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Huawei nova 2s evaluation: 20 million four shots + unicorn 960 or into the end of King

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Of course, for the HUAWEI, nova series has always been its mid-market to challenge OPPO, vivo most powerful product. Then the same 6-inch full screen HUAWEI nova 2s, what is the difference? After reading this evaluation you will find, compared to the previous generation, HUAWEI nova 2s really greatly greatly upgraded. Compared to competing products, Huawei's a small step, or a major step in the competition with OV.

Double-sided glass design, not the same as a full screen

HUAWEI nova 2s The most intuitive change In addition to full screen, is its design. As we all know, Huawei nova series has been focused on young consumers, are constantly trying new design style. Nova body material is also constantly changing, from a generation of metal, to the youth version of water ripple glass, and then to the second generation of metal, and now back to the double-sided glass, but no matter how the design change, nova Value and sense of grip are constantly improving.

This time, HUAWEI nova 2s once again return to the fuselage of the double-sided glass, the front panel and the battery cover are consistent, the one side of the market is also more eye-catching. Color, HUAWEI nova 2s obsidian black, silver diamond gray, Sakura gold, light blue, Acacia red five, which for young people, especially women will undoubtedly bring more choices.

At the same time, the back cover of the glass body has a strong visual perception and dynamic light effects, with the light of different angles, showing a slight color change, different viewing angles, there will be different light and shadow changes. In the absence of sets of circumstances it is loaded X weapon.

The arc transition around the fuselage is more slippery than the previous nova2. With the design of double sided glass, the handle is more comfortable. The overall size is 156.9mm (long) * 75.1mm (wide) * 7.5mm (thick). It doesn't change much, and it is more comfortable to take it up.

The metal frame uses the same color as the body, so the machine looks very integrated, the shape is more lively. The volume button on the right side of the fuselage and the power button is not significantly loose, in line with the HUAWEI standard.

The full screen technology I believe we all understand, the same 6-inch 2160 * 1080P resolution screen, but compared to some AMOLED slightly jagged screen on the market, HUAWEI nova 2s pixel fillet rendering, through Modify the edge of the arc is only 0.063 mm LCD molecules display area, to solve the problem of fillet serrations, edge pixel edge is also more smooth and fluent, so HUAWEI nova 2s Full incell LCD screen, even more transparent.

Before and after 20 million and four, unprecedented

HUAWEI nova 2s may be the best phone currently taking pictures, just from the front and rear camera configuration and parameters. Before and after the dual cameras are used At present, Huawei has only one model (Huawei Wheat 6), and both before and after the use of 20 million pixels plus four shooting design is not only the first Huawei, is unprecedented in the industry.

Parameters, the front of the main camera for 20 million pixels responsible for high-definition imaging, deputy shot 2 million pixel depth of field camera bring bokeh effect. And supports 1080P HD video recording.

It is reported that the front dual camera uses a dedicated self-timer lens sensor to enhance the accuracy of face detection, facial recognition for more accurate three-dimensional information for the eyebrow, eye, lip detail the optimization of clarity, and AI beauty Color, etc. ... nonsense not to say, please see the effect directly.

Of course, for photography, light is really a very, very important factor. On the HUAWEI nova 2s equipped with a full spectrum reduction front soft light, simply to restore the natural light of the lower part of the color, will not let you appear rhubarb face and big blue face.

More black technology is, HUAWEI nova 2s soft light also adds a uniform light shade and uniform ink, really is to PK rhythm.

Needless to say, the effect of bokeh is easy to make, such as the SLR general "sharp focus coke, coke cream" effect, while compared to the edge of the previous generation more perfect effect, very little error fuzzy . In addition there are and every day P map of the ever-changing background and interesting changes, these are all the effects of Meng sister is everything, eliminating the need to go to download the software again.

Rear-end HUAWEI nova 2s is used 20 million black and white +16 million color dual-lens, compared to the previous generation 12 million pixel wide-angle +8 megapixel telephoto combination can be described as a small upgrade.

The black and white + color dual lens for the details of the object and the capture of the brightness is undoubtedly more sensitive, while 20 million pixels can make up for the lack of telephoto lens, the camera interface is also retained 1X and 2X zoom options, when shooting detail objects, zoom Photo almost no vague phenomenon. In addition to the pixels, the rear dual-camera aperture is also f1.8, double six-lens style lens, can bring more light than double f2.2 aperture brightness increase of 50%, compared to double f2.4 Aperture brightness increase of 78%, will undoubtedly bring better shooting in the dark.

Focus on, HUAWEI nova 2s with 2in1PDAF dual-core fast focus mode, the focus area is 2 times the normal PDAF focus area ... ... The actual operation of the focusing ability really has been greatly improved, especially in the night shooting, the chances of paste significantly A lot smaller.

The effect of portrait blur is also more obvious, F1.8 aperture blessing, compared to nova 2, especially in the portrait at night, the richer, more accurate and virtual. In addition, still supports professional black and white camera mode, and joined the 4K 30fps video recording, so HUAWEI nova 2s visual ability to create more prominent.

