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Mobile applications hide porn video over 7 million "fast fish cloud broadcast" multiplayer

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In July this year, Liu Haibo, a grass-roots grid member of the Metro Administrative Committee of Zhoushan City, discovered in his daily visits that many people are watching for pornographic videos using a mobile APP called "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting", which aroused his vigilance.

Zhoushan City Metro CMC grassroots grid staff (Huang sweep non-basic information members) Liu Haibo:Out of curiosity, I downloaded a, registered inside and found a lot of obscene video, I first reported to the cultural enforcement detachment case.

After discovering this situation, Zhoushan City Cultural Bureau cultural comprehensive law enforcement detachment immediately started the investigation.

Zhoushan City Cultural Bureau, deputy chief of culture and law enforcement detachment Chen Huanchao:We immediately carried out a quick survey of the fast fish cloud broadcasting software and found a lot of obscene videos in this software. As many obscene videos as rare in Zhejiang and the whole country. After discovering this problem, we hand over the relevant case to the police for disposal.

After grasping and fixing the relevant evidence, Zhoushan Culture Bureau's comprehensive law enforcement detachment immediately launched the joint anti-vice handling mechanism to provide related clues to the Cyber ​​Security Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau and coordinated with the detachment of Net Security for the investigation of relevant cases.

Access to obscenity outside the site means of communication hidden

Upon receiving the relevant clue, Zhoushan Public Security Bureau Network Security Detachment investigated the case immediately and found during the investigation that the APP of Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting is extremely deceptive and covert in its dissemination of pornographic videos.

Police investigation found that "fast fish cloud broadcast" APP home page and the normal video APP is no different, the user can watch as long as the installation of a large number of legitimate film and television works, but click on the page classification, search and other sub-layout, the phone will Jump out of pornographic video page. By purchasing a registration code and registering as a member, you can browse these obscene videos.

Zhoushan City Public Security Bureau detachment detachment of net detachment Gu Zhou Tao:The suspect made this phone APP, which is mainly spread through his QQ group, WeChat circle of friends or website advertising. Because you want to watch pornographic video, first get an invitation code on the phone, and he also made a good part of the invitation code sent to the card website.

After careful investigation, the police found that most of the APP registered users of this mobile phone purchased a registration code from a certain place in Huanggang, Hubei Province. In the hands of more than 1,500 registered members from all over the country, the actual owner of the mobile APP maintained Xuzhou people in Jiangsu Lee. Lee produced "fast fish cloud broadcast" APP, hire Internet data cloud erectionserver, Eventually access to more than a dozen pornographic websites and more than 700 million obscene video resources.

Through further investigation, the police also found that Shi Yu, Ningbo Yuyao, Huzhou, Deqing Renmou other 16 people also buy app to Lee or buy obscene video resources to access their APP, and then spread profit.

Zhoushan City Public Security Bureau detachment detachment of net detachment Gu Zhou Tao:(Suspect Lee) He made the phone APP after the network sales. Our survey found that he developed his own home, 10, at the same time some (obscene video) data resources sold to others have seven.

After sufficient evidence was obtained, Zhoushan Public Security Bureau police rushed to Xuzhou in Hubei Province, Huanggang in Hubei Province, Yuyao City in Zhejiang Province, Huzhou City and other places. With the cooperation of the local police, the successful arrest of suspects such as Lee, Shi and Ren.

Self-learning mobile phone application development Jurisprudence caught in grudges

In the past, the use of mobile phone APP to spread obscene material for profit-making has the characteristics of fast propagation speed, wide spread range and large audiences. The four "quick fish clouds Broadcast "the people involved are very young, three are 90 after. Even more surprising is that "fast fish cloud broadcast" Lee mobile phone developer Lee has only junior high school education.

Gu Zhou Tao, deputy detachment of Detachment detachment of NetSun, Public Security Bureau of Zhoushan City, said that it is hard to block pornographic video transmitted by "fast fish cloud broadcasting" mobile APP.

Zhoushan City Public Security Bureau detachment detachment of net detachment Gu Zhou Tao:The hidden nature of this software is very strong. The case we encountered before passedCloud diskSpread, it is easy to be blocked off by our public security organs. Access through the phone APP, strong concealment, it is difficult to block, so that these obscene video data quickly spread to the country.

This APP registered members of the registration code used in the online price is very cheap, registration code points day card, monthly card, half a year card, annual card, permanent card, permanent card online price 98 yuan, and the cheapest day card Only 2 yuan is needed. From March this year, "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" went online until the incident was only 6 months. Tens of thousands of people nationwide have registered as members, and related personnel have illegally made profits of more than 100,000 yuan.

Lee because of family poverty, junior high school dropped out of school to start working, and later self-learning mobile APP method.

Zhoushan City Public Security Bureau detachment detachment of net detachment Gu Zhou Tao:He happened to see someone posting on the forum. After teaching the mobile App, he took the tutorial and took a look. It was easier to make. He built a mobile APP on his computer and rented the server. He set up the server to have data, he put 10 overseas pornographic site data come in, and he also purchased online 7 million cyclone data magnetic interface, these seven million are basically obscene video resources.

In the face of police interrogation, Lee realized that his mistakes have been irreparable.

Suspect Lee:(The mistake has already been cast.) There is no way to repent of repentance.

Police:Do what you do yourself.

Suspect Lee:Correct.

At present, four suspects have been transferred for prosecution.

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