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Blue Hole: "survival" are from the 99% Jedi plug-in Chinese | Tencent: Well I know

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The most favorable auspices, eat chicken at night!

Eating chicken Winner Winner Chicken dinner first came from the movie "21:00," and then went viral in the game "PUBG: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS". When you get first place, there's a line:

Tencent United police check chicken feed

With the Tencent announced the official agent of "Jedi survival" of national service, the majority of game player hi Pu Ben, finally do not have to buy a card for buyout game (accelerator cost) did not expect, "survival" official Jedi but suddenly a pot of cold water. Recently, Brendan Greene, the producer of Jedi life, told foreign media interviews that 99% of the cheaters in the Jedi life were from China.


At present, about 99% of the plug-in phenomenon in the game is made in China, not only in China, but also has a huge external market in the world. Obviously, such a situation is considered to be a common occurrence in China's game market, but I can understand that China has more population than anywhere else in the world.

When I just heard the news, I actually refused.


In this regard, < /> survive the Jedi national service agency Tencent with practical action to the general game player had a reassurance. Get the service agent right from the beginning of November 22nd, the Tencent for the external event investigation depth comprehensive, and in December 13th to assist Wuxi Jiangyin police successfully arrested and destroyed.

This is the first case of the first "Jedi survival" by the Tencent to produce and spread the case, and to play a beautiful unveiling battle in the war against external hanging. In fact, when the Tencent announced the "Jedi survival", it has been a lot of plug-in team have begged for mercy, Dad.


Listing of common external technology

What is called baizhanbudai. If you want to go back, it is still necessary to get a deep understanding of the common technology of game hanging.

PS: here is only a simple list of people who are interested in anti - hanging technology, and can directly pull the end of the reference link.

1, offline type hanging

In the game development process, every game client and server will have a fixed communication format. Most game communication protocols are located on the TCP layer. The custom data structure is called by plug-in developers.

2, analog package type external hanging

The reason is that some external developers themselves may be game developers . They can analyze the logic in the game . In the absence of source code and communication format data , the key data packets in some games can be analyzed , and some simulation techniques are used to complete the function contained in the game .

3, memory type external hanging

In the absence of the game client source code, and there is no certain experience in the game development, it is still possible to carry out the development of the outside. These plug-in developers generally master the underlying mechanisms of operation system, such as module, thread, memory, kernel object, kernel mechanism and so on. These technologies help them to analyze the logic and important data in the game client process. After that, they usually inject DLL into the game process to manipulate the data in the game process, and complete some special functions. When there are some changes, the server is successfully executed when the server happens to be not checked.

In addition, the hang - up developer usually divides the outside into an injection and no injection.

Careful use of plug-in rencailiangkong

Since the day of the birth of the game, the game has been regarded as one of the big toxic tumors in the game world. However, it has been banned for many years.

First, the harm of external hanging on the game

1, the impact on the game data and the server

For non game software developers outside the third party production, the modification of its software will destroy the game data, and modify or destroy data may cause the game operation error, which can seriously cause the game server important resources damage and loss. In addition, the plug-in can also cause slow speed of the game, error of data, and increase the pressure on the server. Impact on the security of information networks.

2. Disrupt the game balance and affect other user experiences

Plug-in destroys the balance of game parameters. By using cheat, the plug-in can quickly reach the game level that the normal user can run for a long time, which greatly damages the entertainment of the game and shortens the life of the game. At the same time, these imbalances seriously interfere with the normal games of other users, often causing a large number of normal users to leave.

Two. The harm to the player from the outside

1, account password, easy to be stolen

Some plug-in programs are registered when the player is prompted to enter the account and password. When the player enters the game's account and password, it is likely to have a loss number event. Some of the evil extrapolating programs make use of players to register for a temporary convenience and to steal other people's accounts.

2, the implicit scheme, both life and wealth

Because some users lack the ability to judge, they tend to be attracted by some false publicity, and then pay high prices. When the discovery is false, it can only be unfortunate, not only the loss of money but also the chagrin, and the loss. And some outside programs, free of free flags. When the player is in the use of a certain period of time, gradually rely on the game, and then charge.

3. Hidden virus, endangering safety

Plug-in program is not made by game developers. Its content is not subject to any approval and guarantee. Many plug-in producers install Trojan horses and other virus programs in plug-in software to steal user's computer information, including user data and landing data. Because the plugin is not within the scope of the protection of the legal software, the consequences of the virus caused by the virus must be borne by the player himself.

in addition ,

Of course, the maintenance of the game environment depends on the player himself.

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