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Zhou Hongyi's new book tells his first half of life: This is also a microcosm of the history of China's Internet

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Yang Yang YY

Zhou Hongyi few foreign voice in recent years, but the book is frequent, only last year out of a "smart" about his thinking on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, this year it out of a "subversive", about "ldquo ; The first half of the week "rdquo ;.

The "disruptor" is the only personal biography of Zhou Hongyi, recording his experiences from the beginning of his childhood till his listing in 360.

"I grew up almost with the growth of the entire Chinese Internet. From the graduation of college in the mid-1990s, I went on to sell anti-virus cards on campus and then resigned. After leaving Founder, Founder founded 3721, from fighting CNNIC to becoming Yahoo! China President, from the first Internet war to "3Q" war, from the free antivirus to 360 commercialization, until the 360 ​​success in the United States. & rdquo;


At the same time, the book also revealed the story behind some big events. Zhou Hongyi said that taking into account the feelings of many people, some details are not shown in the book, but can be written out must be true.

From which you can see that this is not only the first half of Zhou Hongyi's life, but also a microcosm of the history of Internet development in China, you can read some interesting things, why foreign Internet companies in China always fall into the "death curse", Why Zhou Hongyi Had faced "cross-provincial hunt" who played a role in the regulation of the 3Q war, and Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Zhang Chaoyang, Wang Gongquan is a kind of personality.

Unfortunately, this book just wrote 360 ​​listing, after reading a kind of abrupt feeling. However, Zhou Hongyi said in the beginning of the volume, "After the listing of 360 many more bizarre business stories, the future will be another book. I believe at that time there will be more solid conclusions about the many stories in the later development of the Internet. & rdquo;

Here are some interesting places where the interface is organized in the book:

Zhou Hongyi how to catch up with his wife Hu Huan?


Having said that, I have to mention that I met my current wife Hu Huan through BBS. She was also Founder at Peking University, is a tall, tall beauty. I started to meet with her as soon as I met. Of course, I was very shy in my life and did not dare to pursue her blatantly. And she knows all about me: This is the reputation of Zhou Hongyi, a company into the company always give trouble to the company thorny head, not much to be seen by the leadership.

At that time, Founder's office in Peking University was a big room with more than 100 people in each room and each department was small. A lot of computer terminals are set by me, I can check their static IP. So, as soon as I go online, I know who the person speaking at the forum is. In the network, I was like a duck, completely open nonsense, you can go to pursue my favorite people. In Shuimu Tsinghua BBS, I found the Hu Huan ID, every day and her chat, very touching.

Interestingly, I know who she is, but she does not know who I am. Until one day, I saw the boss is walking to her back, quickly hit a sentence in the past: "Your boss behind you. "Only then did she realize that the person who chatted with her on the Internet turned out to be a coworker with her under the eaves - mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash;

Later, I finally sent a line invitation to invite her to the Pizza Hut at the junction of Zhongguancun to take a seat. For those of us who earn such a man, Pizza Hut is still a luxury place. We did not eat, chatting with a cup of black tea. For love, I am not very good, I seldom talk to some sweet talk to "tease sister", usually only about their own thing. At that time, I was still an abrupt little engineer, with a monthly income of only 1,000 yuan. I did not live alone. Every day, I ate in the canteen at Peking University, and the appearance looked insignificant.

In front of Hu Huan, I like to talk about my past entrepreneurial experience, talking about his dream, the future want to do, I talked about how I will use a software or program to change the world, a "Heaven Reduce any person also "look. General girl to see me such a person, I feel a little unrealistic, or a neuropathy, but Hu Huan did not think so. She has always believed that what I said was true, and has been supporting me later.

Speaking interesting, coming out from Pizza Hut after the sky is too late, we go out to take a taxi home. I hit a handful of yellow face, a two one kilometer. Hu Huan Yi hit a Beverly, a sixty-one kilometer. I thought: OMG, very luxurious. Facts have proved that Hu Huan's family background is indeed much better than me. I later learned that her parents are university professors. And I heard that we are the first pair in Shuimu Tsinghua.

