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NetEase's abacus: want you to buy the authentic products in the Cora, in the strict selection of "high imitation"

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I want to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, which is a "necessity of the middle class". It is really expensive.

Wait until double 11 from the Spring Festival, just hope it can be a little cheaper. It has been proved that the middle class is not likely to be cheap, and the price of double 11 is 4000. As a raw, poor - paid media dog, let me take out so much money to buy a vacuum cleaner.

But after watching Dyson's metaphysics as full of science and technology ads, I have no interest in the cheap vacuum cleaner made in China. Dai Sencai represents a good life, at least the imagination of beautifying life.

Buy or buy, but can not give up money, this time more hope that the sky can drop pie, give me a single.

I'm really waiting for the transfer. However, instead of being free, I recommend a vacuum cleaner which is exactly the same as Dyson, but only 1600 yuan when it was painted on the NetEase koala. I didn't hesitate to buy the hand.

Because it was too much like wearing the forest, I could even bring it into the Dyson ads that I saw before.


This vacuum cleaner is a T300 wireless vacuum cleaner made by NetEase, which is sold strictly by NetEase. The NetEase chose the koala as the NetEase self brand identity. When the system recommended Dyson similar products to me, I recommended several kinds of vacuum cleaner and some products made by NetEase.

When I was proud to show off to my colleague and buy Dyson at a low price, he laughed at me and said to buy a "Shanzhai".

I am particularly unhappy: I bought a yearning for a good life, and it is a matter of consumption upgrades. How can I count the Shanzhai?

The concept of young people's consumption is "changed"

More and more young people, like me, have become the main force of consumption. Their idea is the new trend of consumption.

The white paper on community development under the new consumption trend jointly released by NetEase Yan and AI has summed up the consumption characteristics of the new middle class, mainly urban white-collar workers.

1. pay attention to rational consumption. It is about to buy brand-name goods and the intrinsic value of the shopping concept replaced. Compared with five years ago, more than 20% netizens pay more attention to practicality while consuming, and consumer behavior tends to be rational.

2. pay attention to life aesthetics. The pursuit of more emotional design, more beautiful shape, consumers more taste. Compared with five years ago, people paid more attention to life style when they were consumed, up 24.5%.

3. pay attention to self value. The pursuit of self fulfillment in the consumer process is rising. Compared with five years ago, consumers are

4. pay attention to simple prescription. Over the past ten years, China's online shopping market has experienced the most rapid growth stage, while its growth rate has remained above 30%. Its rapid development has also hit the traditional offline channels such as supermarkets, department stores and shopping malls. But this year, the number of convenience stores continues to grow. Users are more interested in convenience stores, shorter consumption processes and better consumption experience convenience stores, reflecting their simple and efficient demand for consumption.

5. pay attention to environmental health. It is becoming a consumer advocate for new people to choose the natural living materials of environmental protection, pay attention to sports and health, and practice a healthy life style.


Generally speaking, young people are afraid of the trouble and the pursuit of quality of life, do not want to go to the morning, Amoy cheap crudely made stall like parents. E-commerce has brought rich shopping channels, more diversified commodities and more efficient shopping experience to create conditions for the "new consumption" of young people.

But young people do not have enough money to pursue quality life

The growing young people squeamish demand and the boss didn't give up wages between the irreconcilable contradictions, to NetEase such strict selection in the traditional sense of "edge ball" business has brought huge living space.

Unlike traditional buying fake products, it will never sell you a vacuum cleaner with Dyson Logo but product quality jerk. Instead, it will give you a vacuum cleaner that you use and look like Dyson, and tell you, "this is not Dai Sen".

NetEase strictly selected such an e-commerce platform to seize the pain of young people, let you buy high quality goods at a low price. The mode of the NetEase's strict selection is to cooperate with the international major manufacturers in the ODM model. The commodities designed by these manufacturers have been selected for brand names production by some international famous brands, but the rights and interests of the products, such as appearance, fabric and size, are in the hands of manufacturers, and manufacturers can sell products to multiple brands.


That is, the NetEase strictly selects the goods that are very similar to the legal purchase and the big brand, but the price will be much cheaper without the premium of the big brands.

Like me, people who want to buy big cards and can't afford to pay their money are willing to give money to the strict selection. We are defined as a generation of rational consumption, and we don't care whether there is a Logo, and we only care about the quality of the product.

Not really.

"Young people", "rational consumption", "light luxury", "rationality" and "economic type" have been "graceful" in the propaganda caliber. Otherwise, NetEase will not make strict selection and koala together.

I commented to a colleague with 10 suites in Beijing that NetEase made a vacuum cleaner of 1,600 dollars and he only said one sentence: Why not buy Dyson, 4,000 dollars is not expensive.

He is Koala's user.

Quality of life, Netease e-commerce routines

After a business trip to stay at a hotel, I discovered a new usage of Netease Koala.

Roommate living in a room (not so familiar) with a Philips electric toothbrush, super beautiful.

I told her that your toothbrush looks good. She said contemptuously, we are using this ah, you actually do not know?

I really want to know the type of her toothbrush, but awkwardly unable to speak. In this case, Taobao search this toothbrush is unlikely, because Taobao's products are very complicated, you need to find one by one, very easy to buy the wrong. I search for Netease Koala "Philips electric toothbrush", the result is that she used this.

I also search for "shoulder bag", the result is very popular in the white collar arctic fox, anello; search "bracelet", the result is Swarovski, TIFFANY.


If you want to know what white-collar workers are using directly to the Netease Koala search on the line, and other hard-haiku SKU SKU different brands, Koala only sell the white collar ring in the "net red" products.

These products have a beautiful appearance, make you think it can buy a good life to buy - Although after the purchase, you will find life will not be subverted by a commodity, but you see the next one will Feel good life is at hand.

After all, the three artifacts of life have evolved from the early years of ovens, sweeping robots and electric toothbrushes to the cast iron pan, the air fryer, the bichon chopper, the latex pillow, the clothing freshener, the cervical massage instrument, the mechanical keyboard, the Lamy pen, Steam eye patch, import exporter and more than 800 kinds of "middle must buy" (but not necessarily) products.

This is not buying goods, but buying lifestyles. One of the major characteristics of the middle class is that it is always a novelty in life. Therefore, whether or not the products have the logo seems less important. Even Ding Lei said that what cross-border e-commerce companies do is essentially a kind of sharing, sharing good products and a good way of life on a global scale.

If you have money, Koala can scour the good goods; If you have no money, on the Koala, the system gives you a similar recommended carefully selected products, cheap to buy cheap goods.

Although Netease has chosen to clarify its not cottage, plagiarism, and ODM reasonable and legitimate, but it is undeniable that its sales are based on high imitation big. Consumers buy is a logo-free products, but pretend to buy is a big name.

This is an advanced way for young people to go from middle-to-middle class to middle class.

No matter which steps you advanced, as long as you have a good life imagination, NetEase has put you in business circle.

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