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In 288 hours, the first "outside" case was broken, and the Tencent was able to prove the determination to build PUBG ecology.

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In December 13th, Tencent Inc jointly arrested the Wuxi police and cracked a case involving the illegal profit making of the Jedi survival game. 3 core suspects were all arrested and confessed to the facts of the crime.

It is understood that this is the first time that Tencent has announced that it has won the sole agency right to seek the best of the country , and that it has been the first to seek out the production and spread of cases . On December 1 , the TGC Tencent disclosed a public statement .


The first "Jedi survival" plug Gang case cracked

For the game player, this is something cheerful.

In fact, the hanging problem is not a "Jedi survival", which has almost spread to the whole

It ' s not just the thing that ' s talking about .

Since the Tencent announced the winning the exclusive agent operation right of Jedi life, the players are counting fingers and counting the days, waiting for the arrival of national costume. Tencent has quietly opened its own in this month.

On December 1st, on TGC, Tencent publicly declared for the first time that it would crack down on the "PUBG" plug-in for the first time.

December 8th, the "PUBG" external policy related to the release of the announcement that will

In December 13th, the Tencent in the guardian planning security team and the cooperation with the police, the Jedi "survival" plug-in organization first cracked the case, 3 suspects were arrested.

In December 19th, the "Jedi survival" anti plug-in special group was formally established, which means that Tencent will support the long-term Anti Japanese war from the technical and legal level.

In December 26th, Tencent released the five major plans of the "Jedi survival" counter plug-in, which dealt with the organization, production, operation and circulation of plug-ins accurately, and became an important node of products and even the whole category of anti plug-in.

Compared to many on the line to fly all kinds of chicken to eat chicken games, Tencent put into the anti - external action is still quite sincere. With the hit game, game player, industry, law of different levels, "Jedi survival" anti plug action has great probability of becoming the domestic game industry milepost event bash plug-in.

Tencent has invested huge cost to crack down on plug-ins, because it knows that a series of cheating behaviors such as plug-ins are harmful to the game itself, and the most direct impact is user retention and game life. In the December 1st TGC conference, Tencent announced that it will invest more than 100 million yuan, used in the anchor, broadcast platform, marine, Internet cafes, media, content, author events, hardware field force, establishing more perfect Jedi "survival" ecosystem, it needs a stable environment to support the benign game.


Tencent will put more than 100 million into the great ecology of "Jedi survival"

And the outside hang often accompanied by some other crimes such as fraud and other crimes, the social impact caused by the beginning of the outside thinking. For players, the general purchase and use of plug-ins does not constitute a crime, but in real cases, many of them are being defrauded of gambling because they buy game plug-ins. In a fraud case heard by people's Court of Lieshan District of Huaibei city in Anhui this year, two defendants sold money to a game assistant software in the name of deceived others.

So, regardless of their products from the operational point of view, or from the angle of social influence, the Tencent must implement a severe blow to the Tencent and plug-in, multi dimension defense, so that other manufacturers also see different categories of ideas on the development of anti plug, category is to promote.

The Tencent has made a move

Tencent announced on December 26th


The publication of the five major anti external plans

How do you do it?

The first official operations team joint Tencent game security center, Tencent safety management department established "Jedi survival" national service anti plug special group, through technical and legal means to ensure the stable operation of the game; secondly to provide 7*24 hours non-stop all day long security; to improve the game client plug-in function to achieve the threshold at the same time, will also be reported through the real-time cloud artificial means to achieve rapid collection, plug-in sample collection and analysis, in order to achieve full coverage in a short period of time to achieve plug-in for online real-time combat, punishment to external users; finally, the online game reporting system and offline criminal combination with each other.

It is worth noting that the "Jedi survival" national costume will create the game credit, taking game activity, game behavior, punishment history and security contribution as the computing dimension, expecting users to accumulate in the game positively, and become one of the user's goals.

In fact, as early as the Internet out of Tencent to proxy "Jedi survival" message, a lot of plug-team ready to run, a large number of plug-in to 4 fold, 3 fold the price was sold at low prices. "Tencent is coming, we still do not, really going to jail", said people who sell plug-ins on the network. Tencent in the fight against plug-in has never just talk about it, but really will put legal action. Faced with the production, sales and use of plug-in black game industry chain, Tencent Security Management Division and the police long-term cooperation in 2017 alone to help the police cracked more than 30 kinds of plug-in cases, arrested more than 120 suspects.