According to Hu Huan's memories, she and Zhou talk of love is pulling her in the electronics market crowded to crowded. Every time he arrives at a stall, he goes in to ask the questions. Hu Huan squeeze does not go in, standing outside and so on. After a while he drilled out and took her to the stall next to it and plunged it in again. He Hu Hu said: "We certainly can make money, is to save the machine, I have the highest level. & rdquo;

After leaving the company, Hu Huan said she was caught in the perils of life. She said she wanted to build her home after leaving the company, but she did not expect she would not live at all. She has some loss. The week is particularly busy, his heart eager to do all the business in Yahoo China to do their best, full of heart at work, running all the time, as if completely disappeared from the family life. She can not see him, can not say a word. Only the most distressed when he called her, tell me, took the opportunity to sort out ideas.

After leaving Yahoo Week, they spent a very good time. Hu Huan said Zhou love music, like playing with the sound. When he was young, he had no money at home, and he went to the scrap station to buy the components themselves and soldered the sound. After leaving Yahoo, Hu Huan said: "He seems to miraculously appear in my life again, feeling peaceful, loving life and beginning to care about me. He took me to see a variety of high-level audio, and even the wire also pick and choose. Their own portfolio, with their own. Not satisfied with the discount sold to brokers, re-election of the new. My family's audio gradually be transferred to the top level. & rdquo;

Zhou Hongyi's "circle of friends" rdquo;

Slowly I found that Wang Gongquan is actually a rational, but also particularly romantic and sensual, I learned a lot from him. I later said to the media from time to time: "Without Wang Gongquan, I am still a wild child! "I was not surprised at the shock that he later made nationwide" elopement incident. "

Robin Li has gone out of his way to make this decision. "Boiled fifteen years" recorded the scene & mdash; & nbsp; & nbsp; Shenzhen, August 2001, ill Robin Li is on the phone with the spread of directors in Singapore, the United States, Beijing quarrel. Xu Yong opposed Li Yanhong jump to the foreground to do search engine, do the bidding rankings. "We do this, will certainly affect the search technology sales. "Directors support Xu Yong:" Robin! We were investing in you, is not to let you do the PPC ranking! "Noisy for three hours, Li Yanhong angry:" I fucking do not do, we do not do, the company closed down! "Robin Li suddenly smashed the phone toward the table.

Later, I had the opportunity to meet with Robin Li for the first time at Peking University Resource Building. The first time I was sitting opposite I found Robin and my character in sharp contrast. Like a machine gun, I said everything I wanted to say, including how to promote and how to do plug-ins without reservation. However, sitting opposite Robin is very quiet, has been listening, do not stand. In the end, he said slowly: "I think 3721 is essentially doing the search, there will certainly be competition. & rdquo;

September and October 2003, Baidu to unfair competition on the grounds, before and after 3721 will be brought to court. I and Robin Li personally appear in court. In court, the presiding judge asked me: "Baidu accused you of deleting their stuff, have you done? "Robin Li answer:" he must have done. "I quickly laughed and said:" I did, but he first done. He did all the bad things I did. "Female judge was amused on the spot. I and Robin Li did not have the fame of today, that is, the dispute between the two companies, the chairman personally appear in court. Now think about it, this scene will not even happen again today. That was the most frequent phase I met with Robin Li.

After Sina, I saw Sohu's Zhang Chaoyang. Zhang Chaoyang English name is Charles, we did not contact much before, and this meeting contributed to our friendship. Charles, who had been working hard in the rivers and lakes for five or six years, also experienced ups and downs experienced by the first-generation Internet entrepreneurs such as the Internet bubble of 2001, the hostile takeovers against Beida Jade Bird and the content competition with Sina. After experiencing ups and downs of rivers and lakes, I can feel his indifference. His style of speaking is low and plain, and it seems that there is no ups and downs but every word is full of thoughts.

In the farmstead near the CS venue, I called Ma Huateng, presumably because Tencent can not use the compulsory approach to blackmail users and hope they can stop the forced installation. Ma Huateng ease the language on the phone, he comforted me, probably means that Tencent will not put the 360 ​​dead, but the market is everyone, Tencent's security is also must do.

