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Buy second-hand online shopping not met Yuantong Yuantong express collection receiver lost

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Online shopping used iPhone encounter goods not on the board Express payment and the seller lost contact to whom the claim

Yuantong said the sender showed courier may be due to quick operation of outlets, will actively assist buyers rights

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily


Buyer Mr. Ma Yuantong customer service query to the sender for "Li Chong-jie".


Yuantong customer service to Miss Ding said the sender left the phone is not real.


Miss Ding said that the face shows a single sender's name and customer search service is inconsistent. Survey respondents

Southern investigation

Recently, more than a dozen users complained that they inadvertently deceived on the Internet, bought a bad second-hand mobile phone, the seller no news, but the user query log records found that the sender is a Yuantong outlets in Shenzhen courier. Yuantong explained that the sender showed courier may be caused by the shortcut operation, Yuantong internal system actually leave the true sender information, are willing to help clients safeguard their rights. Stakeholders reminded the second-hand market quite a mixed bag, "Routings" all over, buyers, sellers must be careful and avoid being taken.

Complaints: Buy second-hand mobile phone suspected fraud

September 3 this year, Mr. Ma, Wuhan, Hubei fancy a second hand Apple SE mobile phone, the seller is located in Shenzhen, Yuantong Express requires the collection of payment. Mr. Ma said that after receiving the phone at first glance no problem, but later found himself testing software testing found that the phone is not the real SE models, but the Japanese version of iPhone5 refurbished, I am afraid that is being fooled by the seller. Ding, Anhui Bozhou also encountered almost the same situation. "I got the after-sale inspection, that is 6 6s. "She also said that the phone will not be able to use the hair from their own use," I am a telecom card, the phone can not use the telecom card ", which is also advertised by the seller," San Netcom "inconsistent.

Both told reporters that at this time they have been unable to contact the seller. Since then, both of them have through the tact query logistics records Yuntai WeChat, hoping to get some information about the sender, and the two of the query results are displayed, the sender for the "Li Chuangjie" address in Futian District, Shenzhen Fu Ning Street No. 72-4, contact information is 13800000000,0755-83980000 two numbers.

Mr. Ma told reporters that he had been asked to know through multiple parties, the sender "Li Chong-jie" Shenzhen Yuantong courier staff point of delivery is also a Shenzhen Yuantong outlets. Reporter try to dial two numbers, cell phone number is empty, no one answered the fixed-line. In this regard, Mr. Ma and other buyers hope Yuantong give explanations, and provide accurate sender information.

In response, Gong Bao, a lawyer at Baoyuan Law Firm in Guangdong, believes that the "seller" of the incident took advantage of the courier company as a payee, making it more invisible to gain illegitimate profits.

Yuantong: will provide accurate seller information

Southern reporter once came to the above address Futian District 72-4 Fu Ning Street view, here is indeed a tact express outlets; then the reporter also contacted the involved courier Li Chuang-jie, he said, why it will be recorded as a sender, Nor is it clear to me that work has also been affected once. "Every few days every day someone called to find me, I do not know what happened. & rdquo; He said that if customers want to find the true sender information, it is recommended to call Yuantong company asked.

In response to the complaint, the company recently said Yuantong, "Lee Chuang-chieh" indeed Yuantong joined the company courier, but there is no fraud customer property situation.

A Yuantong relevant responsible person explained to reporters, in fact, when the delivery network in a large volume of the goods, may be a few batches of goods recorded in the uniform under the name of the member, this can save shipment lead time, thereby enhancing efficiency . Therefore, the courier may appear as the sender in the face sheet and the partial inquiry record, but the true sender information remains in the tact internal system. The relevant responsible person said that the high degree of confidentiality of this internal information, tact access Weichai customer service also do not have permission to view, so there will be "courier sent" records.

As for the complaints and claims filed by the parties, Yuantong said that it will respond positively to the demands of users, contact the complainant separately, provide accurate seller information and facilitate proper resolution of the incident.

Internal rectification and maintenance of operating practices

Yuantong official also told reporters that the company as a carrier also has its own difficulties in the seller using express receipts, and then lost the case, the courier side is also a victim. As Yuantong customer service can not give the original complainant buyers accurate sender information, tact said that in recent years the protection of personal information is highly valued, tact can not rush to rush the personal information of the user is provided to the inquirer. For the inconvenience to users due to the huge amount of daily express mail, Yuantong apologizes for the relevant person in charge and hopes to gain user's understanding. It said the company will conduct an analysis of such cases and make warnings on consumer warnings, and in the future will carry out a unified internal rectification and reform to maintain the standardization of express mail operations.

