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Hubble telescope slowly fall into the atmosphere, NASA is now powerless

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(Original title: Hubble telescope, can not say goodbye to you)




Figure ① Hubble telescope shot of the butterfly nebula revealed the nebula is not visible in the center of the star dying stars throwing 20,000 degrees Celsius hot gas history.

Figure ② Hubble telescope shot "the pillars of creation" is one of the most iconic images of outer space.

Figure 3 Hubble telescope in the straw hat galaxy found more than 2000 globular clusters, is the number of galaxies globular clusters more than 10 times.

Reporter Zhang Mengran

This is because of its historical status - after the "Hubble" launch, the telescope has the space telescope and the ground telescope of the real distinction; also because of its illustrious meritorious service - the telescope by constantly redefining our universe To change the world.

However, on October 25, a foreign media message said: Hubble telescope seems to be slowly moving towards its established end of life. At present it is heading towards the earth, and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has not proposed effective measures to prevent its orbital attenuation.

Even if the glory of the body, shining, and now "Hubble" old men, whether it is to say goodbye when?

Looking to the distance is looking to history

The telescope to the founder of galactic astronomy, extragalactic astronomy and cosmic expansion of American founder Edwin Harbert named after it was launched in April 1990, has been quietly around the earth in its orbit, received a large number of valuable discoveries. These discoveries changed astronomy textbooks.

It is a no time to the right. This man is the greatest optical observation instrument, worthy of its name.

"Hubble" back to the picture, there was the most clear at the time of the planet, Jupiter and Saturn Aurora, Neptune clouds, Pluto family portrait. Because of the power of Hubble, people began to touch the prehistoric state of the universe, unveil the birth of the galaxy, and then calculate the age of the universe, rewrite the universe expansion theory, the emergence of dark energy, dark matter ... ... now it seems The basis of cosmology.

The "Hubble" technical success lies in the fact that it has achieved any other ground-based telescope has never achieved a revolutionary breakthrough. Its location on the Earth's atmosphere, access to the image will not be affected by the perturbation of atmospheric turbulence, excellent visual acuity and no atmospheric scattering caused by the background light, but also observed by the ozone layer of ultraviolet absorption. Scientists describe space telescopes - "looking to the distance that is looking to history", because of the speed of light, after the ground telescope to see a dark place, "Hubble" has found thousands of galaxies, they exist A moment in the history of the universe.

Hubble "the sword is old"?

When the "Hubble" just heaven, the researchers found that because of a low-level error, it became "myopia": blurred vision, the stars in its eyes is just a spot, which led to "Hubble" soon ushered First maintenance.

Which in the future has become the "Hubble" fate - often hurt into battle. As of the overhaul of 2009, "Hubble" experienced five overhauls in its first 19 years of space, but in addition to normal maintenance, it also updated or added some of the equipment to make it more powerful ability.

Space telescope work for more than 10 years had been "old state" to this year, "Hubble" has been serving 27 years, and now it is gradually losing the original height and speed.

"Hubble" location, about 568 km from the ground, every 97 minutes around the earth running a week. And the Earth is getting closer, it means that it will be more frequent collision with high-altitude gas molecules, the collision of the overall operation of it will only bring some weak impact, but in the accumulation of time, Resulting in irreversible damage, at the same time, "Hubble" decline will be faster and faster.

In the end, "Hubble" will be uncontrolled incarnation of the atmosphere in a fireball, and even can not burn out, debris floating in the earth everywhere.

Wait until the scenery is seen through

For the "Hubble" situation, NASA this time did not give the first time the solution, probably also because there is absolutely no way, in their "giant" rocket - space launch system (SLS) before the launch, Repair or push up the "Hubble" track are difficult to achieve. It is better to pray on the ground "Hubble" can hold on that day.

According to the New Scientist magazine, the "Weber" team members have explained this: the early light-emitting objects in the universe, hundreds of millions of years after the big bang, but because of the expansion of the universe, its wavelength than the "Hubble "Can detect the range. But "Weber" sensitivity is Hubble telescope 100 times, can detect the big bang after 200 million years of the scene, so that we can see the universe from the most primitive materials constitute the sky stars.

The future of the space telescope is still bright. However, given the ultimate requirements of NASA for technology and the fact that it does not match the requirements of the wallet, leading to "Hubble" may usher in the maintenance workers, or destined successor, the launch date has repeatedly delayed, The road is quite rugged.

People are eager to NASA took out the program to retain "Hubble", although it will take quite some time to fall into the atmosphere, but before that, it is likely that all aspects of failure, and love it people broke contact.

Now, people can still go to the NASA official website to visit the "Hubble" after the last overhaul after shooting deep space photos, it is also "Hubble" filmed the most clear cosmic photos. In the picture, the nebula and the stars are almost in front of an "accidental" gesture, and people will instantly understand the charm of the universe - quiet and hustle and bustle, pure and bright, and the calm and strength of the mind.

If this telescope can make their own choice, it should be nostalgic universe do not let go.

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