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Android flagship "standard" Snapdragon 845 release, it will make phone changes?

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Even if you are not too concerned about the smart phone users, but also more or less from online and offline experience shop seen "Xiaolong" name. From the Snapdragon 800,801,820 to the Snapdragon 835, Snapdragon almost become the standard version of each generation of Android flagship.

Snapdragon 845, this is the standard next year, Android flagship.


Snapdragon 845 still follows the 835 platform "4 +4" architecture, that is, four large cores plus four small core design. One of the largest nuclear clocked at 2.80GHz, the highest frequency of the small core is 1.80GHz. As is not based on the ARM A75 + A55 architecture customization, Qualcomm did not give a clear answer.

In addition, the Snapdragon 845 also features the Hexagon 685 DSP and Spectra 280 ISP. The Adreno 630 GPU delivers up to 30% better performance, 30% lower power, and up to 2.5 times faster display. At the same time integrated X20 LTE modem, support Quick Charge 4.0 fast charge technology.


Xiaolong 845 eventually failed to use the 7nm process, switch to Samsung's latest 10nm LPP FinFET process optimization - TSMC and Samsung are foundries in the two mid-to mid-mass production, at 7nm Process technology there are still technical barriers to the case, this is taking into account the cost and capacity of the best choice.

Android phone next year, what changes will happen?

Compared to the improvement of technical parameters, ordinary consumers may be more concerned about such a question: Android handsets next year, what will happen?


The first is to improve the quality of pictures. The Snapdragon 845's Spectra 280 ISP supports the Ultra Premium HD, which means next year Android smartphones will support 4K 60-frame video capture while supporting slow motion video at 1080p / 120 frames or 720p / 480 frames.

In addition, the Snapdragon 845 supports 10-bit color depth pictures of more than one billion shades, with a wide color gamut, more color richness and a more natural color transition.


Snapdragon 845 support depth perception and computer vision, not only through the algorithm to shoot better shallow depth of field photos, but also from the bottom of the hardware level to achieve the face of 3D modeling and biometrics, the Android Face ID, Qualcomm said For XR.


Although there is no cell phone equipped with the Snapdragon 845, Qualcomm said DXOmark equipped with the Snapdragon 845 will score over 100 points. By comparison, the highest-rated Pixel 2 has an overall score of 98 at the moment, and Qualcomm also lists a competing product with a rating of 94, which is the iPhone 8 Plus.

Snapdragon 845 mobile phone will be more intelligent to understand you. It supports voice AI, can recognize your voice, can make the phone support simultaneous interpretation. Deep learning and computer vision mean that the phone recognizes the person in the photo.


Mobile phone security will also increase. Snapdragon 845 provides system-level security, including Hlos, TrustZone and SPU three-tier, of which SPU is a new Qualcomm security processing unit, the equivalent of higher-dimensional smartphone vault, including fingerprint information, bank cards, Cards and other information are stored here, it can withstand the security attacks outside.


Connectivity is the traditional strength of Qualcomm, whether it's Wi-Fi, cellular or Bluetooth.

The X20 Modem, released in February of this year, is finally integrated into the Snapdragon 845. The maximum theoretical download speed of the flagship Android mobile phone can reach 1.2Gbps (150MB / s) next year, and it is quite easy to download a 3GB movie within 3 minutes before boarding. .

In addition, the Snapdragon 845 also supports a new generation of dual SIM, enabling dual VoLTE voice calls, users in the call network will not fall back to 2G or 3G networks. Wi-Fi supports 11ac Wi-Fi standard, the connection speed is 16 times before.


Due to the improved architecture and the addition of 3MB of system cache, the Snapdragon 845 consumes 30% less power than the 835, and the flagship Android smartphone is expected to further enhance its battery life next year.

In addition, Qualcomm fast charge technology is still maintained in the fourth generation, the phone charge from 0 to 50% only 15 minutes.

Turn a cell phone into an artificial smart phone

Snapdragon 845 another meaning is that so that a handful of smart phone manufacturers quickly entered the era of artificial intelligence.

This year's iOS and Android camp two flagship phone, are invariably joined the artificial intelligence module & # 39; Apple upgraded to A11 bionic chip, and Huawei Mate 10 Kirin 970 processor integrates NPU.


Snapdragon 845 does not provide an artificial neural network engine unit in artificial intelligence, but the use of a distributed architecture.

"The way we do AI is not like other companies just integrating a neural network module into the chip. We flexibly call the performance of each module. The specific scenario is whether a CPU, a graphics processor (GPU) or a digital signal processor (DSP) ) Load, which is the advantage of semiconductor integration. "

In fact, it is far from enough to have only a single powerful multicore CPU in AI operations. A GPU typically used for graphics rendering has thousands of compute cores that may be better suited for detection and tracking, whereas classified computation-intensive workloads may run better on digital signal processors (DSPs).

