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Jen-Hsun Huang: Games, AI and data center business are big business

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Figure 1: At the GPU Technology Conference 2017, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang appeared

Jensen Huang, chief executive of NVIDIA, said his company started investing in AI seven years ago, and its latest AI chip is the result of years of work by thousands of engineers. This, he said, helps companies gain an edge in the AI ​​space, while other competitors are racing to keep up. After the latest earnings conference call, Jennifer Huang interviewed VentureBeat, a technology media, and discussed various issues ranging from driverless car predictions to cryptocurrency mining. The following is an edited interview record:

Figure 2: NVIDIA's Metropolitan Vision

VentureBeat: I think this week the world was crazy because Broadcom was actually bidding for Qualcomm and AMD chiping for Intel, while Raja Koduri, the former graphics executive at AMD, would work for Intel.

Jen-Hsun Huang: Now is a good time to do news, right?

VentureBeat: Yes, but I do not know what it means. Is the world crazy?

Jen-Hsun Huang: I think people must find a new strategy, and I want to continue to work hard to continue doing what we are doing.

VentureBeat: Does this give you a different way to think about your strategy?

Jen-Hsun Huang: No. I think this is a huge loss to AMD. Their future generations of leaders now have a problem. This is the most surprising and public recognition of the importance of GPUs.

Figure 3: If you have a lot of money, you can use "Star Wars" to assemble the computer

VentureBeat: I also want to know if Intel needs cross license from NVIDIA in order to make high-end GPUs. A long time ago, you did have a similar agreement ready.

Jen-Hsun Huang: That was a long time ago, and many new intellectual property rights have emerged. We are really close friends, but we need to cross the bridge when we need to cross the bridge.

VentureBeat: This seems to give people the impression that encryption drives all your success.

Huang Renxun: Obviously they are wrong. As you know, the encryption industry is always in a state of ups and downs. It is small but by no means non-existent. For us, it's small because of the size of our GPU business. The reason it is not "zero" is that new algorithms are constantly emerging. Some algorithms are hard to turn into ASICs (custom chips). Ethereum development is very difficult. Bitcoin is super easy, but if someone designs an ASIC, other cryptocurrencies appear. Anyone who designs an ASIC will monopolize the market while others will use the new currency. But it is still very small for us, perhaps only 70 million US dollars. It's too big for someone else, but it's still very small for us.

Figure 4: NVIDIA's HGX platform

VentureBeat: I heard about the time schedule for your driverless car. Do you think that 3 years can become a reality, why do you think so?

Jen-Hsun Huang: The reason I believe in the future of driverless cars is because I am doing many of these things. Today, 225 projects are using the Drive PX (car supercomputer). There are startups, OEMs, graphics companies. They are making cars, space shuttles, trucks, trucks and pizza delivery systems. Within a few years, in a specific "geofence" area, you will see unmanned services appear. And in three or four years, you will see some places can support driverless. Thinking about this issue, we may not be able to roll out fully automated driving for some time. But we can create great products that support driverless driving in Geofence. Artificial intelligence technology will keep you out of danger. This is why we believe AI cars so much.

VentureBeat: Have you ever foreseen that games will not be the biggest business of NVIDIA?

Jen-Hsun Huang: I feel very contradictory. I believe video games will be the largest sports and entertainment event in the world because video games fit into all sports. Anyone can do anything, virtual reality technology is getting better and better. There are hundreds of millions of gamers today and I believe that number will reach billions. This is a great opportunity. I believe the video game market will continue to grow. I also believe this technology will continue to evolve and improve. On the other hand, our data center business will become even larger. This is the first quarter of our data center business revenue exceeded 500 million US dollars, an increase of 109%. At the same time, I am also optimistic about the future prospects of AI, it also contains great opportunities. I believe everything moving in the future will be automated. Our automated machine strategy is great and it puts us in a much better position. I am very contradictory because we have three opportunities for rapid growth, the game will grow.

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