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Nuts Pro 2 evaluation: 2000 file the most value full screen mobile phone

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Hammer Technology has made a very different full-screen mobile phone in the era of full-screen mobile phones that are approaching zero.


Whether you like it or not, no matter how controversial the concept itself, after entering the second half of 2017, full screen has become the hottest word in the mobile phone market undoubtedly, almost all major mobile phone manufacturers have been or will soon launch their own Full screen mobile phone.

However, on the other hand, if you look closely, you will find that most full-screen mobile phones on the market today are basically "long", except for a few handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + / Note8, iPhone X, Essential Phone and millet MIX 2 All the same.

It is not difficult to understand this matter by itself. The core component of a full screen mobile phone is a screen panel, while the upstream screen factory provides a few samples (the most common is a 6-inch 18: 9 screen), a screen panel packaging process COF) are also similar, in ensuring the handset, self-timer and other experiences, handset manufacturers are also very difficult to make full screen mobile phone made the other way.

This obviously does not apply to Nut Pro 2 just released by Hammer Technology.

5.99 inches 18: 9 full screen

Looks from the screen first.


Nut Pro 2 comes with a piece5.99 inches, aspect ratio of 18: 9 screen, That is, part of the phone manufacturers and the upper reaches of the screen factory used to say that the full screen, a resolution of 2160X1080, ppi 403. Screen material is still LCD, which makes Nano Pro 2 does not exist Penlight subpixel arrangement of OLED panels, in this ppi, the basic particle does not exist the problem.

Display results, the performance of Nuts Pro 2 is no problem, after all, LCD panel technology has been very mature, as long as a little attention to quality control, the product is difficult to pull up the gap.

Compared to the most popular 5.5-inch 16: 9 screen, 6-inch 18: 9 screen width is basically the same, but the vertical more than 240 pixels, mobile phone manufacturers usually approach is by reducing the screen up and down the border (commonly known as " Forehead "and" chin ") to offset the increased length of the 240 pixels.

Therefore, from the phone size, the current market, these 6-inch 18: 9 full-screen mobile phone and the usual 5.5-inch 16: 9 screen phone is not much difference between the overall size of the Nut Pro 2 and the first generation of Nuts Pro Basically, the phone did not get bigger as the screen increased from 5.5 inches to 5.99 inches.

In addition to the screen panel itself, it is worth mentioning that, although the price of the Nut Pro 2 at 2000 yuan grade, but the border width on both sides of the screen (including screen BM area and the physical border) control, Nut Pro 2 to do than A lot of 3000 files or even 4000 full screen mobile phone even better.

The "clean" cell phone "forehead" in history

Enter the era of full-screen mobile phones, as the screen above the "forehead" to receive narrower, while the original handset, sensor, front camera (some phones will add front fill light or front photo) and the other Can not be cut off, resulting in cell phone "forehead" become more crowded.

In this case, more and more mobile phone manufacturers choose to use a black front panel on a full screen mobile phone, less or no white front panel that will make the forehead more cluttered,

But Nut Pro 2 is different.


On the white and red panel nut Pro 2, only a front camera, earpiece, light sensor, and distance sensor can be hidden in the middle of the forehead.

This is not the first time a mainstream cell phone has hidden light and distance sensors. The OPPO R11s, which was released a few days ago, also hides the two sensors, but on the basis of the Nuts Pro 2, Diaphragm handset (not bone conduction or cantilever ceramic) "hidden" in the front panel and the connection box.

This treatment millet MIX 2, Sony Xperia Z3 + and other mobile phones have also used, Nuts Pro 2 to hide a little better, at first glance it seems difficult to note the presence of the handset.

Through the middle of the gold line

Nuts Pro 2 in the middle part of the frame made of aluminum alloy, the surface of the metal blasting process, on both sides of the box on both sides of CNC cut a narrow chamfer, these are nothing special.


The difference is that, Nuts Pro 2 in the middle of the metal box, but also with the CNC cut a small groove (groove is shallow, not easy to come out), the groove surface secondary anodizing, color, Texture and the main frame formed a certain contrast. The gold thread runs through the metal mid-frame, visually cutting the mid-frame into two parts.

Visually, the gold wire throughout the mid-frame helps to make the phone look thinner than the actual thickness (7.4 mm for the Nuts Pro 2).

In addition to this gold line, there is one more noteworthy improvement available in the Nut Pro 2's mid-frame & mdash;

Nut Pro, released six months ago, has a mid-section with no radian, and the entire mid-section is a flat piece of metal. In contrast, the Nuts Pro 2's middle frame looks flat, though the surface actually has a few radians that make the Nut Pro 2 not as easy to stand on the table as the Nut Pro, which of course is a touch of change Better.

