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Titanium media exclusive exposure Jia Yueting in the United States "jinchantuoqiao" program: FF sold bankruptcy

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Titanium media note: this disclosure to the titanium media to provide the relevant proof material, by us to many investors to verify, correct, and therefore published.

Jia Yueting in the listed company LETV successor, Liang Jun resigned a few days ago, allegedly by Sun Hongbin

I was a resident of Hongkong investors, as early as July and August of this year, I won the Jia Yueting financing in Hongkong

I took the initiative to find the titanium media to break the news, is the two article published by the titanium media beforeWill music crash like Delong?""LETV fatal transactions crazy life> impressed, it is the earliest and most comprehensive open

Titanium media founder Zhao Hejuan, that is, the author of the above article send my words, let me have a deep resonance:

There is a kind of feeling called greed, but we are deeply infatuated with it.

Eventually, I turned down the financing plan, because it wasn't the product of Jia's mouth

The plan looks perfect. The cheers, feelings of cars in the name of money out. A repairer name, also out. And then, the car was on sale.


FF financing plan introduced

See Sun Hongbin today in order to control the LETV eat a belly scorched by the flames, pretend to regret

In July this year, Jia Yueting resigned from all positions in LETV, Sun Hongbin seems to make the listed company and Jia Yueting cut relations; in the view of Jia Yueting, it is

In the past few months, Jia Yueting has been pretending to show off his FF car on micro-blog.

But what is the real situation? The truth is that..,At that time (July 2017, according to the financing plan, August to the United States Bankruptcy Court for bankruptcy protection)Jia Yueting was going to the United States federal bankruptcy court for bankruptcy FF, out of their own and through the bankruptcy reorganization to sell the company to other investors. The plan is very perfect, foreign.

In fact, this is called Farady Future car companies have been shut down for a long time, no production, do not know the so-called thousands of employees are doing what, where, FF more and more like a shadow, a friend to do the investigation, also oh. And Jia Yueting is trying to find a plan to sell FF cars in disguise. This is a disguised sale plan, in the U.S. bankruptcy court filing of a major debt crisis and cash flow difficulties FF bankruptcy reorganization plan (DIP Financing), is the use of bankruptcy protection Chapter 11 of the most famous, also known as chapter eleventh bankruptcy protection law.

The content of the "bankruptcy law" on the bankruptcy of the company, mainly in the seventh chapter and the eleventh chapter (Chapter 7) (Chapter 11), which is also related to liquidation and reorganization procedures in the seventh chapter, the eleventh chapter is the direct bankruptcy, bankruptcy reorganization.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection is a legal process, the company to the federal bankruptcy court to submit, and reorganized according to the American Bankruptcy Law > eleventh chapter. The program will start a legal mechanism, called

Chapter 11 simple to say, is a kind of allowing the company to bankruptcy can still continue to operate in the state of the bill, while during bankruptcy, the company may not have the right to give priority to the repayment of debt, or a little hard, is that you can not repay the debt, but the company wants to solve the problem of the subsequent development of the company through the completion of the sale of control of financial financing, if able to complete the DIP Financing, perhaps the creditors can turn into shareholders. But if you don't do it, ha ha. The poor or after all is said and done, the creditors door.


Eventually, the creditors suffocated.


FF financing plan, introduced its bankruptcy reorganization plan, raised 150 million U.S. dollars

So, those attracted by FF in China may be involved in the music as the financing of the car investors or buy institutions recommended by the music as early as the car financing program of retail investors, the eyes should see it. Instead of looking for FF's financing plan and realizing his car dream, Jia Yueting is selling bankruptcy plans to protect his money dream.

According to the financing plan, FF is the most important asset of the readme


FF financing plan, introduces the final equity ratio, Jia Yueting cash out

It can be said that not only China Jia Yueting music, also let us FF into a heavily indebted state, at the same time, his own still looks safe, those who belong to his house is still intact.

FF's creditors, of course, did not do it, and also filed a number of lawsuits against the Faraday Future Ltd in the United States, which could be found on the U.S. courts online, including FF's landlord, who sued FF for defaulting on the rent.

Where did Jia Yueting go? I didn't see him in Hongkong. Some of my friends only saw the financing documents. Most of them saw the middleman and didn't see him. The United States, Jia Yueting rarely appeared. Not to mention returning home. Leave the material next time. (exclusive starting titanium media)

Update 1

FF response

In October 27th, media published today's "Jia Jia" in the United States

In this regard, FF sound said, FF has never had any plans related to this content, but not the so-called plan; Jia Yueting is in the United States to go all out to promote FF financing, never consider giving up FF.

The following is a public statement of FF:

Today, the title of titanium media on its website and WeChat public number platform published "Jia Yueting broke the news: in the United States

1, the article content is entirely false, malicious invention, FF never had any plans associated with the content, but no so-called plan; Mr. Jia Yueting is the United States go all out to promote the FF financing, never consider giving up FF. The fabricated and fabricated act is intended to undermine the ongoing A round of FF financing.

2, in view of the titanium media without any verification, to deliberately concocted content to spread the bad behavior, our Ministry of justice has evidence, and will initiate prosecution immediately.

3, at present, FF A round of financing projects to promote the situation is normal, a number of investment institutions and investors are in full swing in communication and promotion. FF is a global Internet Ecosystem electric car company, 3 short years, 1966 has been patented, FF 91 has released the production car, cars become the new forces leader, many industry experts recognition and support.

4, we respect the media's freedom of speech, also sincerely accept public supervision and criticism in good faith, but to distort the facts, deliberately use unscrupulous divisive tactics, slander, destruction of FF financing, damage the company's shareholders and the company's image, we will not tolerate.

Update 2

Titanium media founder Zhao Hejuan circle of friends comments


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