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I studied 4 kinds of chicken hand travel, found that there is still a big problem on the phone experience

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Recently, with the fiery eating chicken, eating chicken hand travel mushroomed, the major manufacturers have shot for fear of losing their opportunities, and even Tencent, NetEase such a maker to do a shot directly 2, enough to see Its emphasis, howeverWord of mouth to eat chicken tour is mixed.

Some players Tucao operation feel very poor, not eating chicken but eating feces;

Some players said that very good, nothing to do with friends and a good;

Some players said that on the computer to eat chicken in the hardware, software, there is no small threshold, free travel by hand, eat chicken, and the general mobile phones are moving, no way can only play with the hands and eat chicken;

Some players say eating chicken has to open a black team to play, the first to eat chicken Amway friends by hand, friends and other interested in this type of game fought in the PC.

In fact, we all know that eating chicken by hand is certainly a deteriorating version of PC eating chicken. Just like the mobile game MOBA is similar to PC MOBA, there are many changes and castration on the function and function. This is due to the platform difference.

butWhere to change, how to change is a very important issue.

Changed well, the user positioning accuracy, and even introduced the advantages of the PC can be as big as the glory of the king. If you change is not good, it is estimated to have become a PC to eat chicken wedding dress.

Recently, I have to try out four eating chicken hand tour, see major manufacturers in order to seize the opportunity ahead of card bit, the details of the game there is a big problem, and some may be in the future update iterative step by step Perfect, but some manufacturers may not realize that the problem itself.


Therefore, today we will not only comment on a certain chicken-based tour but also talk about key issues worth noticing in the process of eating chicken.

Target groups

First and foremost is a core issue, who is the target audience of mobile games?

Is it serious eating chicken players? Obviously not, just as the main glory of the king's audience is not heavy MOBA players, really like to eat chicken, eat chicken has a spirit of research and highly sought after players are bothered to play on the phone a deteriorated do not know how many times the disabled eat Chicken tour, at least when playing chicken tour will not expect to get PC-like chicken game experience.

When it comes to hand travel to eat chicken how to change, there will always be friends that if the game is so difficult to change the lower, not fun.

However, in fact, like the king's glory, the target group of hand-travel is those who pay attention to social, leisure, leisure and play a mass player, rather than pull those who practice the core of the details of the game player.

Therefore, a lot of PC to eat chicken in severe, the core of the design must make a choice, not according to the single income.

Typical bullet specifications, for example, and some eat chicken rifle bullets also sub-5.xx and 7.xx, I think it is self-positioning is not clear.

This distinction can not attract those firearms enthusiasts, but to the military blind brought great distress, and even virtually make some players forced: the sniper rifle is not a rifle Mody, ye can not use 7.xx bullets?

On the other hand, the size of the game map, the size of the population, the amount of shrinkage time and so on the value of the game together determine the rhythm and duration, and eat chicken is a game of rhythm and the length of the game between the upper and lower limits of the game.

Landing is dry and lone wolf traveling by car is 2 kinds of rhythm, landing into boxes and Voldemort 0 into the top ten is two kinds of time.

PC platform players often have a very complete and independent time, but also a certain degree of flexibility, and more to play a 10 minutes and 20 minutes is not a problem (now this group of Cultivation & hellip; & hellip;).

But not necessarily under the mobile scene, the meal! class has ended! Arrived! Although compared to the MOBA game where the team must fight to eat chicken can quit at any time, but the player can not give up the valuable opportunity to eat chicken is something that is not allowed.

Therefore, compared to PC eating chicken, eating chicken should pay more attention to game rhythm and duration control.

Personally think that hand-travel eat chicken should be introduced at least 2 kinds of models, one is the same as the PC and chicken eating a large 100 map mode, the other is a small map, more abundant resources, the number of 40-60 landing is the dry mode.

Even in the second mode can be properly weakened on the capacity of the backpack limit to see what to pick up, dry on the ground, finished the robbery of the other side of the equipment then dry, killing a map Shuang Shuang.

Operational dimensions

Speaking of eating chicken tour, and even as long as it is talking about mobile games FPS, 100% can not get around is a problem is - control sense is poor. Some players even asserted that "mobile game FPS is a joke."

Indeed, from the experience point of view, with the dual joystick / rocker + slide the way to play FPS very awkward, poor accuracy, poor control of firing timing, the output is very difficult to move and so on.

Here we must mention an abstract noun & mdash; & mdash; operational dimension.

For example, each contractor is more or less aware of horizontal version of the level, the player's control of the characters a total of four dimensions: about, up and down, shot, jump, each dimension control without disturbing each other, You can fire while running to the left and you can jump up while looking up.

However, the same dimension can only take one state. You can not run both to the left and to the right, both shooting and shooting.