Good grip feel a lot

On the previous generation of Nuts Pro, the feel was its most controversial place.

The fact that the hammer describes the nut Pro as "sharp and cogent in the era of sleek," is true in many mobile phones that look "sleek" and Founder's "sharp" nut Pro gives it a very high degree of recognition, though this It also causes the nut Pro to grip poorly.

On the Nuts Pro 2, although its overall profile looks fairly square, Nut Pro 2 does a lot of improvement on the grip.


In addition to the more rounded mid-frame just mentioned, the Nuts Pro 2 has also given up the "Metal Chin" design of the Nuts Pro and reverted to the more common positive and negative sides, and more importantly, the Nuts Pro 2 Both are 2.5D, and the edge feels a lot smoother than the Nano Pro 2D glass.

These changes have greatly improved the feel of nuts Pro 2,Although still not classified as "smooth", the Nuts Pro 2 feels a lot better than the Nuts Pro and does not feel "cutaway".

Post fingerprints hidden in the logo

Yes, the Nut Pro 2 also "had to" use a post-finger print design, as most full screen mobile phones except the iPhone X do. But if you did not watch tonight's press conference, you probably have not found out where the rear fingerprints are.


This is because Nuts Pro 2 "hides" the fingerprints behind the original logo behind the hammer so that the Nuts Pro 2 does not need to add any visual elements on the back cover, adding a back-end fingerprinting .

As for the experience of post-fingerprinting, the Nuts Pro 2 also has not a lot of finicky places, just like almost all of the rear fingerprints except the Samsung Galaxy S8 / Note8.

In addition to the post-fingerprints, the Nut Pro 2 also incorporates facial face recognition based on the front-facing camera.

Nuts Pro 2 face recognition using Kuangsheng technology Face ++ algorithm, the speed and success rate of face recognition, the performance of Nuts Pro 2 are also more ideal, performance and the same Face + + algorithm using millet Note3, vivo X20 Similar mobile phones.

Of course, Face ++ programs, like all Face Recognition functions except Apple Face ID, still do not have the level of security they can pay for, and the use of well-prepared photos can still be cracked (though the process is not trivial) Payment still requires fingerprinting.

However, our point of view is that if you are not accustomed to post fingerprinting, and do not mind a little bit of compromise on the security of the lock screen, Face Pro features such as Nuts Pro 2 that use the Face ++ scheme can replace fingerprinting most of the time Recognized.

Distinctive buttons

The buttons on the phone are what we use countless times each day, but usually do not pay much attention to, but on the Nut Pro 2, the hammer does something different on the keystrokes.


The first is the key design. Nuts Pro 2 made all keys round, with some threads on the metal surface, some with the feel of a circular power button on the Sony Xperia Z (before Z5). In addition, in the middle of each round button of Nut Pro 2, the hammer adds a groove (the volume keys are respectively + - sign), and the inside of the groove undergoes secondary oxidation.

Button style, nuts Pro 2 did not use the previous T series, M series used on both sides of the symmetrical button design, Nut Pro 2 has only a set of volume keys, and the power button are located in the right side of the fuselage.

However, in addition, the left side of the fuselage,Nut Pro 2 also added a dedicated flash memory capsule function keys.


In the first generation of Nuts Pro, the Hammer for the Home button at the bottom of the screen was given the most practical long press feature that could be the most useful on the Home key for smartphones & mdash; To the Nuts Pro 2, this front can press the Home button is gone, the left of the custom buttons is the continuation of flash capsule ideal function of the program.

In addition to the default flash memory capsule, in the system settings, you can give this button to give other functions.

Sony IMX386 sensor, dual photogenic

The first generation of the Nut Pro is Hammer Technology's first mobile phone equipped with dual cameras. However, both the imaging quality, camera experience and blurring ability of this pair of 130 million black and white dual cameras by Nut Pro are only unsatisfactory.

Nuts Pro 2 replaced the Nut Pro black and white dual camera program, the main shot on the good reputation of the Sony IMX386 (12 million pixels, a single pixel 1.25 microns), which is more than 2000 domestic high-end mobile phone in the mirror rate is high A CMOS, the quality of a certain guarantee, aperture of f / 1.8, no optical image stabilization. Deputy photo shoot 500 million pixels, do not participate in imaging, specifically used to make bokeh.


In addition, the Nut Pro 2 camera design is also very interesting, the main photo (slightly protruding body), Deputy photo (not prominent body), fill light (integrated RGBW sensor) are located in the upper left corner of the fuselage, looks very A sense of order.

