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Huawei handsets surpass Apple: glory brand made a contribution

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According to market research firm IDC latest third-quarter 2017 global smart phone shipments report shows: Huawei (including glory) shipments of 39.1 million units, higher than the same period last year's 33.7 million, the market share from the same period last year 9.3% to 10.5%.

In the first three quarters of 2017, Huawei + Glory phones sold 112 million units, surpassing Apple and ranking the second in the global handset market. China ranked first with a profit increase of 30%.

As we all know, Huawei formally entered the smart phone market in 2011. In the first few years, performance was not particularly good. Although the market share has been rising continuously, but until 2014, the domestic shipments also fell behind millet.

but,In just two or three years, the situation is already different. According to market research firm IDC in the first three quarters of this year, global shipments of smartphones show that the first, second and third quarter shipments of Huawei (including Glory) were 34.2 million, 39.1 million and 38.5 million respectively, all ranking first in domestic handsets .

Not surprisingly, Huawei shipments this year will exceed the 139.3 million in 2016, continue to hit a new high.

Huawei's analysis of the success of the smart phone market for many reasons, such as smart phones in the strategic opportunities of decisive decision and the key layout, but also for example in the artificial intelligence, chips, dual camera technology, operating system and other core technology research and development of long-term investment And insist on waiting.

In this one, the most can not be ignored, in fact, there are Huawei dual-brand strategy implemented in the smart phone market.

Huawei dual-brand strategic power continues to show

In fact, Huawei's dual-brand strategy should first be conceived between 2012 and 2013. At this stage, millet by virtue of the main cost, go online channels of mobile phone models in the smart phone market turned out to be popular.

However, several smartphones launched by Huawei showed a dull performance, with only Glory 2 and Glory 3C honoring several glory series of handsets, which formed the foundation for the glory brand. Then on December 16, 2013, the glory brand was officially born.

And really began to make Huawei determined to formally establish the dual-brand strategy to develop the smart phone business, it is glory in 2014 and 2015 in online channels continue to conquer the high light performance.

These two years, glory as one of the double brand, sales continued to rise. By December 2014, the first anniversary of the Glory brand, Glory Mobile has sold more than 20 million units and successfully split the world market from the Xiaomi mobile phone market.

In 2015, the trend of glory was even fiercer, with only 20 million shipments in the first half of 2015 alone and more than 40 million shipments in 2015 as a whole. In one fell swoop, Huawei also shipped 106.6 million units in 2015, making Huawei the third-largest global smartphone maker behind Samsung and Apple.

Subsequently, Huawei implemented the dual-brand strategy in the smart phone market more and more resolutely. In 2016, Glory brand became more independent, and official flagship stores were set up separately in e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong and Tmall.

Especially in 2016 double 11, glory shines again. According to Ali's double 11 data, Glory Mobile became the first brand in the Real-Time Record to have a billion won deal and ranked No. 1 in the final trading volume and sales rankings.

Since then, glory phone Yuezhanyueyong.By 2017, glory is officially on the top of Internet handsets, according to the January-September China smart phone market data show that the glory has become China's Internet phone sales, sales double crown.

At the moment, this year's double 11 war has officially opened on November 1. According to Jingdong smart phone brand racing list data show that from November 1 to November 4, glory brand mobile phone sales in the highest number of domestic mobile phone.

This proves that the glory of the industry leader in the Internet handset has been consolidated. And more noteworthy is that Huawei branded mobile phones are also top five, while the sum of Huawei and Glory two brands, in terms of sales and sales, with absolute advantage ahead of all domestic and foreign brands, Huawei smart phones The dual-brand strategic layout of the market more obvious power.

Why Huawei's dual-brand strategy will succeed?

In fact, Huawei is not the only mobile phone manufacturer that implements a dual-brand strategic layout. Traditional manufacturers including Lenovo, ZTE, Meizu and Hammer, as well as Internet handset makers, have been trying their dual-brand strategy in recent years. However, Huawei is the only one that has achieved real success. why? Analysis, there are three important reasons.

First, whether it is Huawei or Glory brands, it only provides users with high-quality mobile phones.

In fact, many manufacturers subjectively divide the brands into high-end and low-end brands when implementing the dual-brand strategy. That is, the high-end brands provide high-end and high-quality products to consumers with more spending power. The low-end brands are less capable Users provide low-cost low-quality products.

As a result, the quality of products in different scales, resulting in a lot of shoddy products available, and then affect the overall corporate brand image.

Huawei is different. Both Huawei P series and Mate series, or glory 8, glory 9, glory V9, glory play series, are known for high quality. Therefore, today, Huawei mobile phone is almost synonymous with high-quality mobile phones made in China.

