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Such as listing, HUAWEI market value, how much will bring up the rich?

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In Hong Kong stock market, Tencent shares broke through 400 Hong Kong dollars, with a market capitalization of HK $about three trillion and nine hundred billion. stayU.S. stocksMarket, Baidu shares about 240 U.S. dollars, the market value directed at billions of dollars. Shares of Alibaba raid $200, market capitalization at $500 billion.

Excellent China enterprise excellence in the stock market, let the Chinese people excited, fantasy one. In the minds of Chinese people, Moutai, Baidu, Tencent, Ali are representatives of outstanding enterprises, but the most excellent, I am afraid most people think that HUAWEI. So, they have been thinking, if the listing of HUAWEI, how much is the highest price, market capitalization of up to much, will produce many wealthy tycoons?

Although HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei repeatedly said, will not take the IPO Road, but does not hinder us to study the HUAWEI listing may bring biochemical reaction.

The most suitable is not the United States, not Hongkong, but the Chinese A shares

If HUAWEI is going to be listed, which market is most suitable to be solved first?.

HUAWEI, which has a profound impact on the world, is a big event in the global business wherever it is listed. Before doing business, are relying on the sale of products and services: now do business, to scale, should adhere to both hands, both hands must be hard, grasping the products and services, and grasp the operation of the capital, the two complement each other.

The volume reached the scale of HUAWEI, the annual output value of more than 500 billion yuan, ranked among the world's top five hundred list, but not listed, it is estimated that only a heterogeneous HUAWEI.

HUAWEI's competitors, whether it is to do business with apple, Samsung mobile phone, or communications equipment Ericsson, NOKIA, whether it is to do business, CISCO IBM, or Intel, Qualcomm chip business, is the capital market hero, strong price performance.

For any enterprise, the market is the milepost event on the path of development, brand remodeling, market development, management and research promotion, is a "breakthrough" -- each link at present HUAWEI operations, have been in strict accordance with the requirements of the listed companies as long as there is everything in good order and well arranged. The idea, it is a matter of minutes.

If HUAWEI listed, where is the best choice?

In fact, as China China enterprise international operation is the most successful multinational companies, HUAWEI where listed are the same, investors will buy it. If you choose to be listed in the United States or Hongkong, it is conducive to the integration of global capital for HUAWEI endorsement, to become a model of globalization in all aspects of Chinese enterprises.

But in the United States and Hongkong listing, outstanding performance of the enterprise is rare, the market value may be seriously underestimated, benchmarking Tmall's Jingdong, in the U.S. stock market, its market value is only about 1/6 of ali.

Now with the United States and Hongkong stock market, more and more enterprises spend astronomical return to the mainland stock market, recently 360 valued 50 billion 400 million yuan backdoor Jiangnan Jiajie A shares, plans to return from stocks.

In addition, in the United States and Hongkong stock market, Chinese enterprises are more likely to be eyeing the international capital predators, short profits.

The choice of A shares listed in China can maximize the value of HUAWEI. Because the people have a stronger sense of pride to HUAWEI, investors hope to be able to easily and freely buy HUAWEIsharesRather than the need for intermediate links, it is not a desirable stock.

Now the Chinese people have spare money, the best Chinese enterprises should let Chinese investors enjoy the capital carnival, share the bonus brought by HUAWEI growth.

If HUAWEI is listed, how high is the stock price and the market value?

The stock price may not be predicted because there are too many constraints, and the market value is a reference object. HUAWEI and apple and Samsung are very similar, the three enterprises will be more intense competition in the future. At present, apple is the world's largest, with a market capitalization of $about 800000000000: Samsung's market value has also exceeded two trillion yuan recently. If HUAWEI listed, its market value should be between apple and Samsung, that is, between 2 trillion yuan to 5 trillion yuan.

Although HUAWEI body distance Samsung has a certain distance, but this does not equal to the performance in the capital market, HUAWEI is worse than samsung. At present, Chinese enterprises Tencent and Ali, revenue is far below Samsung, but the market value is above samsung.

HUAWEI's main business is cloud pipe terminal, but now there are four aspects, namely communication equipment, consumer terminals, enterprise services and semiconductor business. According to the major business benchmarking enterprises, you can find a reference target.

Ericsson communication equipment business, the current market value of $20 billion 245 million, but Ericsson has too far behind HUAWEI consumer business, Samsung's current market capitalization of about two trillion yuan: business, the current market value of $137 billion 943 million: IBM semiconductor business, Qualcomm has a market value of $98 billion 356 million. Of course, HUAWEI's market value is not the sum of the four, but it can reflect the range of HUAWEI's market value.

Tencent and Ali are the most successful Chinese companies in the Hongkong stock market and the U.S. stock market, with market capitalization of $about 400000000000, and they are making a spurt towards the $five hundred billion mark. If listed, HUAWEI's performance is certainly not worse than Tencent, Ali - of course, not a listing HUAWEI has such a performance, but there is a sustained rise process - to support HUAWEI's stock price and market capitalization rose, is HUAWEI's scale and high growth performance.

In 2016, the total revenue of HUAWEI exceeded 500 billion yuan, roughly equivalent to 1.5 Lenovo, 5 GREE appliances, 5 ZTE, 5 Alibaba, 6 BYD, 6.5 millet, approximately equal to Wanda and Vanke, more than Tencent, Baidu, Ali total. Therefore, if HUAWEI listed, the market value should be above Ali Tencent.

On the list of the Hurun rich list in the past period, we can see that the stars on the list are twinkling, the wealth is huge, and the number is amazing.

In 2004 the Tencent listed, the original shares created 5 billionaires, 7 millionaires, 100 of millionaires. Now the total market value of about four hundred billion yuan, that means that the original 1 yuan of shares, now about 500 thousand yuan.2005 the listing of Baidu, the original shares created 8 billionaires, 50 millionaires, 240 million millionaire.

If HUAWEI listed, how many tycoons can be created?

To be sure, including Ali, Tencent, including the world, no enterprise listing, like HUAWEI to create so many rich people. Because HUAWEI shares dispersed, those important, senior employees, HUAWEI holds a stake, and founder Ren Zhengfei shares, or even less than 2%.

So,If HUAWEI goes on the market, there will be tens of thousands of people in the ranks of billionaires!

Of course, these are just utopian.HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei has a clear indication of HUAWEI, that is not listed. As long as Ren Zhengfei is still in charge of HUAWEI, HUAWEI's listing is an impossible task.

Of course, the situation is stronger than the people, Wahaha founder Zong Qinghou once vowed not to take the capital Road, is now changing its original intention, the statement said "when the appropriate time or consider listing."".

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