At this time, someone thought of Wang Gongquan. As the first generation of venture capitalists, Wang Gongquan has some prestige in the circle. The point is, he is both our investor, and Ma know that two people are respected. In the early Tencent investment by IDG, although Wang Gongquan was not brought directly to the case, but in the first Tencent has not found their own business model, Wang Gong and Wang also spent the night together to help Ma to explore Tencent business model. It can be said that he and Ma's origins are as profound as those of him and my origin. Both of us are the first generation of Internet entrepreneurs whom Wang Gongquan helped. Under the persuasion of entrepreneur Feng Lun, Wang Gongquan and Ma Huatian held a two-hour conversation in a hotel room in Hong Kong after the outbreak of the "Q3" war. Ma Huateng stated Tencent and 360 Erni grudges, but also fully expressed his point of view.

Since I started my business, I've been meeting with team members almost every day, talking about work, and have not met for quite a while. Yao Jue, then two weeks have not seen the old Qi face. This is the first time in history. Yao Jue later said to me: "Two weeks have not seen the old Qi, and instantly felt his hair long, changed volume. For the first time I know that the old Qi is a breeze! & rdquo;

Beginning with the battle with CNNIC "Aggressive" & rdquo;

In my opinion, the controversy with CNNIC is not only because I am harmed as a party, but more importantly, the rules of the entire Internet industry are undermined. If CNNIC thinks it can earn money in the so-called official name to intervene, then search engine, OICQ and all profitable industries, an inexplicable company can

The official agencies then took away the victory of private-owned companies without any restraints and what were the rules in the market. At that time, I fully felt the plight of a private enterprise in the market. Like many small companies at the time, we were horrified, afraid of instability, afraid of policy changes, and suddenly unexpected force majeure suddenly arrived. In order to resist this force majeure, the only thing we can do is to speak for ourselves, and then secretly strong.

The outside world feels like I particularly like "war", often "war" for the purpose of provoking a variety of disputes. This is actually a misunderstanding. I do not deny that I like to stand up and worship heroism. However, I am not a militant. Very often, I was forced to fight in a dangerous environment, especially when one thing made me feel without justice and justice, I will fight back, and will counterattack in the end.

Zhou Hongyi's "plugin nightmare" rdquo;

The way that the Flash plugin was installed gave me inspiration. If users have not installed Flash plug-in, browse the website that needs to be used by Flash software, pop-up window will ask "Yes" or "No", ask if you want to install Flash, if users want to continue browsing , You will click the "Yes" button. In this way, the software installation is done quickly. I think this approach is very good, so that the process of software installation to achieve the most simplified.

In accordance with this idea, we will compress the software to 100K, and then find the site cooperation. Hope to use "plug-in" This technology to improve the network's real-name installation efficiency. As long as the user visited the webpage, the computer checks that the user does not install the 3721 plug-in, IE will pop up a window, the user clicks the "Yes" button to complete the 3721 automatic installation. Through this method, we really increased the installation volume many times. This is how I got the most out of my mind in a brutal competitive environment.

That was a great lesson in my life and a reminder of my future product. For a long time, this incident became a nightmare I tried to get rid of in the future. In the prevailing market environment, I think more about how to get rid of competitors, without considering the user's feelings. Worst of all, the way we were doing plug-ins was later learned by many software companies, for a time the Internet useless atmosphere, I unfortunately also bear on the infamy.

Why foreign Internet companies always fall into the death curse?

Yahoo, a gold trademark, a fast-paced American company that crosses psychologically taciturn acceptance of the rhythm of day and night fighting in the Chinese market to become a re-established Chinese company that allows all employees Re-working with entrepreneurship will not be a one-day success. It is our goal to transform the corporate culture so that Yahoo! China can adapt itself to the shortcomings and disparagements in the Chinese market. The combination of resistance at the beginning of heavy, as the company's new role and new positioning has been very different from the original, Yahoo employees work intensity and intensity has completely changed. Yahoo's old staff gradually felt that the set of foreign companies gradually eaten, many of Yahoo China's original employees chose to leave.