It is true that the subject of fraud in this incident is clearly "seller". According to reporter learned from different buyers, sellers in the use of second-hand deals to achieve the purpose, the choice of delivery is not a single, mostly "as long as the collection of funds can be" rdquo ;. This reflects the situation of netizens, some people said the phone is delivered by other home delivery, the plot is similar. It is understood that this phenomenon is more common in second-hand online transactions, mainly goods wrong board.


Trading platform: users can promptly report bad sellers

Internet shopping is not right board, the trading platform connecting buyers and sellers hard to stay out. Gong Kai, a lawyer at Baoyuan Law Firm in Guangdong, said that in such online shopping disputes, the second-hand trading platforms to which the sellers belong also have certain responsibilities.

A real-world review of the parties, especially the sellers, is crucial to the security of the transaction. South correspondents on the matter linked to the rotating platform, turn around the introduction, the user access level, turn the platform is WeChat as the only login interface to social status, social relations to determine the user's personal status. On the platform of bad sellers, the judgment and treatment of non-compliant merchandise, turn around, the platform access sesame credits at the system level, relying on WeChat analysis of the user to exclude bad sellers, and through the background of the rules of conduct algorithms, the use of data model Analyze whether users have bad behavior on the platform. In addition, the platform of artificial customer service will be yellow, gambling, drug, fear, violence and other goods and user behavior regulatory review, and provide users with channels for reporting bad sellers.

Turn the platform that for the platform users, it is recommended that you check the official check machine option when buying a cell phone, cell phone can be certified by the platform partner quality control checks.


Second-hand deal "Routine" deep

Polishing eyes anti-fall fraud

However, second-hand trading fraud is not limited to online shopping, there are a lot of "routine" is carried out through face-to-face transactions. Precisely because there is a certain review of second-hand trading platform, reporting mechanism, bad sellers often choose to bypass the trading platform and third-party payment systems, choose and buyers "single-line contact", or meet cash transactions.

Trade in digital products should be more cautious

According to media reports in recent years and users to share experiences, especially in the case of transactions involving high-end digital products such as mobile phones, hard drives, cameras, computers, the means of second-hand trading scams really make people an eye-opener. "Duan bit" lower liar, may require the night outside trading, shoddy, with real ones. Someone once used a cell phone model to impersonate a real cell phone, and buyers were hard to see under the darkness. After dawn, they found themselves deceived. Some "routines" have some "technical content", as in this case, the old version of the phone was refurbished into a fashionable model, even if the buyer face to face inspection, I am afraid it is difficult to find without the support of professional software.

In the End of the World community, there are users posted their own purchase of mobile phones, computer hard drive cheated painful experience, homeopathy summed up several major features of second-hand deal fraud, including " , "Rush time, hurriedly ask for the transaction", "Constantly emphasize that their products are the Bank of China in the warranty or Hong Kong line warranty", "claiming to be completely ignorant of the product" and so on. Some netizens sighed Road, an endless stream of routines, many times after their own, has been frustrated in the second-hand market Amoy.

Communication, payment do not leave the platform

In addition, the case of buyers to seduce sellers is not uncommon, and even a liar at the same time posing as buyers and sellers. According to the relevant media disclosed that there is a liar to see other users release idle items after the sale of information, they will establish a "shadow account", and use the same avatars and sellers, username, and then the contents of the seller completely copied and re-released To "shadow account" on. At this point, if a buyer is interested in liar "shadow product", asking for information, liar and then create a similar buyer and "shadow account", use this account to communicate with the real seller. In this way, the liar can eventually be the real seller, the buyer about to offline transactions. The two sides met after confirmation, buyers play money on the spot, but the money imported but it is a liar "shadow seller" account, and the real seller delayed receipt of money, the two sides found on the trap.

For many cases in recent years, police around the world have repeatedly reminded: Participate in second-hand transactions, we should try not to leave the trading platform communication, payment channels, vigilance on the transaction side proposed "WeChat" and the other to establish contact requirements. If you choose to meet the transaction, the goods do not pay before the arrival of the purchase price, careful attention to the hands after the inspection, found guilty of timely warning to the police.

Written: Southern Reporter Shao Feng

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