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Interview with Lin Bin: Secret Miracle House behind the new retail story

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Phoenix Technology / Liu Zhengwei

In his letter, he said: "Xiaomi has a team that can win the war. With their tenacious fighting spirit and superb execution power, they not only defend Xiaomi's reputation as the king of handset e-commerce, but also create new retail stores Leaping miraculous development! "LEI Jun mentioned the new retail miracle, behind the manipulator is millet co-founder and president Lin Bin.

Note: in November 16th 2017, ifeng.com technology summit will be held in Beijing. The theme of the summit is "a new journey, and ingenuity" -- the entire Internet industry has spread from more than two years of winter capital gradually recovering large companies to accelerate the transformation, the unicorn have kept cropping up new opportunities emerge in an endless stream, and the technology industry is embarked on a new journey; at the same time, the Internet and traditional industries to accelerate integration of business carefully, return to nature, pay attention to the entrepreneur and look for the "artistic spirit". On the eve of the summit, we interviewed a representative of many Internet entrepreneurs, with imagination and best minds the future. This is the eighth period, Phoenix exclusive dialogue millet co-founder, President Lin Bin.

Double 11 won the most easily this year

Just ended the 2017 Lynx "double 11" carnival, Millet played a victory! Its Lynx flagship store total payment of more than 2.464 billion yuan, and the first mobile phone sales, Andrews mobile payment amount of the first results in the day cat "double 11" won five consecutive championships.

In addition, millet is an unprecedented single-product sales at the same time won the mobile phone, 2000-2999 yuan price segment of mobile phone sales, TV categories, all kinds of smart device categories, such as a total of 40 first, to victory again refreshed his "double 11 "record.

Lin Bin

"I've been doing" Double 11 "for five years and this year is the easiest one." Lin Bin laughed with a smile when it came to this. According to Lin Bin memories, at 12 o'clock on the 11th official start of the event, just over an hour later, he has determined that millet this win. In the evening, when the Lei Jun came to supervise the war, they opened a champagne celebration in advance.

After so many years of double 11 promotions, Lynx's management more and more refined, in the anti-brush single and so has done a rigorous control Alipay's real-name system is also reflected behind a real transaction. This means that the double 11 record of the merchants on the Lynx platform is relatively more convincing.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Lynx, Jingdong, Suning three third-party platform, the same day Xiaomi Mall official website made more than 1 billion yuan in sales, offline Xiaomi sales as high as 110 million yuan.

"This is very powerful, I did not think of it." Lin Bin said. In the double 11 when focusing on resources Lynx, Jingdong platform, is a common practice in the industry. But this time, millet in the official website and offline store discount efforts are far less the case of Lynx flagship store, can achieve this performance, he really did not think of.

"I was shocked! More than two hundred stores sold more than 18,800 mobile phones, an average of more than 80 units each store." This year 237 Millet House in the double 11 the same day sales, or even Doubled the previous highest record of October 1.

As an Internet company, Xiaomi had previously sold online, but the e-commerce market, after all, accounted for only 10% of the total retail sales. How to go offline and enter a broader sales channel is a common problem encountered by the e-commerce brands, including millet. Millet initially intended to do offline when consult a lot of experts, get the same feedback will be a mess, 5 years, do not want to make money.

However, Lei Jun still want to try to subvert this view.

Millet House behind the new retail

The construction of the millet house started in the second half of 2011. Initially, Millet's mobile phone and its accessories were provided for the majority of rice noodles. After-sales service and technical support services such as millet handsets were explored to make the transition to Xiaomi's new retail exploration last year. It takes the mobile phone as the core, to the television, routers, AI speakers and eco-chain enterprise products.

Millet's early site is selected Lin Bin, so before and after his opening he will personally visit the past. Henan Luoyang Wangfujing shop and Guangzhou high German home is impressed him more deeply two stores. Luoyang shop which is located in the Wangfujing Commercial Street, basement, remote location, small size.

At first Lin Bin is not optimistic about this store, but later found that the efficiency of this store is no less than Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in the shop. Millet channels sink, so that more consumers in non-first-tier cities feel the charm of millet products.

Millet House sales in front of several stores are mostly concentrated in the north and Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, but a store in Guangzhou has experienced an unexpected wave of changes, the store's location, store decoration and other core The elements are good, but after the opening of sales is not ideal. Lin Bin is Guangzhou, which made him very anxious. Later, Lin Bin and the team concluded that the biggest problem with the store was that the flow of people was concentrated in the subway near the underground, but few other people interested in the floor.

Lin Bin found the problem quickly adjusted, the first is to make the store image more eye-catching, the second is in the mall advertising position marked millet home outlets; the third is to go out to the major Guangzhou To open a mall to open a new shop Millet House. After a series of adjustments, the performance of this store is now stable at 10 million yuan every month.

"How is this shop performance done? Because it went out, many users are directly to the shop, the store clerks are very familiar with customers, old customers come with new customers." Lin Bin said. For millet home, word of mouth spread is very important. As Lei Jun said: "The quality of good prices and kind products, not only Chinese people like all over the world like."

The first millet home flagship store in the world opened in Shenzhen on the 5th of this month is a milestone in the new millet retail business. The opening day, Lei Jun, Lin Bin, Li Wanqiang more than a dozen millet executives gathered at the scene, Lei Jun said millet home evaluation good start, proved the huge potential of the new retail.

