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Meizu Pro 7 bleak, this pot in the end who should back?

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Text / Gong Jinhui

The end of November, the industry rumors Chu Chun, vice president of Meizu sales Min left, due to the poor sales of Pro 7, the majority of its sales team will also leave the staff. Meizu officials to be clarified the first time, said Chu Chun Min left without leave, but its position is sales channel director-level leadership, not vice president, leaving only one person.

Chu Chun is not the first manager to run away with Pro 7's poor sales. As early as September this year, also responsible for sales of Meizu vice president Pan wide wide sadly left. It is worth mentioning that Pan Yi-wide and Meizu CMO Yang Kai are Huawei veteran, but also joined Meizu over the same period.

Let the outside world understand that the flagship dual-screen design of the Pro 7 market, poor performance, why the sales department to back pot, the product in charge of product definition department is not responsible for? In other words, the high hopes of Pro 7 performance less than expected, in the end who should bear?

Since the release in late July, Pro 7 has been questioned, the price diving far faster than the outside world imagination. By the end of September, the Charm Friends Festival debut, Pro 7 opened the first official price cuts, the highest decline of 481 yuan. Early in the official price cuts, the third-party channel operators who are highly sensitive to sales and user preferences have already started the price-cutting mode to digest the inventory as quickly as possible.

August 18, there are users in China Telecom official mobile mall to buy Pro7 2580 yuan, 300 yuan cheaper than Meizu. September 2, although Shun Mall 128GB version of Pro 7 is still the original price 3380 yuan, but can enjoy the order by 400 yuan discount, the real pay 2980 yuan to start.

Pro 7 not only cut prices to refresh the mobile phone industry record, the price cut is to allow the outside world "eye-opener". Two months before the listing, the Pro 7 decline remained at less than 500 yuan. After two months, the price cut quickly exceeded 1,000 yuan. The price of the channel collapsed completely. The minimum cost of the third-party platform of Jingdong was just over 1600 yuan In the market, compared with the price of listing close to cut.

Back to the topic, Pro 7 in the market is not waiting to see, in the end who is wrong? My point is: a product is not popular in the market, the bad result should be borne by the entire team, should not be left out in a specific person. However, this does not mean that we can not find any responsible person. If we are more serious, senior executives at the director-general level and resources allocation should be embarrassed by the Pro 7 today as compared with the grass-roots staff at the paranoia level Be responsible for.

Therefore, you will see, Pan Yikuan, two Chunghwa Meizu sales general leave, but in my opinion, they are not the main responsibility, the real responsibility is the main product of the yellow chapter and the leading marketing Yang Zan, respectively Is the first responsible person, the second responsible person, so sales back to the pot too far-fetched. You know, Meizu online and offline channel system is relatively perfect, the operation matures.


Before analyzing the specific reasons, let me talk about the story, the protagonist of the story is the former glory sales vice president, now the president of 360 mobile phone Kai new. Little known, Kai-Xin Lee joined the 360 ​​phone before, briefly in early 2016, the hammer, the reasons for coming and going rush: Kai-Kai Lee is born, market-oriented to predict whether to sell well to plan the product, but Luo Yonghao More stubborn, adhere to product-oriented, first do a good job, then consider how to sell.

In the end, Kai-fu Lee quit and angrily joined the 360 ​​mobile phone under the Zhou Hongyi lobbying. According to Lei Feng network reported that when the two first met, Zhou Hongyi asked Kai-Xin Li do not understand product definition and product planning. "Of course I understand that when Guanghua is in China, all product definitions in China are based on us (sales team) and all are market-oriented. Including glory, product definition, we also have to participate, before the product is listed to mention the request. "Kai-Kai Lee replied.

The reason why I say this anecdote is to elaborate a fact: Although Zhou Hongyi, Luo Yonghao, Huang Zhang are the top product managers, but the three play is not the same, 360 mobile phone is market-oriented, the hammer is product-oriented, Meizu is Between the two. In fact, strictly speaking, Meizu play is also product-oriented, with 360 mobile phones are introduced to Huawei sales, but not like the latter to implement market-oriented strategy, because Meizu sales executives not convinced stubborn Huang Zhang, Even if Bai Yongxiang came out to listen only to Huang Zhang's share, and Zhou Hongyi fully empowered Li Kaidi completely different.

Therefore, the awkward Meizu is that, clearly have the conditions to implement market-oriented, but the arms twist thighs. May this year, Meizu organizational structure adjustment Meizu, Charm Blue, Flyme three major divisions, Huang Zhang not only directly involved in the company operations, but also personally directed the main high-end brand Meizu Division, born designer of his product stubborn, Coupled with the power of the hold, the sales department in the product definition phase of discourse power is lower, more late implementation level.

