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Online game plug-in too much money: Some people profit by implanted ads millions

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"Eat chicken" plug-in

Police cracked the first case

December 22,TencentGame Security Center announced the joint Jiangsu police cracked its "eating chicken" online game "Jedi survival" of the first plug-in software production and dissemination of cases.

"Jedi survival" is a popular online games, while the number of online users at the same time exceeded 17 million people. November 22, Tencent announced that it has won the domestic agency rights of the game, but also set up a special team to investigate the game plug-in production and sales leads.

With the assistance of the Tencent Keeper Program Security Team, Wuxi Jiangyin Police successfully arrested and smashed a number of plug-in production and sales groups such as Mochizuki and Shinsengu on December 13 and three core criminal suspects All arrested, and confessed to the facts of the crime. "Tencent Game Security Center said January 2017 to January, Tencent related officers to assist the police cracked more than 30 plug-in cases, arrested more than 120 suspects.

The so-called game plug-in, as its name implies, is controlled from the outside content of online game programs, so that the use of plug-in players get upgraded to speed up, make more money and other functions of the software.

For gamers that do not use plug-in, the use of plug-in form an unfair competition. For the game operators, plug-in unfairness may lead to a substantial reduction in the number of game players, shortening the operational life of online games.

As early as 2003, the ministries and commissions at the time explicitly pointed out in the Notice Concerning the Special Governance of "Private Clothing" and "Extermination" that "the illegal plug-in is an illegal Internet publication and should be severely punished according to law."

In spite of this, plug-ins in online games are still repeated.

By embedding ads

Millions of dollars profit

Beiqingbao reporter access to the past seven years on the relevant judgments online game plug-in cases found that as early as the "steal food" class online games prevalent, it has been the use of plug-in software profiteering.

Deng Jianhao was born in 1991 only junior high school culture. April 2010, Deng Jianhao established a "QQCEO" Web site, and uploaded on the site "QQ Ranch restaurant stealing bandit triple play" and other online games plug-in software for Internet users to download and use.

Prosecutor accused Deng Jianhao and the two companies to establish cooperation, the ads of the two companies into the plug-in software, when Internet users use plug-in program will automatically pop-up web advertising. According to Deng Jianhao Internet users click on the amount of advertising to the above companies charge advertising costs.

Deng Jianhao later confessed in court, he developed the "QQ Farm ranch restaurant steal bandit triple play" software operation principle is to simulate mouse clicks, automatically send simulation dataserver, So that the server mistakenly for users to operate their own Internet, to "grow vegetables", "steal food", "close the dishes" and other effects.

In the end, the local court found Deng Jianhao for profit, illegally operating more than 211 million yuan, sentenced him to three years in prison and fined 1.5 million yuan.

A software engineer told Beiqinggao Bao reporter, plug-in software production costs are very low: "On the one hand, plug-in software requires only the most basic programming techniques can be produced, and some people can learn through self-learning technology, the threshold is very low On the other hand, a computer needs only a single piece of software, and the electronic copy of the copy sold to the player has almost no cost, and its hardware cost is slim compared to the money given by the player.

In another case, Chen Wei and Xiao Haitao, a high-profile culture, collaborated with Xiao Haitao to create a plug-in software for the hot online game ZT Online 2 and named the plug-in "Bulldozer."

With this plug-in software, players get automatic features that significantly outperform other players. Xiao Haitao developed a "bulldozer", by Chen Wei is responsible for the sale of the software on the network, the two on sales divided by approximately.

To the incident in June 2014, more than six months, Chen Wei Alipay handed over to Xiao Haitao more than 1.8 million yuan.

After layers of subcontracting

Off the assembly line can still profit

Beiqing Daily reporter found that in more than one case on the network game plug-in, criminals to establish a complex sales network.

Plug-in producers are often not responsible for sales, but the development of off-line, offline sellers will develop their own offline, but the lower the status of the offline, the lower the profit earned, the highest-ranking sellers Profitability.

On September 4 this year, the second trial of the Intermediate Court of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, handled the case of the crime of illegal business operation of Yang Changchun and Wang Lei et al. The number of defendants in this case amounted to 11.

The verdict shows that from March 2012 to August 2013, Wang Lei obtained a plug-in program of the online games "Dungeon and Warriors" through a net friend and charged Yang Changchun, etc. by charging "royalties" and royalties Illegal sale of the game more than 1,000 plug-in program, illegal business amount of more than 200 million dollars, 100 million yuan of illegal profits.

As a downline, Yang Changchun resupplied some 799 plug-ins to Lu Wei-feng, Wang Chu-chuh, Xu Hui and others for illegally operating more than 4.25 million yuan and illegally making profits of over 2 million yuan.

Wang Chuanzhu, a lower level, resold 123 plug-ins obtained from Yang Changchun to Xu Hui et al., Illegally operating over 690,000 yuan and illegally making a profit of over 50,000 yuan. A further layer of offline Xu Hui from Changchun Chang, Wang Chuanzhu and others get 88 plug-in programs sold to Cheng Zhi-jian and others, illegally 2 million yuan.

Cheng Zhijian, who is located at the end of subcontracting, is still profitable. He obtained 62 plug-ins obtained from Xu Hui and others and gained a profit of more than 16,000 yuan after illegal sale.

The verdict of the case admitted that although the size of the plug-in software was only about 1M compared to the game software of the size of seven Gs, many defendants illegally operated illegal publications and disrupted the market order to achieve "particularly serious circumstances" or " Serious circumstances "standard, constitute illegal business crime.

The final court ruled that the defendant Yang Changchun guilty of illegal business, was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and fined 2 million yuan. The remaining defendants also received the corresponding penalty.

Recruit foreigners

Participate in the production sales

Related judgments show that in order to circumvent legal blows, some criminals who profit from plug-in software use electronic products to easily cross national borders and recruit foreigners to participate in crimes.

At the end of 2013, when Liu Yong and Xianmou consulted with inspectors of Quality Supervision Bureau of Tumen City, Jilin Province, they caught the wind of "Sword Spirit", a well-known online game introduced by South Korea, and produced and sold "Sword Spirit" game Plug-in software to obtain huge profits.

Yong said in court, Xianmou told someone that someone can do the game plug, that really profitable, to find someone to do sales.

After the court confirmed the verdict, Kim found a North Korean Kim Kim Kim made a game for "Sword Spirit" plug-in, named "ufo" and arranged for Cui responsible for contact with the gold of the game plug-in technology Maintenance and other matters.

Liu Yong was brought a Japanese named bridge, arranged to recruit agents through the QQ online sales of the game plug-in, of which the weekly card price of 25 yuan for each card monthly sales price of 100 yuan.

Liu Yong later confessed that the reason to find the bridge responsible for sales, because sales of plug-in software know illegal, that "to find some foreigners safe."

With the help of external sales, Liu Yong accumulated a total income of 1.41 million yuan from November 2013 to May 2014, and paid 680,000 yuan to Xianmou.

The final court sentenced Liu Yong to 5 years imprisonment for illegal business crime and a fine of 800,000 yuan.

A used online game player has told Beiqing Daily reporter, the reason why players use plug-in, on the one hand because the game "play a fun", hoping to get over the pleasure of other players. On the other hand, because some wealthy players will invest a lot of money to get better ability, for the small players, the purchase of plug-in is a more economical and convenient way.

The player said that as online game management has become more stringent these years, the risks of using plugins have become larger and larger, "an account that was previously heavily invested has been blocked because it was found plugged in."

(Original title: Police cracked the first "Jedi Survival" plug-in Previous domestic has decided that more than one plug-in production, dissemination of the case)

Text / reporter Qu Chang

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