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Nine anecdotes revealed Amazon CEO Bezos extremely strong side

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Amazon cruel corporate culture has long been no secret.

If Brad Stone's report, "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazo," and the New York Times, is published in 2015 Right Amazon article, yes, the root of this corporate culture is actually its founder and CEO Jeff - Bezos.

The tech coffee maker is famed for having compared the company acquired by Amazon to something he does not know about octopus, and does not allow employees to use Powerpoint slides during a meeting.

Here are a few anecdotes fully demonstrated Bezos aggressive side.

1. Bezos's infamous staff's lengthy story.


When Amazon employees mess things up, Bezos never mouth mercilessly. In his report, "The Grocery Store: Jeff Bezos and The Amazon," Brad Stone outlines Bezos's cynicism often used to mock employees:

"Sorry, did I eat the wrong medicine today? & rdquo;

"In the end you are lazy or incompetent? & rdquo;

"I'm going to let you be in charge of a world-class business, and as a result, you've disappointed me again." & rdquo;

& ldquo; If I heard that idea again, I just suicide got. & rdquo;

"Why do you want to ruin my life ah? & rdquo;

2. It is hard for employees to please him while reporting their work, but it is easy to enrage him.


Bezos was a harsh critic when reporting to staff.

In 2011, a former Amazon employee, programmer Steve Yegge, described his encounter with the Amazon. In particular, he mentioned a report to the CEO Bezos. He said reporting on the Amazon "is like being in a fighting movie": "Reporting to Bezos is a harsh test, and the end result is often the person reporting to work who returns to his own cave, alone Lick their wounds, do not want to see light for some time. & rdquo;

Ye Ge said Bezos finally said he really liked his report, which made my colleagues all surprised. "A vice president told me privately," Reporting to Bezos never works so well for you. "he wrote.

However, you should never think about using Powerpoint slides to capture Bezos's goodwill.

An email from Amazon CEO Bezos was exposed. The email accused Powerpoint of encouraging people to "beautify their views, stifle key points and ignore the inner links of thought." Obviously, the use of Powerpoint is forbidden in the Amazon campus.

3. Bezos canceled the Amazon traffic subsidy because he did not want employees to leave the office.


In his "Grocery: Jeff Bezos and Amazon Era" report, Stone wrote that in the early days of Amazon, Bezos refused to provide city bus tickets to employees because "he did not want to give them any Reasons to rush out of the office to catch the last bus on the day & rdquo ;.

4. He told applicants in 1997 that "working here is not easy."


Early in the Amazon's evolution, Bezos often told frankly those who came to see a job: The working environment here is tense.

The New York Times published a letter that Bezos gave out to shareholders in 1997. In the letter, Bezos said he told all job seekers "It's not easy to work here." You may be able to work long hours, work hard or work smartly, but in the Amazon, You can not do just two of them. & rdquo;

5. Bezos Encourage Amazon "Like leopards chase sick antelope" Get the publisher.


Amazon has been heavily criticized over the years because it treats other companies as always a predator.

At a meeting, Bezos had suggested that in negotiations with publishers, "Amazon should be like the leopards chase gazelle like to get these small publishers. & rdquo;

Bezos had secretly formed a technical team, let them attack each other, and made everyone feel at ease.


Former senior program developer David Loftesness told the New York Times that for years he had been working hard to improve the search capabilities of the Amazon Web site until he discovered CEO Bezos approved the A secret competition team developing alternative technologies. "Finally, he left the company in disappointment.

7. He compared Amazon-acquired companies to exotic octopus delicacies.


After Woot was acquired by Amazon, Woot founder Matt Rutledge sat down with Bezos for breakfast. Bezos ordered potatoes, bacon, green garlic yogurt and eggs, and octopus.

"When I look at the menu, octopus is a dish I do not understand, a dish I've never eaten. "Bezos said," So I have to eat octopus. Your company is this octopus. & rdquo;

Bezos hired top industry experts but completely ignored their advice.


Jaeger writes that Bezos is "the infamous micro-manager". He had dug computer scientist Larry Tesler from Apple, and finally drove him off.

Jaeger said Bezos never cooperated with Tessler and "completely ignored all the suggestions made by Tessler in three years."

9. Bezos lets Amazon employees redesign the entire service interface system and leave without a threat.


Yaeger gave the CEO a nickname: "Terrible Pirate Bezos." Because he released a "stunned" instruction in 2002 that required all teams to display their data through an externally-available service interface.

Moreover, he also stressed that those who disobey the command will be expelled.

However, Yeager said the directive eventually came into force, helping to transform the retail giant.

"He has not been concerned with the well-being of employees before and now, with no interest in the technologies they use, nor in how they do things unless they screw things up." "But Bezos realized long ago that most Amazon employees needed to be a platform for Amazon. & rdquo;

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