Players can individually select a state in each of the four dimensions to compose the current state of the game character, such as [left, up, shoot, jump] = run left and shoot left.


But players who have played Contra Torak here will be reminded of a problem whenever I want to shoot in a diagonal direction very awkwardly and must fire while running.

The reason is that horizontal version of the game's role in the game "state dimension" has six: about, up and down, shot, jump, aim to the left and right, aiming up and down.

Since the control dimension is smaller than the state dimension, some of the character's states can not be fulfilled, such as shooting down without jumping and shooting upside down while standing, which is a theoretically unresolved issue.

To ensure that the role of various states can be achieved, we must increase the operational dimensions, for example, is also a horizontal version of the shooting game, Galaxy Warriors in the second generation of works on GB R key (right ear) for "oblique targeting" function, This will control the character in a standing position in aiming at the oblique direction.

However, even though there are only five such control dimensions, only three mobile + aiming dimensions are still insufficient to match the four actually required.

Only by using the right joystick to solve this problem, the shooting game can control the character movement through the left joystick / cross key, the right joystick to control the direction of the character's shooting, several "ear" control shots and other operations.

Having said that, in fact, the main problem of mobile FPS is that the control dimension is too low. There are only four control dimensions (two dimensions per finger) of the dual joystick / joystick + slide, but the FPS needs at least five control dimensions : Move left and right, move back and forth, turn right and left, turn up and down, shoot, because these 5 behaviors are most likely to happen at the same time. If you can not meet these 5 kinds of operations, you will be awkward.

This is not considered jumps, aiming, squatting, etc. In fact, it is also very easy to happen at the same time, not counting the bullets, sprinting, and so may happen simultaneously.

PC As WASD (2 dimensional), mouse (2 dimensional), left, right, space, shift This already has 6 dimensions, let alone those that are close to the WASD.

But to the phone, the four dimensions are not enough, so we will find that most of the hand travel FPS had to add the so-called "bilateral fire"; to put it plainly is to give up moving under special circumstances, right-aiming, , It is helpless move.

How to solve this problem? For the moment, there are only two ways out and neither is the perfect solution.

The first is the gyroscope, to be honest, I am trying to play these few hand-travel chicken eat gyroscope application can only be used to describe feces, why the opening of the gyroscope in the case of the opening but also to influence the aiming?

Recommended developers to play about "N.O.V.A Near Field Alliance advance team" 5 years ago this game.

Of course, this can not be completely blame game planning and development, in theory, the best way to use the gyroscope is: left hand fixed control mobile, non-combat right hand through the sliding screen to turn to war with a gyroscope control aiming, right hand click the fire key to open fire .

However, there is a problem in practical use. If all the aiming operations in belligerence are handed over to the gyroscope, aiming for the required steering range when the target moves rapidly in close proximity or needs to deal with enemies in multiple directions at the same time It will be very exaggerated, turn 90 degrees, 180 degrees are normal, which in many scenes (such as sitting on a fixed seat) players can not.


And the gyroscope that need players to make their own action control, in some scenarios is not easy to use, such as bus subway shake you aiming not allowed? Such as class stolen iron will be caught? Of course, in these scenarios, then the double virtual rocker experience is not bad experience.

The second is to consider how to use the physical keys on the phone, mainly a few side buttons (volume, lock screen, etc.) can be used to control the firing, so that more of a dimension.

But it depends entirely on whether the handset manufacturers and mobile phone operating system with the authority to open the APP.

However, at present, there is no sign of this road, at least for a short period of time is not realistic, and the location of different side keys are not the same phone, resulting in not all users can control the side button to open the fire, pandemic or inadequate.

Operational convenience

In the mobile phone platform with the control of the decline in the degree of some of the commonly used games in the convenience of the game is also greatly reduced, the most typical is to eat chicken and backpack related to a variety of interactive: picking things, throwing things,

Open the backpack on the PC is a key on the keyboard things, but to the phone you have to ask the left hand to leave the joystick area to press the backpack button, the middle speed gap is huge.

Naturally picking things can not be the same as the same open the backpack on the same PC election, aiming at the ground items directly picked up this operation will be very troublesome.

The chicken eating game is very particular about the speed of the key operations, such as killing the perfect person must immediately finish picking up (licking bag) left, to avoid being heard gunshots were caught. If you ask the player to complete the PC on the phone to eat chicken in the operation of the various operations: picking up things, throwing things, turn parts, for accessories It is estimated that players have long been cold.

thereforeHand travel to eat chicken must provide players with more convenient features, For example & mdash; & mdash;

Open some settings to allow players to automatically pick up high - grade backpacks, body armor, helmets.