It is said that when hearing the news that Yahoo wants to come to China, Zhang Chaoyang faces the choice because "terrible, Yahoo has come, or sold Sohu". They even communicated about $ 20 million through middlemen. But eventually Charles Zhang gave up the idea of ​​selling the company. As it turns out, his decision is good. At this stage, Yahoo is using its "own hard work" strategy, which is entirely dominated by Yahoo! USA (more joint venture with Founder is to obtain ICP license resources), the appointment of a team of professional managers in China, the implementation of a unified global strategy and business model. At that time, Yahoo's reporting system did not understand the Chinese market has begun to emerge.

Headquarters opposes my use of independent brands to build China Yahoo's search products. The collision began to reveal the clues, Yahoo and I am my unrequited love, and even have not come to a vigorous "honeymoon", it has begun to quarrel up. Until this time, silly naive I realized that as a professional manager, I want to achieve their ideals on this platform, really want to think more.

Yahoo fancy just 3721 traffic and good financial data. In many difficult communications, I gradually realized that Yahoo's investment in the 3721, at best, be considered a financial investment, not a strategic gamble. Looking at so many huge acquisitions in Yahoo's history, $ 120 million, is really nothing for this glittering company. For the development in China, they hold a more conservative attitude.

I finally realized that many multinational companies in China acclimatized. That huge cultural difference made communication extremely difficult. All kinds of discomfort has begun to show up, between us is a field "Turtle" and "high handsome" chicken with the same speaker.

Soaked in foreign companies for some time, I finally understand that many people work in a multinational company, the first thing I want is to protect themselves. People politely ball in the mail, using very polite, elegant English mutual blame responsibility. In the year-end party, everyone made a bunch of dazzling PPT to himself, the whole team are like living in "the emperor's new dress," there is no time at all. In foreign companies, as long as we can keep their own position, as little as possible to offend others, is a success. Yahoo's foreign gene, decided it in the Chinese market, you live in an atmosphere of survival is very difficult.

Without any experience will be in vain. In the days of Yahoo! China, people who like to rate the three armed forces actually grew a lot. These days, regardless of right or wrong, but coincides with the rise and fall of multinational Internet companies in China.

Many multinational Internet companies entering China, have experienced the process of paying tuition fees. These companies will face a common problem, that is, choose the market, or choose a descent. When the giants came to this unknown market one after another, they tend to dominate the market from their noble desires. They hope they will dominate the market with a down-to-earth attitude and common practices. They will usually suffer a painful market test after they fall, Noble nobleness can not be universally applicable. They initially did not trust the Chinese market and did not delegate power until it finally came to light.

I think even though I am very strong, but also manage Yahoo China. But today, there are still some mistakes worth summarizing, or some worthy lessons. First, I am the worship of Jerry Yang. Second, the heavy reporting system of transnational corporations is an important factor that hinders the development of transnational corporations in China. I have never tried to rationalize this relationship. Thirdly, what I learned from Yahoo! is that I realize that I have a firm grasp of the company's control. Especially in the field of Internet, everyone is developing in a siege-type fashion. Therefore, the absolute right to speak is crucial.

360 listed to return to ups and downs

In March 2006, I returned to the internet and returned to Qihoo, a company I and myself invested in by numerous venture capital firms. The reason why the name is "Qihoo" is because China has "riding a tiger difficult" This idiom, we hope that the Internet users on the site will no longer be difficult to go on. Some people say that the odd tiger translated into English that StrangeTiger & # #; Zhou Hongyi this "strange tiger" and down the hill.

In my mind, 3721 is a Chinese online dream I worked hard for. It was born by a simple wish, but now it has become my nightmare and has become the concept that defines my life. In the second half of 2006, the discussion of "rogue software" culminated in the media, of course, the crusade against me is of course indispensable. One eyes open, is the overwhelming condemning of the media. I shut myself up in the room and for a week did not dare to go out, smashed a table and two doors, and the wronged anger made me almost rush to the duel. But in the end, I calmed down and I knew that this Pandora's box was open after all, and I could only close it myself.

