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Apple iPhone battery and strangling the throat of the

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2017 battery door

Near the end of 2017, Apple has not been able to pass this Christmas firm and secure. This year, another "battery door" has become a hot topic for Apple users and mobile web sites. Last week, Geekbench developer John Pl shared itIPhoneThe detailed test results of 6S and iPhone 7 have further studied the relationship between iPhone device performance degradation and battery aging, which has attracted great attention in Reddit.

According to Poole's discovery, Apple has taken some iOS upgrade to guarantee the endurance and stability of the aging battery. When the system detects that the battery cannot guarantee the stable operation of the new system, it will take the initiative to reduce the performance of the device. This is why many users feel that the older iPhone upgrade system in their hands is the main reason for the more use of the card.

At first, Poole thought that, with the decline of lithium batteries, the performance of the processor would decay. But it was later confirmed that the performance of the processor was significantly improved after replacing the battery with some old iPhone phones. Their other discovery was that every time the apple upgraded the iOS system, the performance of the old iPhone users would fall faster.

This mechanism is also applied to the iPhone 7 that runs iOS 11.2. Poole revealed that in the 100 thousand iPhone samples studied, it was found that the speed of the updated iPhone mobile system slowed down obviously, and the phenomenon of accidental shutdown is very common. The number of devices involved is huge. The most severely affected by deceleration is the use of the iOS 10.2 version and the iOS 11.2 version of the iPhone 6S, and the iPhone7 using the iOS 11.2 version.

I don't know if you have any iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 on your hands.

A way out of a way

The results of Reddit exposure in the United States have caused intense user protests, and apple has also fallen into a public relations crisis.

Before that, domestic and foreign users questioned and criticized the phenomenon of limited performance of Apple's old iPhone. Until the practice was confirmed, the voice of opposition intensified. The first person to initiate a lawsuit is two iPhone 7 users in California. They sued apple for damaging the user's right to know, interfering with the user's equipment, causing economic losses, and demanding compensation from apple. Subsequently, there were more Apple users in Chicago and North California filed a lawsuit against the local court. The Apple Corp's practice was "deceptive and immoral", which violated the American consumer protection law.

After the Geekbench run results were published, apple published an official statement on the decline in iPhone's battery performance in an interview with the TechCrunch website. The statement first explained some good reasons that Apple didn't try to force users to upgrade their phones, and deliberately let their old cell phones run slower.

According to the Apple Corp's statement: "lithium batteries will decline in the ability of low power and long after use can provide peak current demand, low temperature, and can not provide high performance real-time demand, this may lead to an unexpected shutdown, in order to protect the electronic components inside the mobile phone."

Apple Corp acknowledges that since last year, the company has released a new feature to iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhoneSE, that is, smooth transition iPhone's high performance demand, so as to avoid the unexpected shutdown phenomenon. "Now, this feature is also introduced to iPhone 7, which is installed with iOS 11.2, and will also support other mobile phones in the future." The apple said.

The apple did not deny any results from Geekbench.

So it's all the truth. Since 2016 the battery door broke out, because the battery problem caused the iPhone automatic shutdown of the event was to let the black apple a headache, in order to solve this problem, seek performance and equipment running balance, apple with a so-called "smooth transition moment of high energy demand, is also reduced running speed to ensure the equipment will not be easy to automatically shut down, but never thought it was against the user.

In seeking to solve

The method that apple takes has a reason and a certain rationality, but it's hard to let the user accept it.

First of all, the average price of the new iPhone has exceeded 700 dollars, and the fighters in the 5000 mobile phones are so expensive. The performance is so high that they can't be guaranteed for one to two years, which is too disappointing for users.

Second, is the iPhone's battery design reasonable enough? According to the same research done by Geekbench team in Android mobile system, a preliminary analysis failed to find a large-scale accident shutdown or slow speed on apple iPhone. One of the reasons is because the energy consumption of mobile phone iPhone mobile phone battery is more dependent on Bian Zhuo, on the other hand also because Android mobile phone battery energy is greater.

The problems of batteries, batteries, and iPhone batteries have been noisy from 2016 to 2017. Every time the system is upgraded, users have to ask "is it a promotion?" Every time the new machine is released, the user asks, "is the battery increased?" The battery is really at the performance of iPhone is strangling the throat, the throat of the Apple user experience.

So we want to ask, can Apple solve the iPhone battery problem completely?

In a short time, to provide some more favorable policies for the new battery for the old iPhone users, not to endure before the system operation Caton and lag, can also prevent the accidental shutdown of iPhone, let the battery door is in the past.

This may be very difficult, because the number of users involved and the number of devices are very huge. The supply of new batteries is just a problem. Apple has not given any answer.


When does the battery revolution come

In the long run, imminent iPhone battery of the new program, Apple needs to find a larger capacity battery, at the same time in order to maintain the existing iPhone light, also need battery quality greater density, can at least do like that like the Android mobile phone, function not too limited by the battery energy consumption and battery life. It seems that Apple has already done something.

According to Apple analyst Guo Mingchi, apple is deploying to small suppliers to provide iPhone with more energy batteries by 2019. In addition, MarcaDoeff Laurence, a battery expert at the National Laboratory of Berkeley, also said that they are providing solutions to make cell phone batteries meet higher demand.

In fact, not only is iPhone, the current rapid development of smart mobile devices are battery clamp, especially AR and VR greatly popular, 5G into the era of high-definition video, instant face calls on the battery capacity caused greater pressure on the battery life or all of the changes, only then optimization in the original scheme, if scientists can in the next 35 years can develop the new battery program, to break through the bottleneck of battery materials, I believe that all people can benefit. It's the old question: the time calls for a battery technology revolution, and I don't know if we have the privilege of witnessing.


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