Scared out of the way plug-in group owners

Sales plug-in sales also said: "In accordance with past experience, Tencent has announced the establishment of a special group in the official microblogging, basically put a lot of practical action, and do not wait for Tencent announced some measures to consider withdrawing . "Sure enough, on December 18, Tencent official release microblogging announced the establishment of anti-plug-in team and launched activities # Jedi survival of national anti-extortion action # #, just 8 days later, announced the above-mentioned" five major anti- Plug-in program "

Can see that this "anti-plug five" plan, not only in the technical level to suppress the plug-in living space, so plug-in production of the steep increase, but also the use of legal means to combat from the source, up to the level of criminal cases to plug Illegal costs of the team rise. Moreover, Tencent Security Management Department will continue to work with Tencent Game Security Center, "Jedi survival" project team, the police linked to the black and other off-line criminal offenses, so that the category of "anti-plug-in" is no longer just empty talk.

This time, the time may be left to plug-ins really.

"Rugged and economic" to combat plug-in

In addition to using the law and other tough measures to combat plug-in, Tencent is also using its own appeal to "unite all forces that can be united" to resist plug-in.

Well-known anchor fifty-five open because of the event hanging deep in public opinion whirlpool, a time became a hot topic on the social network, which can be seen from the side of the head anchor has affected the player's behavior at any time, Tencent necessary for the anchor Groups linkage and norms, together to combat plug-in.

In fact, this is also the head of the anchor environment for the game clean self-demand. Game anchor and high-quality game mutual achievements, so that the anchor spontaneously into the game environment in self-purification. After all, when the whole life of "Jedi Survival" and the problem of game lifespan arise, the anchors will also suffer a considerable impact. In the current situation of commercial diversification, maintaining the long-term interests of the game is more in line with the needs of the anchor.

Therefore, when Tencent # # Jedi launched a national anti-extortion action, got a lot of well-known bloggers, the game since the media and the player's support, tiger teeth, fighting fish, all the people, flag many mainstream live platforms have said they will cooperate Official crackdown with the game in the plug-in, and create a clean good live environment. Up to now, up to 100 anchors in the industry have responded to the call of Tencent and become the vanguard of anti-plug-in


In response to anti-plug-in action anchor

This undoubtedly also inspired the players, especially the core follow-up and interaction of fans, to create a good game for the "anti-plug-in" public opinion. Even the game environment, have brought the spread of the effect that the "anti-plug-in" reach the influence of different circles of users, the formation of public opinion atmosphere.

On the surface, it is Tencent platform with the appeal, in fact, Tencent conform to the trend of establishing a benign ecology, the anchor and Tencent to form a "community of interests", using the popularity of anchor and traffic in the media On the promotion of anti-plug-in action.

In addition to the vigorous and resolute crackdown of criminal strikes and the introduction of safety and security mechanisms, Tencent is also cleverly using the power of public opinion to publicize the spirit of fair play and to reinforce players' awareness of resistance to plug-in. After all, while cracking down on sanctions, they also need prompt guidance from the public opinion, so-called "rigid and flexible" to solve the problem.

"Jedi survival" as the core "eat chicken" game has been a breakthrough as a new game category by Tencent, rather than a burst of the game's strategic significance, building a good ecological environment is Tencent's top priority. A new category of games if you really stand firm, not only requires users, but also need a complete set of surrounding ecological improvement. This is not something that can be accomplished overnight, and requires the strength of the manufacturers in the spirit of "open and inclusive" to integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain.

Which eliminate the plug-in, back to the player a fair game environment is an important precondition for Tencent to integrate the industrial chain, because to some extent, "Jedi survival of" national service means that "tactical competitive" category of huge space, Many players on the game's cognition has not been finalized, good products, good experience to win new users. This is also Tencent's expectations. Anti-plug-in is the first step, more exciting is that it will become a new opportunity in every aspect of the game industry chain.

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