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IBM launched the first font, and wanted to use it to express the relationship between people and machines

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In Tesla's official website, there is such a word: Tesla in production price close to the people in the car at the same time, more and more people will continue to produce the price close to the people and to accept the final products, accelerate the production of clean energy and clean transportation.

If it wants to achieve clean transportation, Tesla will not be limited in the scope of business of civil electric car, commercial vehicle is also functional Tesla wants to get involved in the field, and also to Tesla revolution field.

There is news that Tesla plans to release electric trucks at the end of October before, but due to hurricane hit Puerto Rico for disaster relief, Tesla need to build solar power generation and storage facilities, wasted some time.

A few days ago, Tesla sent mail invitations to the media, confirmed that Tesla will release electric semi trailer in November 16th. In the invitation, Tesla released electric truck silhouette, twitter kuangmo musk also sent a tweet, said electric semitrailer truck will launch live on Thursday night at 8:00 (Beijing time Friday at 12:00), and this conference can let an eye opener.

Tesla electric truck bounced several times, finally officially unveiled.


About 6 months ago, Elon Musk went to the 2018 TED conference, said at the conference many looks quite sci-fi future imagination, also talked about the plan of electric truck.

Driving Tesla heavy truck is what kind of experience? Elon Musk Like a sports vehicle.: the answer is (like a sports car) by Tesla Semi, we want to prove that the electric truck will be rolling on the market in terms of performance of internal combustion engine of heavy truck.

Model S and Model X in the civilian market like this, Tesla has already proved that pure electric vehicles in some performance parameters is much stronger than fuel vehicles, and electric vehicles in daily life, also can become a good choice overall experience. In the field of truck, Tesla will do, is not only pure electric trucks can be rolled in heavy truck engine performance, and also prove that currently in the civilian car can only provide driving auxiliary autopilot, change the trucking industry strength.

The performance of the swing no suspense, but the balance of performance, battery life and charging is a big problem

Electric truck, is a lot of manufacturers are staring at a piece of fat. In Germany last year, the Hannover auto show, the world's second largest carmaker Daimler to showcase all electric truck Urban eTruck, a charge can travel up to 124 miles (about 199.6 km), before Volvo, Yi Weike, Scania also released a pure electric truck.


Because the domestic heavy truck behind foreign countries hope Chinese car electric car then turn to overtake, so in support of policy, pure electric truck Futian, BYD, JAC do oneself in.

Energy saving and environmental protection and excellent performance, is the biggest advantage of electric trucks, but in the present stage, the problems faced by the electric truck is also very obvious, high cost, short battery life, slow charging are electric trucks are facing in the current technical issues.

We all know that on Model S / X / 3, Tesla chose to lay the battery pack on the chassis of the vehicle because the battery is heavy. The advantage of this design is to save as much space as possible, Also through the battery, solidified the center of gravity of the vehicle. Plugging more batteries into the truck does not seem like a hard nut for an electric-only truck, but the amount of battery is not exactly proportional to the amount of battery life it takes.

For pure electric vehicles, at the same speed level, the lighter the weight of the vehicle, the more mileage. To increase the overall capacity of the battery to improve battery life, but will also increase the overall weight of the vehicle, that is to say, when the body cell increased, vehicle weight will be more, per unit cell can improve the vehicle battery life will be less.


On the other hand, the motor output torque with the battery to the current is proportional to the torque output, if large enough, the current need for greater power, the battery will be faster. Heavy truck power is larger, should be equipped with a larger battery pack of electric vehicle, this burden is to increase the car itself, but will lead to the high cost of pure electric truck.

The advantage of Tesla battery management technology, and the field of new energy vehicles practitioners talked, he said the Tesla battery management system is the absolute leader, not less than five domestic manufacturers have removed Tesla car to imitation, but did not learn the essence of battery management technology.

Battery management technology to do good, the vehicle battery life will be higher, which will affect the whole life, this is the Tesla electric trucks in the performance of the core advantage.

According to Tesla launched the product tonality, although the product release and sale time delay is common, but Elon Musk of the product requirements is very high. At present people for electric vehicle anxiety mainly in life, Elon Musk is likely to be the pure electric semitrailer truck that pure electric vehicles can be fully beyond the internal combustion engine heavy truck, the way of the future, and in addition to the basic performance of Tesla to lead long haul transportation revolution, the key lies in its own self driving technology.

The revolution of long distance transportation led by automatic driving

According to data from the American Trucking Association, there were 47 thousand and 500 truck drivers in the United States last year.

According to this trend, as of 2024, this figure will be as high as 175 thousand, while looking around the world, the truck driver occupation is gradually showing a gap.


The relationship between supply and demand is there, and the truck driver's gap means that the cost of human resources is huge from the point of view of the trucking company.

You need to use the automatic driving to help even replace human drivers this time.

From the current level of technology, to realize city environment complex sections of the autopilot is quite difficult, because of the need of vehicle complex surrounding environment, and adjusted according to the change of road condition driving strategy to control the vehicle.

But the automatic driving to long-distance transportation of the scene, it becomes much easier.


The truck in the long-distance transportation time needs to face the road conditions than city road is much simpler, the on-board computer data processing pressure will be much smaller, easier to achieve automatic driving. The vehicle need to do on the highway, basically two things: 1. according to the established design a good route with the road running 2. vehicles and the distance sensors to scan the environment, avoid accidents.

There is no doubt on the highway automatic driving will greatly reduce the control demand of human driver, human drivers need to take over the driving time shorter, in the automatic control machine, automatic driving electric truck is possible to run for a long time, also do not need to be like a human driver for a period of time as a car need a rest, the efficiency and speed of long-distance transportation has been greatly enhanced.

In addition, there have been rumors that, in addition to the high level of semi-automatic driving function, Tesla heavy truck also increased

It will be a revolution in the long haul transportation of trucks. The role of human drivers will be diluted, cargo transportation company will be able to use a lower cost faster, rely on autopilot security assistant to Tesla, appeared in long-distance transportation will be further reduced the probability of the accident.

# Model 3 production is laborious, electric truck?

Pure electric truck is not a revolutionary thing, but with the automatic driving function, long life, fast charging electric trucks or can change electric, will lead the long-distance transportation revolution.


The future is particularly good, but Tesla is still facing the skinny reality, along with the new car production problem has always been from the first car Tesla's large sales models Model S production.

Model 3 production ramp encountered some problems, then what about electric trucks?. Musk's answer is that electric trucks and Model 3 will share a lot of parts, so to some extent solve the problem of mass production of electric trucks, according to a previous message, electric trucks will officially began production in 2019.

Some of the details of the first electric truck not nonsense, with the end of the conference interpretation to do.

See you on Friday。

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