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Haier releases the first artificial intelligence solution in the smart home industry

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Haier released the first artificial intelligence solution for smart home industry and the two platform level applications of intelligent home system based on deep learning and artificial intelligence interaction system.

In November 28th, the "U + AI cloud brain, ecological" Haier U intelligent smart home solutions Conference opened in Beijing, the press conference, Haier released a smart home industry's first artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence solutions covering interactive systems, solutions to the two level application platform of smart home based on deep learning results. To the new Haier landing under the era of artificial intelligence, build smart home open innovation platform, enabling the smart home industry, with industry partners to create artificial intelligence open ecosystem.

At the beginning of the conference, the National Standards Commission deputy director Wang Li on the development of artificial intelligence and application direction with the people from all walks of life to share. In recent years, artificial intelligence in China has made considerable development, the government also promotes fusion of artificial intelligence in various fields issued a series of policies, in 2016 the introduction of the implementation scheme on artificial intelligence three year action plan in July 20th this year, the State Council; the issuance of a new generation of artificial intelligence artificial intelligence development planning ", the official national strategy; in November 15th the Ministry of science and technology held a new generation of artificial intelligence development planning and major scientific research project started, marking the artificial intelligence into the full implementation phase. Deputy director Wang Li said:" the development of artificial intelligence should not just stay in the strategic level, more should be implemented in the specific implementation areas should be established with enterprises as the main body, the market as the guidance, research The technology innovation system of deep integration has accelerated the application of artificial intelligence in various fields.

Subsequently, Microsoft Research Institute Vice President elect ACL President Mr. Zhou Ming, tells the story of the four levels of the development of artificial intelligence, intelligent computing, intelligent sensing, cognitive intelligence and creative intelligence, focus on the current hot intelligent voice in detail, he believes that artificial intelligence now more in intelligence development stage, deep learning more in the quasi image recognition trend is deeper, the application of artificial intelligence in the smart home, the main stage show in the ubiquitous voice and visual interaction.

In such a special moment, Haier U released "homeopathic innovation", artificial intelligent smart home solutions. At the meeting, Dr. Zhao Feng and the U team of U intelligent smart home solutions and landing platform level results of a detailed interpretation. Haier U artificial intelligence solutions is Haier U face to launch smart home industry one-stop artificial intelligence solutions, it is the set of IoT things, OS, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud platform integrated solutions. In order to realize the family home equipment as the core of cloud, data acquisition and calculation, perception, analysis of user habits, natural interaction the way to the user to provide the required services, to provide a better life experience for the user; at the same time through the open source to the industry, developers, AI providers, big data service providers, partners are modular. Put up, build the industry - led artificial intelligence open platform, give the intelligent family industry, and realize the large-scale popularization and application of the artificial intelligence of the intelligent family of the Internet of things.


Haier U scene shows two artificial intelligence applications including smart home solutions, a solution of artificial intelligent interactive system, providing a solution for distributed smart home interactive system for natural wisdom family. This exhibition has a face recognition module, voice module, material identification module, clothing identification module seven artificial intelligent interactive system the Haier U module. Artificial intelligent interactive system is to open third party services, including software and hardware integration voice solutions, smart devices, interactive services, hardware data entrance, skills development interface. Through the open platform, the future will be landing intelligent audio, smart TV, smart mobile phone, smart appliances, robots, intelligent furniture six the application of scene. Second is the solution of smart home based on deep learning, to U the brain to collect and calculate the data of. Real time global analysis was carried out for the whole family of wisdom, automatic analysis of learning habits network users, the recommendation system to provide users with customized smart solutions, to create a "Thousand Faces" smart home, to provide users with convenient, comfortable, energy-saving, healthy way of life. Now, Haier deep learning U smart home solutions. The family has landed in the water, air, heating, energy, security, health, entertainment, education and other eight scene and the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, room five.

It is worth mentioning is that Haier is not the goal of "AI", but "AI", the purpose is to promote the AI technology and the wisdom of the family at the same time, the depth of integration, will develop its own AI technology industry to open source, enabling the smart home industry, to create innovative smart home industry and the open platform.

Landing to promote smart home applications of artificial intelligence, Haier U and Sogou at the press conference jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the application of artificial intelligence in the scene to define the future smart home field, the two sides will jointly set up R & D team, joint research and development of intelligent home appliances and users and natural interactive terminal equipment and intelligent products, provide a better experience the wisdom of life solutions for users.

In the next part of the forum of experts, all the experts were from the national policy, capital market investment, end family interaction, home appliance business transformation angle, discuss the influence on the artificial intelligence of smart home industry as well as the tipping point caused by a wind and artificial intelligent smart home, smart home all artificial intelligence Haier solutions announced to acknowledge, and believe that, with the rapid landing Haier U intelligent smart home solutions, smart home industry will achieve a new leap.

Finally, sponsored by Haier U and Sogou, Chinese Academy of Sciences, pioneer of Internet, Ali, Ling Lung technology, go ask jointly launched Haier U smart home "AI Family" program and technology company, Haier U will open into the AI industry resources company, artificial intelligence open eco developers to build a smart home field, promote the fusion of artificial intelligence and wisdom of the family.

As the saying goes, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan. In order to promote the development of artificial intelligence, innovation and breakthrough, artificial intelligence can be described as "standard time and again come out." conference, the National Commission deputy director Wang Li said that for Haier in the first IEC AI white paper project role, and to: Haier is making the smart home field of artificial intelligent rules, the first AI white paper project its leading industry is of great significance for enhancing China in the world of artificial intelligence industry development and technology promotion of international discourse, the artificial intelligence has released a smart home solutions, again leading artificial intelligence platform in smart home field.

"Haier in artificial intelligence enabling the smart home industry, and with an open attitude, together with industry partners to create artificial intelligence open ecosystem, to seize the home appliance industry a new round of industrial revolution and the revolution of science and technology strategic commanding point, is expected to become the national wisdom family a new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform. Chinese appliance Institute president Liu Ting conclude." with the Haier U intelligent smart home solutions application, AI technology will accelerate the integration with the wisdom of the family, so as to provide better wisdom of life experience for the user, Haier can be regarded as the home field artificial intelligence platform leader. "Hong Kong University Science & Technology professor Yang Qiang on the release of the contents of the evaluation to the conference by. We can see that the Haier U with artificial intelligence enabling the smart home industry, actively promote the application of artificial intelligence technology in the smart home industry, and Through the open platform, we will work together with our industry partners to build an open ecosystem of artificial intelligence in smart home industry, to seize the strategic commanding heights of the new round of industrial transformation in the household appliance industry, and create a new era of AI for the household appliance industry.

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