed beta: any one user, through the "Netease" Netease korea, Push the "public letter" to register as a member, you can a key to share NetEase push hands on the platform of Netease koala and NetEase strict selection of goods and mdash; so get the "hand" and "when the friend click to share Link and through the link after the consumption, the promoter can get the corresponding income reward.

Obviously, Netease push hands want to do is a social retail platform, inviting the most extensive users to share the world a good life & rdquo ;.

With NetEase marketing general manager of Yuan Feoyu words, "hope that through the user's spontaneous social sharing, so that Netease koala, Netease strict selection of hundreds of thousands of goods to be more personalized distribution, and by giving the user to share the corresponding Reward to form a shared interactive loop. & rdquo;

Recently, Yuan Foyyu also mentioned in public occasions, Netease Pushing Hands hope to quality, personalized, high efficiency three levels, to re-establish the social retail industry standards, but also hope that the future of social retail allows users to consume more at ease.

Social retail model is not NetEase original, from the early rugged line of micro-business to today's social power business, based on the Internet and social product form of retail solutions has become a big trend. There are two main characteristics of social sale: to the center, based on personal influence. Therefore, has become more and more small platform to reduce the cost of traffic, mining net inventory of the user value of a shortcut.

Not lack of money is not lack of traffic NetEase, why also fancy "friends circle selling goods" this small business? Why choose this point in time to reach the social power of the Red Sea? In response to the above problems, NetEase market general manager of Yuan Feoyu received an exclusive interview with titanium media.

Social optimization buy decision

With the mobile side of the flow of the entrance, more and more diversified distribution channels, consumer buying behavior, trigger the way to start changing, friends, people, red and even recommended from the media articles, have become the trigger point of commodity transactions, So that any person unlimited scene of the shopping possible.

Through the socialization of the personalized distribution of goods, as Netease optimistic about the new opportunities.

The NetEase business through the past two years of data research found an interesting number: Netease Department of electricity on the platform, there are more than 50% of the sales contribution from the social recommendation.

Netease Marketing, general manager of Netease told Titanium media, and you and your friends often have the same preferences; and you are concerned about a blogger, up to people, in fact, and you have a certain degree of match, because Attention means that you think the information he provides is useful, so this kind of sharing can play a role in the promotion of a certain degree of personalized. & rdquo;


Netease market general manager Yuan Fuyu

With the help of sharing the recommended mechanism, NetEase promoter hopes to do a thing that conforms to the nature of the Internet - mdash; & mdash; efficient distribution of information. Yuan Fuyu that the social network is an important means to solve the current retail efficiency, "users do not have so much time to pick the goods, I think social retail is the ultimate solution, directly to people. & rdquo;

Yuan Buddha also stressed that Netease is not the first attempt Netease social retail sales. At present, NetEase koala and Netease strict selection of the two major products of the total sku hundreds of thousands of as many, NetEase has been exploring, how to mass goods through personalized way out.

Netease has tried inside and outside the business platform community, content, list, fight group, etc., are based on each contact up to trigger the social sharing of power to consider, social retail has always been Netease attaches great importance to the shopping scene. Today, the independent operation of social retail business represents NetEase's new thinking: how to enlarge the social chain of business for the value of the platform?

Of course, before the emergence of social power providers, a group of businessmen with low-cost, ground way to make the contents of the content + electricity business thing & mdash; Based acquaintance network transactions, the formation of the Chinese characteristics of the "hand" culture. On the one hand, acquaintances network channels sink, traffic costs are very low; the other hand, the seller does not hold goods, no inventory pressure. However, parasitic in the social platform of micro-business, but also the existence of the lack of regulation of supply, integrity is not guaranteed and other issues.

And NetEase push hands of the model in fact just to the social retail provides a new possibility. Yuan Fuyu said: "Our model is very simple, first of all we do not have a similar service fee entry threshold, because the threshold of this thing is actually controversial. In addition, we did not give push hands hierarchical, there will be no hoard goods and other issues. We want to do the evergreen things, I hope this project can be healthy from the growth, since the drive. & rdquo;

First of all, Netease push hands in the supply of goods on the protection of the field of social power is difficult to copy the advantages of players. At present, NetEase push hands on the goods are from Netease koala Haixian, Netease strict selection of two major NetEase Department of electricity business. Netease koala sea to the domestic and international reputation is very good commodity-based, and the main local prices of imported goods, has now ranked first in the domestic cross-border electricity; and NetEase carefully through two years of steady progress in the operation, so that " Strict selection "brand in the middle of the consumer has established a good reputation, domestic and international first-line brand manufacturers have become the exclusive advantage of NetEase.

Second, in the after-sales service, unlike a lot of social power to the customer service package to the owner of the practice, Netease push hands of all the service by the platform to complete their own, according to Yuan Fuyu introduction, NetEase push hands behind the Netease business and Netease cloud Of the comprehensive support, service coverage covers the goods warranty, information security, user communication and other aspects.

Yuanfo Yu told reporters, NetEase push hands and Netease koala purchase, NetEase selected three business, in fact, "complement each other": "koala is very clear cross-border electricity business to find overseas good goods for the The main election is Netease's own brand, compared with the koala, the selection of users in the consumer concept or there are some differences. Pushing hands more is the value of the social network that Netease sees as a whole, and seeing some of the behavioral changes in the user above the retail. The future of retail may be to the center, some users may be more dependent on some of her favorite, she followed some of the views of adults or friends to do the choice of goods, rather than fixed on a platform to do the choice, So these three businesses are complementary to each other. & ldquo;

Red Sea competition of two key words: quality and brand

Despite the clear trend, but "push hands" in the social retail market is still a bit late This makes the push hands have to look for differences in the Red Sea.

Yuanfo Yu to NetEase push hands and other similar social business platform, the biggest difference, attributed to the goal-oriented differentiation. The early emergence of social telecom tools, more is regarded as a means of low-cost access to traffic, positioning also favored large-scale low-end users.

And NetEase push hands hope that the crowd, the more focused on the "quality of the product requirements of the user & rdquo ;. Yuan Foyyu told Titanium media reporters, most of the existing social electricity business customers single price is low. "Throughout the field of social retail, our customer unit price should be relatively high. & rdquo;

Netease koala hawk and Netease strict management of the operation of the accumulation of electricity, now has a rich product library and improve the supply chain of goods, in the field of cross-border electricity has occupied the largest share, has also established a strong own Brand Awareness.

Back to the user, word of mouth double harvest Netease electric business, no doubt let Netease push hands in the "Friends of the ring selling goods" this matter more brand appeal, after all, in the circle of friends shopping, the user is most concerned about is the product is not Genuine, whether there is quality assurance. More importantly, the power of these two platforms also allow NetEase push hands relative to other social power providers more bargaining power, and this has become the pursuit of newcomers to Netease push the important chips.

Netease this magical company, in the "back home" on this thing has accumulated a lot of experience, from Netease cloud music to Netease koala, are & ldquo; long and late, and then quietly removed to The forefront of the team. How can these experiences be copied to NetEase push hands themselves?

In Yuan Fuyu view, the core of social retail or by the goods to determine the platform audience and the final reputation, as well as the degree of user and platform bundled, and that is why the development of koala can be so fast, More time to accumulate to a group of very loyal users and fans, these are not determined by your start time, more or by your product quality decision. & rdquo;

In addition to Netease electricity users, Netease Pushing Hands are also looking for social networking with some content ability, product recommendation ability, and the user match the content of high content practitioners, hoping to mobilize their social network, together with NetEase The social retail plate is bigger.

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