As the first product after Huang Zhang's debut, the Pro 7 carries the important mission of Meizu's impact on the high-end market. The deeper meaning is that it is a guarantee of profit (top version with a breakthrough of 4,000 yuan), laying a solid foundation for Meizu's IPO Fundamentals, but things go against the rules. From the product point of view, draw screen is the Pro 7 biggest bright spot is the largest slot point, the outside world mixed, some praised its innovative thinking, called a machine side of a clear stream, forming a differentiated selling point, but more people vomit their To tasteless, innovative and innovative, users gradually reduce the enthusiasm after the first taste.

In addition to constantly questioned the sound, draw screen also let Meizu suffer no small economic loss. It is reported that the cost of drawing screen as high as 60 million yuan mold, the beginning of Meizu to draw screen 3000000 orders, delivered in three batches, but only the first batch of 1000000 orders, Meizu has proposed to cancel the remaining orders Claim. Currently, Pro 7 series also 30 & mdash; 500,000 units of backlog of stock, which brings great pressure on Meizu.

Therefore, regardless of Huang Zhang involved in the design or responsible for the project checks, he should be responsible for the screen of this adventurous innovation. Pro 7 market cold, more like its "do not like to roll" or even behind closed doors on a vivid lesson, let him learn to reflect on: in the end is to insist on their own understanding of product innovation is important, or return to user needs And the market is more realistic? His decision-making on the Meizu Division and the whole company is crucial to the overall development.

In addition to the yellow chapter on the screen went black one by one, Yang Ying should also be responsible for the Pro 7 cut list, he is the second person in charge. I always think that any industry marketing is only icing on the cake, can not replace the core position of the product. When the Pro 7 into the product level with low with high prices, drawing like a chicken ribs and other questions, if marketing can not be its bonus, at least not to its chaos.

Never imagined, as Yang Mei, Meizu marketing leader for Pro 7 bring no small negative impact, leading to its loss in the market. Before and after the release of Pro 7, Yang Kui in microblogging Mao Zujin for its publicity campaign, dissatisfied with the Pro 7 configuration low, high price users have microblogging messages in his, he proposed "lower performance due to mobile phone configuration" This point of view to respond to complaints from netizens, and users disagree, justify the Pro 7 unfounded, will not be caused by user crazy Tucao, the real disgust is the user Yang Kai ironic dissent, bluntly those who pursue the high performance of mobile phones Users will only follow suit.

Yang 柘 this speech, fully exposed its narrow-minded, tolerate disagreements, or even accusations, loss of Metrosexual executives, which in itself is the performance of low EQ, not only help to dispel user concerns, but abruptly Meizu placed in the user opposition. Enraged users have voiced dissatisfaction with their Weibo message, forced by public pressure, Yang 柘 can only be closed to comment a quiet picture.

The outcome can be imagined, users have chosen to vote with their feet, Pro 7 purchase will be reduced to freezing point, the dismal sales also reasonable, follow-up sales unfavorable is undoubtedly a negative signal, the formation of a positive word of mouth harder, with the What comes is the price cut, cut a single, leading Meizu brand high-end blocked. During this year's double 11, Meizu mobile phone sales exceeded 1.16 million units, of which only the charm blue note6, charm blue 6 two thousands of machines to contribute 800000 sales, Pro 7 line offline total sales growth of 392% qoq, confirmed from the side Its October sales are not ideal.

In addition to vindictive to poor reputation of Pro 7 even worse, Yang Li that set of literary marketing style has also been questioned. Admittedly, he served as Huawei CMO period, "gentleman Ru Lan", "Jazz" brand tone were P7, Mate 7, selling a lot of Tim, help Huawei opened the door to high-end market, but TCL Meizu, after all, is not Huawei, although "like life", "double pupil as a small window, good landscape calendar" continues his usual marketing style, but both brand awareness, product highlights, supply chain, channel construction and Huawei is different, difficult to copy the successful experience.

You know, any one of the best-selling mobile phone, has never been a unilateral prominent results, but products, brands, channels and other comprehensive strength improved significantly.

It is noteworthy that the same period and Yang Yang Meizu Pan Yi-kwan to leave the time point is quite subtle, during his four-month office, mainly through Pro 7 sales. I do not know if Pan Yikuan left or left after Charlie's Friends on Sept. 25, but what is certain is that he left for about two months after Pro 7's release, to some extent represented the decline of market prospects2 Chu Chun months after leaving to run out of trouble, helpless back pot is really injustice.

It is not hard to see that the Pro 7 is the biggest defeat of Meizu in 2017, or to a certain extent, the self-confidence of the fight against Huang Zhang, next year to participate in the construction of the Dream Machine 15 Plus can make the world shines, so that users regain confidence and lead Meizu In the high-end market to open the situation, is still unknown, I hope not to repeat the Pro 7 from the Hi-style innovation mistakes.

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