Kirin 960 +6 GB memory, hardware performance almost equal to the flagship

Prior to the HUAWEI nova and OPPO, vivo target models, the performance has never been the focus of its promotion, a generation of nova is only equipped with Xiaolong 625, the previous generation nova 2 equipped with HUAWEI midrange processor unicorn 659, at the conference Even without being mentioned in detail, this approach seems to have been criticized by fans.

But in this generation is directly promoted to unicorn 960. Although last year's flagship CPU, but if the current OV full screen using the processor such as the Snapdragon 660, higher than the more than one grade, a single core should lead the Snapdragon 660 10%, while the GPU's leading range is as high as 60 %the above.

In addition, it is also equipped with up to 6GB of memory, in the midrange models, have to say, this configuration is Huawei. The specific memory with a 4GB +64 GB, 6GB +64 GB, 6GB +128 GB three options.

On the battery, HUAWEI nova 2s equipped with 3340mAh battery, and supports 9V2A fast charge, battery life is undoubtedly more lasting, heavy use of the day is not a problem, and charging speed is very fast, 40 minutes charging up to 58%.

NFC function is still retained to support the national traffic card connectivity standards, covering 160+ cities north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen public transport bus card, subway card. In addition, HUAWEI nova 2s supports shared bicycle NFC unlocking, which is convenient for people who often use transportation.

In addition to talk about the quality often overlooked by the user, in previous generations, nova has already supported the 3D surround sound and Huawei 2012 Labs new audio algorithm Histen4.0. This time, HUAWEI nova 2s integrates audio chip solution AKM AKM 4376A HiFi chip, support aptX codec technology, making the extroverted and headphone sound enhance again.

Pre-fingerprint identification and face recognition, the others have

Fingerprint unlock in the nova series is also the first to be placed in front of, compared to most of the domestic full-screen mobile phone rear fingerprint unlock is undoubtedly more convenient, after all, forefathers for more scenarios, such as mobile phones on the table, like Aspect, too lazy to pick up, direct finger point to unlock.

The other big advantage of pre-fingerprinting is that you can continue to use the Home key to interact, touch back long press to return to the desktop after the habit than the virtual keys easy to use, but also reduces the virtual keys occupied screen space, Can bring a better visual experience. Fingerprint unlock speed compared to the previous generation is also slightly improved, and supports black screen unlock.

In addition, HUAWEI nova 2s also joined the face recognition function, through the identification of facial contours and a variety of features, the processing of facial data to determine whether to meet the unlock requirements, to prevent photos, video non-living unlock, more effective in preventing sleep Eyes closed to unlock.

In addition, HUAWEI nova 2s is also very fast in face unlocking speed, and can be unlocked under the screen. After recognizing the facial information, the user can directly enter the home screen by selecting settings or unlock the screen by selecting the lock screen. When other Press the power button, bright screen, the mobile phone through the face to identify the user at this time the user non-owners, all calls and message prompts do not display the content, "content is hidden," can also better protect the privacy of the owner .

Based on Android 8.0 EMUI8.0, rare in China

For Huawei's EMUI, I believe many people are still familiar with, as the third quarter of 17 global shipments of the largest manufacturers, the system's market share is still considerable. For many systems dignity, each major version of the upgrade will be accompanied by a little bit of trouble, after all, how much new features will increase the user learning costs. However, this time EMUI 8.0 solved this problem very well. Even from the bottom to the evolution of functions, even new users can easily get started.

First of all for the changes made to the full screen, in addition to automatic adaptation of the third-party application layout, EMUI8.0 also adjusted for the touch screen problems caused by increased proportion of screen, in order to solve this problem to the user, EMUI introduced intelligent recognition Program, to accurately identify the cheeks, arms, pockets, bags and other easy to touch the scene.

Of course, in this high-screen share of the situation, split screen is particularly important. In EMUI 8.0, intelligent split screen can be a key trigger, multi-tasking effectively improve our handling of the day-to-day operation, at least for me, watching the video no longer grab grab a red envelope.

At the same time, it supports many smart modes, such as smart notification, EMUI 8.0 will prioritize important notifications, display of unimportant notification aggregates, timing & amp; auto-cleanup of unimportant or unimportant notifications, and DND mode in full screen mode.

For example, the smart screen recognition function can present real-time useful information based on contextual semantics in text communication. When encountering 12 types of information (celebrities, music albums, movies, anime, attractions, variety, teams, attractions, restaurants, hotels, Courier), you can generate service cards with just two fingers long press on the above information, and automatically carry out five resident services (search, copy, daily, translation, sharing). In addition, there are intelligent scene information push and intelligent voice assistant and so on.

Taken together, with a 6-inch full screen HUAWEI nova 2s performance in no way the midrange series of Huawei phones, unicorn 960 processor with 6GB of memory, plus 20 million before and after the camera, if last year is definitely a Top flagship models, even today released, far more than any domestic mid-range mobile phone configuration. And no more than three thousand yuan price, no doubt, will make HUAWEI nova 2s become the most cost-effective section of the price of a cell phone.

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