Qualcomm senior vice president and general manager of mobile services Alex Katouzian said Snapdragon 845 is already Qualcomm third-generation artificial intelligence platform, because the application level is not yet mature, so Qualcomm has not focused on publicity.

He believes that Apple A11 bionic chips and Huawei Unicorn 970 are for their own use, but Snapdragon 845 will allow more smart phone manufacturers to enter the era of artificial intelligence together.


Yesterday, during an interview with Ifanr, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi 7 equipped with the Snapdragon 845 is under development. Among them, artificial intelligence will be a highlight of mobile phones and they are currently working with Qualcomm engineers. In the application of artificial intelligence, millet has invested 600 engineers.

Judging from the cooperation between Qualcomm and its partners, simplifying the shooting of pictures and videos and enhancing the VR gaming experience will make voice interaction more natural in the three main directions.

Make a fuss about the camera function is the preferred method of domestic manufacturers. Taking image recognition as an example, Snapdragon 845 can directly identify different characters when the phone takes photos, and the mobile phone can also screen out photos of the same person in the gallery. In addition, the phone can be optimized for different scenarios of post-optimization photos, in the past require a lot of user manual face-lift, beauty, deep neural network blessing, a key to complete.

Xiaolong history of the development is almost the history of the development of smart phones


10 years ago, Qualcomm released the first mobile chip & nbsp; Snapdragon S1, which uses 65nm process technology, is today 6 times.

A year later, the first Android smart phone HTC Dream was born, carrying Snapdragon S1.


In 2012, Qualcomm released the S4 series product line, integrated Adreno 225 graphics processor, smart phones began to enter the dual-core + 1080p era. As the first 1080p screen phone, HTC Droid DNA (Butterfly) is equipped with S4 Pro chip.


S4 also integrates 4G LTE Modem, to achieve the world's first LTE network VoIP calls, the leap in network speed directly derived from the prosperity of the mobile Internet and app economy.

In 2013, Qualcomm released Quick Charge, a fast charging technology that enables cell phones to charge up to 40% faster than older cell phones as part of the power management capabilities of the chip. Fast charge into smartphones until the battery technology breakthroughs Expediency to improve battery life.

In 2015, Qualcomm 820 integrated the first LTE-A Cat 12 modem with downlink speeds up to 600 Mbps. In December of the same year, the three major Chinese operators entered the 4G + era in an all-round way.

2015, because of the earlier version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 fever problems, a number of smart phone manufacturers are affected, so many domestic manufacturers to solve the fever Snapdragon 810 as a selling point.

In 2016, Qualcomm introduced the Clear Sight dual camera system, which has gradually become the standard feature of flagship handsets.

& hellip; & hellip;

Xiaolong history of the development is almost a smart phone history.

Qualcomm has been able to continue to affect the smart phone industry, to some extent, its vertically integrated business model.

As a semiconductor design company that started out as a mobile communications technology, Qualcomm has evolved from the CDMA technology CDMA 3G, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and other 3G networks. In the later 4G standard, Qualcomm also owns most of the core patents.

Although the communication technology that is known as the baseband, but the high-pass mobile phone components are packaged together for sale.

Buy baseband to send CPU + GPU + DSP + ISP, although this sentence is not exact, but probably reflects the business idea of ​​Qualcomm and the composition of a chip.

The official statement with Qualcomm is that it is a "mobile platform," though what you often hear is probably the Snapdragon XX processor.


In fact, the public talked about CPU actually occupy only 15% of the capacity of a chip, the other 85% from the GPU, DSP, Modem and ISP and so on.

Such as mobile phone camera, the test is the camera and ISP and DSP coordination. Exercise pedometer, calculated calories have to co-processor through DSP, shared processor part of the work. While running large 3D games, the phone will call GPU processing power.

In short, the processor architecture, the GPU, and the modem are the three core elements that determine the smartphone experience.

Qualcomm is currently one of the few vendors that can master the core technologies at the same time. For smart phone manufacturers, this one-stop service is not only convenient but also has a relatively low purchasing cost and can save a lot of money Patent licensing fees.

Whether it is dual-core, 1080p, or 4K video, fast charging, are inseparable from behind the scenes Qualcomm. Although technologies such as bi-video are not Qualcomm pioneered, Qualcomm bundles solutions into downstream handset vendors through integrated chips and reference designs, shortening the path to commercialization of new technologies to a certain extent and accelerating the rapid adoption of technology.

Snapdragon mobile platform in the design, Qualcomm is usually planned for 3 years in advance. Communicate with hardware manufacturers and operators, app developers and other partners first, then design and development, and thousands of hours of testing and tuning before going commercial.


Long development cycle, means a high investment. according toFY17 dataQualcomm chip business (QCT) revenue of 1.6479 billion US dollars, but the gross profit margin was only 17%, accounting for only 10% of the company's net profit.

How to boost the net profit of the chip business and reduce the risk of the franchised revenue model will be one of the major challenges the technology company will face in the next decade.

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