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Baidu forward to claim 50 million Italian sniper attack Tencent Ali capital injection?

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Gong Mengze newspaper reporter

From the end of 2016 to the beginning of this year, after experiencing several core technicians' turnover, Baidu, which cost huge amounts of money in autonomous driving, has achieved a number of unmanned vehicle startup companies called "Baidu Department." According to the reporter from Securities Times Incomplete statistics, Baidu automatic drivers leaving the company founded as many as eight. In recent days, Baidu, the country's first unmanned ticket, has become the protagonist of the first unmanned infringement case in the country.

On December 22, Baidu filed a lawsuit against the Beijing Intellectual Property Court on behalf of Wang Jing and Wang Jing, general managers of the former auto-driving division, on the grounds of infringing trade secrets.

According to the reporter, Baidu requested the court to order the two defendants to immediately stop infringing on Baidu's trade secrets, and ordered the two defendants to jointly compensate for their economic losses and a reasonable expenditure of 50 million yuan. At the same time, the two defendants publicly declared that the impact should be eliminated and assumed Full legal costs.

Industry experts do not want to be named to disclose to reporters, Wang Jin since the founding of King Chi business has developed rapidly, and sought after by many investors. As Jingchi headquarters is about to move back to China, its business competition with Baidu will intensify. "Prosecute Wang Jin will contain its further financing, and sniper Tencent, Ali and other investors to support the injection of capital in case other companies in this area to further confront Baidu. & rdquo;

He also said that the infringement of trade secrets and claims of 50 million yuan are not the main reasons for Baidu's assault on Wang Jin. "Wang Jin, founder of Baidu Auto-Driving Division, sued him for killing the chicken marmoset. Deterring those former employees who set up their business in the unmanned area is expensive and has more legal risks to consider when leaving employment.

"Baidu Department" Venture intensified

Claim 50 million yuan to kill chicken marmosets

Four years ago, Baidu shouted unmanned vehicles project "three years of commercial, five-year production" and then followed by the major car companies have co-operation, the momentum was Dingding, but now for the repairer process has no choice but to The point. With the departure of Wu Enda in March this year, once Baidu unmanned vehicle business "four Diamond" left all.

As early as March of this year, Baidu posted an email to all its employees, saying that it would set up an intelligent driving career group and be responsible for taking office as soon as possible. At the same time, Baidu senior vice president, former general manager of auto-driving Wang Jin, "internal rest adjustment".

Originally thought to be a senior management structure adjustment. However, by the end of March, Wang Jin will leave Baidu, the establishment of King Chi technology, join the unmanned vehicle business.

Reporter noted that King Chi Technology registered in Silicon Valley, the United States, the registration time is March 29, 2017. The company's core team called luxury, in addition to Wang Jin, the former LASER manufacturer CFO Lu Qing, chief scientist Baidu Automated Driving Division Han Xu, before driving the top drop-driver Yang Qingxiong were impressively.

Some Baidu parties to the "Securities Daily" revealed that Baidu Wang Jing himself and King Chi companies to initiate litigation, mainly based on three considerations. Firstly, Wang Jin violated the non-compete agreement and recruited Baidu personnel; second, Wang Jin registered Baidu during Baidu's tenure of office; and Wang Jin stole the company's secrets through the unrepaired computers and printers after his departure.

In order to confirm that the saying goes, Baidu also announced Wang quit resignation letter of commitment. Commitment letter shows that Wang Jin claimed that due to his negligence, Baidu allocated to the use of its work computer and multifunction machine lost. At the same time promised "due to the loss of computers and one machine caused by all legal liability (including but not limited to cause the computer involved in Baidu's business information, technical information and other leaks) are borne by myself".

"I can not understand the lost computer, but lost the printer is very puzzling. "Baidu officials told reporters that in fact the printer is able to leak, because all through the printer copy, print the file, will leave traces in the device.

In response, King's rapid response to the company, "there is no factual basis, our lawyers will be in fact and legal level to respond to" rdquo ;. For the old owner asking for compensation of 50 million, the company said Jing Chi technology has now become the undisputed leader in China's driverless technology. Company "no fear of competitor's body mass" & rdquo ;.

Unmanned tuyere has arrived

Behind the talented people fierce battle

It is worth noting that Wang Jin was not the first to be summoned to court. In April of this year, UCAR prosecuted Wang Jin and King Chi because the four employees responsible for the research and development of autonomous driving technology at UCON Silicon Valley Lab had collectively resigned on March 14 and joined the Jingchi team.

Shenzhou issued a lawyer's letter to the four former employees who said they were in control of the company and claimed to have evidence of infringing on the company's intellectual property and revealing trade secrets after serving in the company and resigning from the company.

Insiders told reporters that at present the top domestic artificial intelligence talent is very scarce. In the case of the industry is not yet ripe, the mobility of people without driver, more rely on the acquaintances to draw together in series. With the growing rise of unmanned, business secrets repeatedly staged. As the international first case of "driverless" Google and Uber litigation continued for several months after the criminal investigation.

According to its introduction, in the industry, the driverless technology path is generally divided into "Intel system", "Microsoft Department" and "Google Department", the field of entrepreneurial talent are generally in the three A work before. With the departure of core personnel in succession, "Baidu Department" is inevitably into people's vision.

Beijing Weinuo Law Firm Yang Zhaoquan lawyer told "Securities Daily" that, with the economic development, the number of cases of violation of trade secrets increased year by year. At present, there is no mature calculation of the amount of compensation for commercial secrets. The general principle is to calculate the amount claimed by the aggrieved party by calculating the amount of damages suffered by the aggrieved party or the proceeds obtained by the other party.

Involved in the case, Yang Zhaoquan think that if there are many people who master the business secrets, and have resigned. As the plaintiff, in fact, we must take stringent measures to investigate, "or else do not rule out others will follow. Prosecution in this case has become an inevitable choice. "Yang Zhao said.

Automotive industry analyst Zhong Shi believes that drowning in the limelight, Wang Jin to grasp the technical advantages of the subject of the contract will not be low, the profit is relatively impressive. "50 million yuan claim amount is not excessive. & rdquo;

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