With regard to the camera performance of the Nut Pro 2, we also needed to spend more time on the experience. In the initial experience, the Nut Pro 2 camera performance is at least a lot better than the first generation of Nut Pro. And with the Snapdragon 660's stronger ISP and arcsoft algorithms, the Nuts Pro 2 is also much faster to synthesize than the Nuts Pro when shooting in full.

In addition, Nut Pro 2's front-facing camera has 16 million pixels and an aperture of f / 2.2. More importantly, Nut Pro 2 finally spent some effort on beauty. Nut Pro 2 uses a beauty algorithm from Momo, claiming to be learning from the millions of beautiful anchors.

Xiaolong 660, the largest 6GB +256 GB storage

On the hardware configuration, Nuts Pro 2 does not have too many unexpected places.

SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, which is currently the most powerful Qualcomm 6-Series SoC, the overall performance of last year's flagship Snapdragon 820/821, but lower power consumption, significantly stronger than the performance of the Nuts Pro Xiaolong 625/626. In daily use, you can actually feel the overall speed of the Nuts Pro 2 has a certain increase compared to the Nuts Pro, and directly supports the King's glory of the high frame rate mode.

On the battery capacity, the Nut Pro 2 is the same as the Nut Pro No. 1, supporting 18W fast charge (QC 3.0) at 3500 mAh. On the Nut Pro 2's battery life, we also need more time to test, taking into account the larger battery capacity and Xiaolong 660 good energy consumption, Nano Pro 2 life should not be worse.


Like most recent cell phones, it does not come with 3.5mm jacks, comes with a USB Type-C to 3.5mm adapter, and you can buy a USB Type-C headset or a Bluetooth headset.

In addition, Nuts Pro also supports Bluetooth 5.0, but some strange is that NFC only 256GB top version only, other versions do not have NFC capabilities.

Smartisan OS 4.1

At the same time that the Nuts Pro 2 was released, the hammer also demonstrated a new version of the Smartisan OS 4.1 operating system with new accessibility modes, the original One Step, Big Bang, Idea Pills, Have been upgraded.

One step upgrade to the 1.6 version, an increase of long press the volume key to quickly exhale, to improve the drag and drop experience (based on the text automatically generate the sidebar), drag the application functions, the Big Bang increased to version 2.2, an increase of voice according to semantics Replace words and other functions to understand, flash capsule was finally upgraded to the official version (has been a beta version), an increase of cloud synchronization, to send contacts and other functions capsule.

It should be noted that the Nuts Pro 2 Smartisan OS 4.1 will be launched December 7 (other phones Smartisan OS will be launched in January 2018), the current Nuts Pro 2 factory equipped with Smartisan OS 4.0.1.

However, although not the latest version of the system, the current Smartisan OS 4.1 still can see two significant changes.


The first is to increase the virtual button on the screen, you can hide or recall the virtual buttons by gestures.

The second is multi-tasking interface. Hammer finally replaced the upper and lower two lines of quaternary grid interface, can be changed into a sliding multi-task card, multi-task above the various shortcut switches, the top is the music control bar, whether it is content richness Or operational efficiency, than the previous Smartisan OS that "abstinence" UI much better.

Storage capacity and selling price

Nuts Pro 2 provides four storage specifications are available, are LPDDR4 + eMMC 5.1, provides a light gold, fine red line, burgundy three colors.


4GB + 32GB version of the price of 1799 yuan, only a fine red line a color, 4GB + 64GB version of the price of 1999 yuan, 6GB +64 GB version of the price of 2299 yuan, the two versions are provided a light gold, red line, burgundy Three kinds of color, 6GB +128 GB version of the price of 2699 yuan, 6GB +256 GB version of the price of 3299 yuan, the two versions have fine red line, burgundy two color.

2000 stalls most worth buying full screen mobile phone

To sum up nuts Pro 2 in one word, the word should be "different."


Hammer Technology has made a very different full-screen mobile phone in the era of full-screen mobile phones that are approaching zero.

From the most "clean" forehead in the history, through the thin lines and unique buttons throughout the middle frame, to a combination of logo and post-op 'obsessive-compulsive disorder' cameras, the Nut Pro 2 has too Many different places. Perhaps more importantly, these differences in Nuts Pro 2 are not meant to be different but all are aesthetically or functionally meaningful differences.

When a such product comes in a well-balanced configuration, great price / performance and the only Smartisan OS, the Nut Pro 2 still has a strong competitive edge in today's highly competitive full-screen handset market. On the $ 2,000 where Nut Pro 2 is, it's probably the most affordable full-screen phone for the current price.


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