The original listing of the lead underwriter's attitude to our sudden change, they said: "You see, now" 3Q "announced the war" second choice ", your current listing plan has been very large The uncertainty. In view of this situation, we suggest that you suspend the launch of the market, wait until things have a clear result to say. "The lead underwriter has not come to the meeting. This time, I, Lao Qi and Yao Jue, have no listing experience. We are also a little bit blind. The lead underwriters have retreated, you still listed? If you can not be listed, you are not dead?

Listed the moment the bell, Yao Jue and I, Wang Gongquan and others together. At that moment, Yao Jue suddenly burst into tears, and I was filled with a thousand regrets. Indeed, in these three or four months, we've gone through too much. A lot of people were surprised at the speed of 360 to complete the listing, in fact, thanks to the start of our basic work very early, after the approval of the listing, the company's three year audit has done almost the same. So it's important to do the right thing at the right time and to master the rhythm of the thing, which is the basis for us to get rid of all the obstacles.

Once, a national regulatory leadership came to me to chat, said the state has great concerns and expectations of Internet security, also hope that the 360 regression assume construction of network security core technology capability of corporate responsibility has become an important force to safeguard national security, this is I began to consider the starting point of privatization.

But when we give a reasonable premium, the entire delisting needs nearly $10 billion. There is no doubt that this is an astronomical figure. When we and many potential investors in the negotiations, the stock market had There was no parallel in history. fuse, the capital market investor confidence suffered a Starving people fill the land., greatly shaken, partners in the heart. When the stock price is bad, some consortia that participate in privatization and I say, can you lower the price of delisting?.

In April 26th, 360 privatization project was approved by the national development and Reform Commission, and entered the public stage. And then waiting for us is a new round of exchange. Because the amount of foreign exchange we use is too large, it may cause some fluctuations in the exchange rate. Therefore, it requires 360 privatization consortium to provide evidence that clearly does not involve capital flight swap funds and other irregularities, and batch export swap. At this point, 360 of the funds have not yet been fully delisting delivery, a lot of money at home need to swap for American capital market transactions.

In the meantime, we also contacted the top executives of the security house, and the other side said frankly:

Before we finally decide to return, we've been thinking about the best way to go back. We have a lot of different voices inside. Once, we wanted to just split some of the security business back, and we went to talk to a lot of organizations. But in the end, we found that, 360, almost all of the business is closely related to security, it is very difficult to do this spin off.

3Q vs Zhou Hongyi

As early as 2008, I began to consider such a question: what happens when Tencent comes? At that time, 360 security guards installed capacity has billions of dollars, but I'm not happy. I've already said that people who do the Internet will inevitably encounter three unavoidable problems: life, death, Tencent. Tencent like a ceiling, what do you have to touch it. It finds that if you grow up, you automatically sink, compress your living space, and push you back to a small person.

In 2010, Tencent has grown into a rarity in China's Internet industry

But beyond all expectations happened. The number of my daily monitoring software uninstall, and company executives to discuss countermeasures of the mark, one morning, and as usual I was preparing to leave home at four bridge on the edge of the company, the mobile phone rang. I see, and I fought for years old Qi. Pick up the phone, I heard him say:

Originally, along with

More than 30 policemen then appeared in the Beijing Sihui bridge crescent 360 corporate headquarters, if I do not know whether it will appear, although the survey was taken away, but the old Qi and I know instinctively that in a war will erupt without making sure An important juncture of life and death, the criminal charges, as long as the coming 360 founder was taken away by the police investigation the message, even if we don't have any problems and mistakes, public opinion will balance indiscriminately to the side, we may even have no chance to explain. And over a period of time, no core leaders, like the battlefield is not general, will inevitably lead to the defeat of the army morale and lax. This time, can not tolerate the slightest mishap.

I live in my home in Hongkong, only one person every day. But every day I communicate with the executives and the media in real time. I eat two meals a day and go alone. After dinner, return home, watch closely all kinds of media reports, and also answer reporters and corporate executives phone. Don't dare to rest for a minute. I know, at this point, things are going to be more anxious.


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