Shenzhen millet home flagship store decoration

The store is the forefront of China's consumer electronics stores, from the site to the opening lasted 9 months, pouring a lot of effort Lin Bin and his team.

It is divided into two floors, covering an area of ​​650 square meters, personally designed by Apple's Tim Kobe designer in New York Fifth Avenue flagship store. White interior and natural concrete finishes, with the contrast contrast design ideas to reflect the cool technology, at the same time the industrial technology style of living and living at home Fan children combined. A layer of experience for mobile phones, TVs, smart hardware and other products, the main technology; second floor focuses on smart home, lifestyle products experience, entirely mobile payment, there is no cashier.

The flagship store experience all the table surface, are used to show the best industrial wind concrete material. Indoor lighting will be based on the surrounding scenes of different 4-level adjustment, not only more energy-efficient, but also for users to create a better environment for the experience.

According to Lin Bin said that the original millet is trying to get rid of a layer of cashier, because there is a cashier means that consumers need to line up, queuing is a very bad user experience. But really removed, the actual will make a lot of users are not used to encounter problems when do not know where to find someone to solve. So Millet made a compromise design, that is, a layer to retain the cashier, the second floor is completely made of mobile payments.

Lin Bin said that millet is still thinking about how to completely cancel the checkout, to provide consumers with the most efficient experience.

Shenzhen, the flagship store is still open trial operation, it has been friends, "stare" on. Previously, some online friends exposed the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Yu Chengdong to experience the visit to this store photos. Lenovo is currently undergoing a new retail transformation, Liu Jun also admitted to learn a lot of the leading practice of millet home.

In this regard, Lin Bin think Millet House look very easy, but to really learn the essence, may not be so easy.

Xiaomi home to different products organic together, forming a rich product mix, chemical changes have taken place, greatly increasing the number of consumers into the store, to enhance the frequency of purchase. "The biggest advantage of millet home lies in all the millet itself or the investment of eco-chain products, these products have a uniform design style and quality experience, but also the most convenient to buy millet own channel, which constitute the millet's home moat.

"If only the phone, I absolutely can not shop, because the phone is a very low frequency of purchase products." Lin Bin said.

Hand grasp the delivery, one hand, sales operations

2016 is the largest downturn in Xiaomi since its founding in more than seven years. The data from market research firm IDC shows that the shipment of millet dropped 36% year-on-year, dropping from the top five in the world. In fact, since 2015, Xiaomi has realized many problems in product delivery and sales behind rapid growth in performance.

Lei Jun conference since the black, "I'm a society society, not many people ruthless."

In this millet MIX 2 new conference, Lei Jun since a dark, take the initiative to release the user Xiaogu supply since the establishment of Tucao. Lin Bin from the end of 2014 to take over the company's entire sales Xiaomi, which are particularly profound feelings.

"Mobile phones and consumer electronics today in the industry competition, in addition to sales channels, price, quality and product definition, in fact, delivery is also one of the core." Lin Bin said. In accordance with the millet's plan, in 2019 millet home retail store to open to 1000.

To meet the online supply, but also to ensure the growing stock needs of offline stores, which is including millet and the ecological chain enterprises are facing new challenges.

Since May last year, Lei Jun started grasping the R & D of mobile phones and supply chain directly. Integration, delivery, quality and innovation of production, supply and marketing are the main problems that he has solved since last year. For example, when a product is being developed and designed, it starts to think about delivery problems that may arise. In addition, suppliers need to be prepared for stocking.

According to Lin Bin said the most important thing Lei Jun grabbed is to open up the cooperation between each team of Xiaomi throughout the company. He himself was in January last year, when the whole millet team made a new card team, co-ordinate front-end sales in order to better and back-end supply chain docking.

Lin Bin told Phoenix Science and Technology interview revealed that the two-pronged approach is brought millet this year from the second quarter began a strong rebound. According to market research firm IDC latest data show that in the third quarter of this year, millet stable ranked fifth, global shipments of mobile phones 27.6 million, higher than the same period last year 13.6 million, an increase of 102.6%, the market share also from last year 3.7% over the same period increased to 7.4%.

Not only that, Xiaomi handsets in September and October of this year, single-month shipments exceeded 10 million units, ahead of schedule completed early 70 million shipments and 100 billion yuan revenue target. For next year's 100 million mobile phone shipments target, Lei Jun also appears full of confidence, said 99% sure completion. As long as the sky does not fall down, millet to advance into the world top 500 next year.

It is not hard to see that the next big set of chess in the next game. Never before have a handset company been able to regain the lead after the decline in sales, and the company's energy is like an iceberg, revealing only a small fraction. At present, we can only achieve the goal of 1 trillion revenue 10 years after the announcement by Lei Jun to spy on the future ambitions of millet.

Lin Bin believes there is still a long way to go in answering the question of how long it will take for Xiaomi's new retail vision.

"Compared to Uniqlo, MUJI and so experienced through the shop, expand the store closed numerous times cycle boss, and now the millet house has only gone through the first step, has not experienced expansion after the contraction adjustment, have not experienced A complete operational cycle. "

He believes that retail is a long-distance run, millet company's growth is long-distance running, sprint performance is easy for a year or two, the difficulty is to do ten years and twenty years. "This year is millet seventh year, so we have to go a long way."

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