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6.1 inch iPhone back to the metal shell? Some details and questions

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Because of Guo Mingji this "Mingzui" as a guarantee, we have identified the apple next year will launch three new machines, including two is the flagship iPhone OLED panel, which is the design of iPhone X, but the screen size is different. The remaining one is the legendary 6.1 - inch LCD version of the low - and low - priced iPhone.

Even if you are very disappointed with the two iPhone 8 this year, you shouldn't miss the new 6.1 inch iPhone next year. Because it is understood that the new iPhone is equipped with the original deep camera and has the face ID face recognition function, so the Home key is also meaningless. The apple will remove the Home key from it, bringing in further expansion of the screen size. It's hard to say that the new iPhone will be full screen, but there is no doubt that its design is very soon to get rid of the stereotype of the iPhone 6.

People don't dislike cheap iPhone. Otherwise, iPhone SE will not play an important role in apple. After a long period of super cycle, it is obvious that a new machine with more innovative design and advanced technology is more attractive. So when an updated but inexpensive iPhone is launched, it is believed that it will still be sought after.

From this point of view, the LCD version of iPhone in 2018 is really a good choice. It has a larger screen, stronger performance, and a new ID feature. Even if the LCD panel is not as advanced as OLED in theory, we must not look down on Apple's attainments on LCD. A considerable number of people believe that the fact that the OLED screen is at the present stage is not much better than LCD.

Interestingly, on this new machine, often broke the the latest news, they said in the report, the 2018 LCD version of iPhone will be like iPhone 8 before many of the old models, using a metal cover, and the color will be more diverse than iPhone 8.

Compared with the iPhone 7 generation, the choice of color matching for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is a lot less, only three kinds of black, silver and gold. Many iPhone users pay very much attention to its fuselage color matching, or it will not cause the apple to launch a new color each time to cause the phenomenon of hot selling and imitation. It is sure that Apple has greatly reduced the color selection of this generation of iPhone, and it will certainly disappoint the part.

Why does the apple do this? It is widely accepted that generally has two kinds: first, iPhone X uses a full screen design, apple wants the user to focus more on the screen and the screen content, so not too much emphasis on the shape design; on the other hand, compared with the metal shell, glass material is not suitable for colorful color. In combination, we also see this generation of iPhone with too much less choice of color.

So from this perspective, if next year's 6.1 inch iPhone really wants to return to the metal shell, it will be feasible to make it restore colorful colourings. After all, the strategy of multi color matching has been a great success in the past. The question is, why even iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have been changed to the glass shell, and next year the apple is going to change back?

One possible explanation is that this is Apple's definition of cheap models. In fact, we are not familiar with this set, the earliest iPhone 5C was once like this. Apple plans to make iPhone 5C a cheap and young market, so it uses a plastic shell and colourful color. Although iPhone 5C is not successful at last, the reason is not in color matching. As long as the other aspects follow, color matching can be a bonus.

So we'll probably see that after the 6.1 - inch iPhone is released, apple puts the center of publicity on the youth. This new iPhone must be much more successful than the iPhone 8/8 Plus, and really serves as a role to meet the needs of more consumers. Apple will propagandize its new design, its cheap people, and colourful color matching for young consumer groups. If Apple does bring enough changes, then the new iPhone is really potential.

Of course, we can also put forward a more simple possibility that Apple's familiar metal shell design can effectively reduce costs and substantially increase production. The new machine will be equipped with the original deep camera, and the Home key will be removed to adapt to the new screen, plus all kinds of changes that may come. The increase of its cost is not surprising. In order to keep the price, will the apple choose this way to reduce the cost? As for the publicity and orientation, it can also be carried out.

So is this rumor true? Although we have discussed so much, there are still some places that can not be understood in the Nikkei, that is, wireless charging. In fact, a large part of the reason for the sudden change in this generation of glass material in this generation is for wireless charging. Because this year's iPhone is using induction coil charging technology, the metal shell means that the charging process will be disturbed. So the question is: what if the Apple really wants to get the new machine back to the metal rear shell, then the wireless charge? Is apple going to abandon this function or does it find a new way to do it?

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