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Three manufacturers melee "The Escape" games without version can only hope the chicken sigh

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"Daily Economic News" reporter noticed that Tencent, Netease, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have entered the "chicken", at least the development of 5 mobile games products.

However, the regulatory attitude has given game makers poured a pot of cold water. On October 27, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Publications and General Administration clearly held a negative attitude toward the large-scale fighting and killing games that encouraged the killing and the manufacturers would have difficulty obtaining the permission to issue and operate the publishing operation. The industry believes that the future can get the game version will become one of the key factors in the manufacturers competition. In addition to regulatory pressure, the market for "eating chicken" hand tour also faces the same homogenization, poor user experience and other issues.

Tencent, Netease, millet kill three countries

"Jedi survival" is a tour work, but also a rare phenomenon in recent years, the explosion-level terminal tour masterpiece. "Daily Economic News" reporter had a rough statistics, "Jedi survival" global game sales revenue equivalent to more than 2.5 billion yuan, of which users in China only spent 6.7 billion yuan to buy games.

As "Jedi survival" and no national dress version, the low level of technology to bring the plug-in flooding plus a minimum price of 98 yuan for many domestic hope that "chicken" players and insulated. Succeed in gold, the gap in the domestic market, so that the sense of smell of the game makers found a rich ore.

Obviously all players are impatient. In September, Unreal Engineer Epic added "Eat Chicken" to its FPS game "Night of the Fort", with 10 million players in two weeks.

Tencent, Netease, millet have entered the "eat chicken", introduced the masters game products. "Millet shootout" has started Android single-row closed beta on October 18, closed beta 11 days, the highest single-day active users reached 1 million. Netease produced the "wilderness action" Android version began in October 31 not limited number test, another Netease works "Terminator 2: trial day" on November 4 landing platform, booking more than 3 million. The new hot mobile games boost the capital market, November 6 NetEase share price rose once reached 10.46%, the total market value exceeded 40 billion US dollars.

Tencent launched the "glorious mission" and "desert island CF Training" two "chicken" hand tour, "glorious mission" officially opened on November 8 does not delete files appointment. Reporters noted that the beginning of the "glorious mission," the promotional site is very straightforward: chiji.qq.com, formally changed into grsm on the line. qq.com. As of press time, "glorious mission" of the appointment number has more than 4.1 million, the name of "the first airborne competitive open hand tour" under the banner of "Island Island Training", booking more than 10 million.

A hand travel developer told reporters that from Tencent, Netease this big action point of view, the most obvious is the domestic manufacturers hand travel market, the entire market more plates, more users. In an interview with the "Daily Economic News" reporter, the person in charge of mutual entertainment of millet said in an interview that "chicken eating" is likely to usher in a big outbreak. The concept of game design behind the "chicken eating" model may become the major future One of the development direction. "Shooting games have not had a major evolution for many years, and eating chickens happens to represent a decade of evolution."

Analysys Games game analyst Dong Zhen believes that because of bad travel qualifications, trial is not easy, so the game makers have set their sights on eating chicken tour, taking advantage of regulation has not yet reached the blank period of hand travel, have entered "Pits".

Regulatory sword hanging up

Game manufacturers fanfare "eating chicken" at the same time, supervision of the sword of Damocles also hang over his head.

On October 27, the Games Working Committee released the article entitled "Basic Attitudes Towards Business Escape of General Games Administration of Gaming Class", stating that the competent authorities of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Broadcasting and Television, have noticed that "Jedi survival: "Game, for the" Battle Royale "such as to encourage killing, especially to kill other gamers play a role as a means to achieve the ultimate goal of the game, the Administration clearly hold a negative attitude, will be difficult to obtain a publishing license. Game Industry Committee suggested that domestic game companies should not arrange research and development, the introduction of such games, gaming, live and other platforms should not provide such games promotional, promotion and other services.

Reporters noted that after a variety of signals that Tencent will become "Jedi survival" of the national service agency, but Tencent officials have no positive response. Insiders said that "Jedi survival" is still in trial, it is an unknown whether it can smoothly enter China.

Zhang Shule, a critic of the game, told the Daily Economic News reporter that the values ​​of the Great Escape Game were mainly affected by the movie "Escape" and that the unprincipled killings and the various manifestations of the dark side of the human being made the entire values ​​appear Dark out and twisted. Zhang believes that "chicken" game and the previous FPS game, the biggest difference is that there is only one living, if not included in the value of such a big escape, such as the principle of killing, and not much influence.

Regulatory wind direction has been captured by manufacturers. Reporter noted that in the domestic game makers recently released "eat chicken" type of mobile games, "The Escape" concept was abandoned to airborne competitive, competitive shooting and other terms replaced. In the interview, manufacturers are also reluctant to talk about regulation, saying only that the game will be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the launch.

Edition into a new tour "Paul fortune symbol"

November 12, Netease announced that as the current test size has reached expectations, "Wilderness Action" will stop on November 13 to newly registered users of test eligibility. Insiders told the "Daily Economic News" correspondent, "Wilderness" move may be because the game version did not apply. This reporter to verify Netease, but did not get a reply.

Netease announcement seems to reveal some information, which said, "During the beta received a lot of players as well as the higher authorities for the game's advice and feedback. Is in full swing product modifications and iterations, and strive to serve as a game user as soon as possible Full of positive energy and high-quality gaming products with the right values. "

Cheetah Big Data analyst tube Murray said in an interview, some games through the existing product to join the escape mode, to avoid re-apply for version. Reporters noted that the State Administration of Press, Publication, Administration of Radio Positions, Millet said on November 2, "Millet shootout" has been August 28 this year, won the game version.

Insiders said that with the various players began on-line independent "eat chicken" game, the game version of the application has become a key link. Only get the game version of this "pass", the game can be on-line operations, charging users. According to the "Notice on the Management of Mobile Games Publishing Service" issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, since July 1, 2016, mobile games that have not been approved by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television shall not be published or operated online. At that time, Taken as a sign of tightening regulation of mobile games.

Guan Mufei that hand travel "eating chicken" will be stifled, and now it is not easy to say, but the policy provisions may make the prospects for such mobile games are uncertain, "eat chicken hand tour in the country Development, the game makers need to be cautious, step by step wrong, may face the risk of punishment or even shelves. "

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