In the list of items will obviously not needed (low-level items, bullets other than the current weapon) to the rear position and identified;

Pick up the parts automatically after the equipment, after the gun automatically transfer parts in the past.


Automatic pickup configuration in wilderness operations

Similarly, on the PC platform because of the convenience of operation, a lot of information can be easily obtained, for example, the remaining capacity of the backpack as long as the open backpack to take a look on the line, behind the mouse there is no one can see it, the mirror is Right-click something, zooming the map can be a mouse-centric & hellip; & hellip;

But to the phone, these messages are no longer "at your fingertips", some of these operations need to be simplified, and some need to show ways, but others are not allowed to see the situation give up.

For example directly in the backpack icon shows the remaining capacity of the backpack;

For example, in the right hand area plus a can directly see their own behind the button or double-click "View around" joystick to see the rear;

For example, a large drag and drop in the map automatically zoom around the player's position.

These functions are not frivolous, but it can greatly affect the whole game experience eating chicken tour.

Mobile environment

Since it is called chicken hand tour, then it must have to consider "the difference between this platform and the computer, have to realize that the player playing the chicken on the phone is more complicated than sitting in front of the computer.

Bear the brunt of the game screen.

Of course, as a publicity gimmick this is definitely correct, but for the real gaming experience, the picture "is particularly good" but often is a disadvantage. Open a high-quality, and then began to heat 10 minutes, what is interesting?

And even opened a high quality, the phone's poor screen size and resolution, simply not enough to provide the same experience and PC, what other than a few hundred meters to see each other then 8 times 98K shot headshot? Think much of & hellip; & hellip;


Some settings in this situation will appear anti-human:

For example, some eating chicken on the ground tour equipment and ruins map is difficult to distinguish one, bandages like waste paper, energy drinks like stone, gun accessories like a wooden stick -

For example, some eat chicken hand tour screen rendering regardless of level, more than a certain distance, whether it is trees or the enemy are not displayed, unless the open high-power lens & hellip;

For example, some eat chicken hand quickly pick up things on the small box on the right to change the perspective of the area, a little careless press on the ...

Mobile phone display has always been stretched, a small screen to put a lot of UI icons, but also can not save. The picture is hot and hot cards, poor picture can not see the grass inside is airtight.

In this case still dead buckled "Look at me this cloud, see my shadow, look at my guns" fear is not Shi Le Chi?

It is true that good images will attract more new players, but as new players grow into veterans, these are pits.

Some for the screen "car care handsome" configuration is necessary, allowing players to set aside to give up some flashy results, the pursuit of better gameplay in order to get a better gaming experience.

Another example is the game sound.

PC on the old chicken eat chicken players are aware of how important the game to listen to the sound, big enough to hear the car to know someone came, small to listen to gunshots to determine the location of the direction, it can be said in the game of chicken to the sound requirements are extreme Sensitive.

But providing sophisticated sound effects in a mobile environment is a luxury:

Some game scenes can not provide fine sound effects, such as bus, restaurant, street, subway and so noisy environment;

Some mobile phones poor quality of the public can not provide stereo sound;

Some phones may become inconvenient after they are plugged into the headset (for example, the headphone jack is in the middle of the iPhone7 8 X).

This environment, eating chicken tour must take into account if the player is mute or semi-silent state, the game can not play? For this reason some of the auxiliary functions is necessary.

For example, annotating nearby sound conditions on a small map or on a directional axis;

For example, on the screen after the shot to identify the shot direction;

For example, after death shows the location of the killings.

In fact, as mentioned in the first paragraph of the opening article, the hand-to-hand chicken is more for casual and social players. The lack of auxiliary functions reduces the difficulty of the game, but these functions are Very necessary.


With the glory of the king made a pompous precedent, now the major manufacturers for the importance of eating chicken tour that is an unprecedented high.

However, in my personal demo experience, the current eating chicken tour is not satisfactory, the main problem is not fully consider the changes needed to eat chicken free, no serious study on the phone What are the problems playing chicken, how to solve it.

I believe these are just manufacturers in order to advance the card caused by the negligence, after all, the most valuable mobile time now, no time for developers crafted.

I hope that all major manufacturers in the follow-up process of updating the full consideration of the various issues of chicken eating, and solve these problems.

Finally, I have to pour a pot of cold water, swim the potential audience of eating chicken is definitely better than mobile MOBA, for many people, let alone control with a double rocker control, that is, mouse + keyboard can not play, FPS Compared to the game MOBA threshold a lot higher, mobile games FPS rubbish feedback is even worse. Feel hand travel to eat chicken is the next king glory can wash and sleep.

But then again, the development of a chicken eating tour costs are not high, models, materials, maps are all made available in the engine shop, for manufacturers are not without the truth Well, in case of fire?



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