Glory President Zhao Ming in the first Financial Technology Forum held recently, but also revealed the process of creating high-quality mobile phones and means: "Glory has always stressed that the quality of our self-esteem, we can say that in the mobile phone industry we almost Adhere to the most stringent quality standards. Today's glory and the failure rate of Huawei's handsets are among the lowest in the industry. We have six quality control processes from TR1 & TR6. During the development of mobile phones, every quality control process carries out technical review. Each technology The review points are all departments to focus consultation. Passed or not passed, very strict, incoming above, sampling a group, if you find a fault, this batch of all returned. We enforce our quality control standards in the most stupid, strictest, and rigid ways we use to ensure that consumers receive the best quality handsets. & rdquo;

Second, according to different user development model to divide the boundaries of the brand, truly differentiate.

Many Internet handset manufacturers are just launching different sub-brand mobile phones as a marketing model, rather than really cut in the business, in essence, belong to the original brand of high and low end brand division, in fact, can not be considered a real double Brand operation.

Huawei and Glory really made a difference in their business development model. When attending the Forum on Technology and Innovation held by CBI, Zhao Ming, President of Glory, said:"Huawei is forging the influence of the global high-end market because only high-end mobile phones can represent the brand image of this enterprise, while glory is the brand of Internet mobile phone targeting young people under Huawei's flagship, and its glory is devoted to creating technology for young people Tide goods, the use of the Internet business model to develop business. & rdquo;

In fact, this is one of the reasons why glory can succeed under the dual-brand Huawei strategy.

In fact, as two independent brands, Huawei and Glory actually represent two different modes of developing users. Huawei's mobile phone develops users by vigorously expanding its offline channels and expanding its influence in the traditional way. The glory of mobile phones, through locking the young user groups, launches innovative products, draws on the light asset, high efficiency and application of the Internet business model Internet thinking and consumers to establish deep contact and communication to develop the user.

For example, the same is the construction of offline channels, the glory did not repeat the old road to open up offline channels Huawei, but the layout of the Internet insisted on a unique light mode of Internet features, there is no large-scale construction of offline experience shop, but with all levels Channel cooperation to jointly build the traditional user-valued offline purchase channels. This model ensures that the channels "dexterity" also maintains the "flexibility" of the model.

According to Zhao Ming said:"There are only 34 people in all regions of the country who add up and down the line, but glory is already the fifth brand in the offline market in China. & rdquo;

A hold high strike, a light battle, two brands, keep pace, work together, so as to ensure that Huawei is both Chinese market or in the global market have continued to grow.

Third, Huawei and Glory brands are independent of each other and each other complement each other to jointly expand the basic disk.

Consumers often "happy new anger", especially for consumer goods such as mobile phones, many young users are not only accustomed to not only used to replace the phone, but also in different cell phone brands to switch.

Huawei and glory dual brands, regardless of the choice of Huawei branded mobile phone users, or select the glory of the brand mobile phone, Huawei is ultimately the end user, give users more choice, in fact, is to ensure that Huawei users do not flow, and then continue to form a snowball Effect, and in the process, Huawei brand and glory brand is like driving the carriage of the two rounds, so that Huawei's plate in the smart phone market is growing.

Currently, the Huawei brands are mainly aimed at launching high-end markets and continuing to challenge Samsung and Apple in the international market. The Glory brands are aimed at younger users and provide them with innovative products, excellent services and good experiences. The two complement each other, without disturbing each other, together to ensure that Huawei has penetrated the entire smart phone market.

Smartphone growth continued to slow down, how to deal with glory?

However, although with its dual-brand strategy, Huawei has firmly secured its third place in the world. However, the global smartphone shipments have entered a slow-growth phase as the market becomes more saturated in the last two years.

According to data from the first three quarters of 2017 released by IDC, the total shipments of handset smart phone manufacturers in the world were 347.4 million units, 341.6 million units and 37.31 million units in the first three quarters, up 4.3% and -1.3% 2.7%.

Can see that in 2017 the growth of the smart phone market is still not optimistic, or even worse than 2016. This means that the smart phone market has completely bid farewell to rapid growth, entered the normalization of the slow growth phase.

As with the global slowdown in the smartphone market, growth in the internet handset market has also started to slow down. Especially in the past two years, the gradual disappearance of online bonuses and the sudden rise of offline channels have brought the Internet handset brands to a crossroads.

So, next, glory as the Internet phone brand and how to go?

In fact, for the slowdown in the growth of the smart phone market, glory has long been judged. As early as April 2015, Honor President Zhao Ming put forward the glory to be a stupid bird, to create their own outlet. In April 2016, the president of Glory further put forward: Glory and glory, so no fear of wind stop. So, for this time the slowdown in smartphones and the disappearance of Internet handsets dividends, glory has long been prepared.

In response, Zhao Ming, president of Glory, put forward: from the product quality innovation, user experience focus, to create value for users to speed up Internet handsets. & rdquo;

Length of the scenery should look at the amount, and this is actually Zhao Ming glory as the Internet mobile phone brand, along the way, can continue to be successful experience summary.

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