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The "three swordsman" of the Meizu

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Author: PingWest products play curator

Huang Zhang is back.

Concerned Meizu people, this sentence from 2014 to the present, have heard many times.

As the founder and chairman of Meizu, Huang Zhang played the role of "leading the second line" for a long time. The daily operation of the company depended mainly on the "Three Musketeers" of Meizu: Bai Yongxiang, Li Nan and Yang Yan.


Meizu Three Musketeers: From left to right, Yang Yan, Bai Yongxiang, Li Nan

Bai Yongxiang: "I am also one of the founders of Meizu

In 2001, Bai Yongxiang, an engineer at Shenzhen Weijian International, hosted a client.

"Both of us are VCDs and drummers, so we talked a lot about it." Bai was impressed with the chatting between the two.

MP3 engineer Bai Yongxiang did not think of it at the time, it is this less than half an hour of conversation, changed his career in the next ten years.

The "customer" named Huang Zhang soon realized that Bai Yongxiang, a top student who graduated from UESTC, was a rare talent who called repeatedly to invite Bai Yongxiang to join. Unable to embrace the invitation of Huang Zhang, Bai Yongxiang decided to give it a try. In order to balance work and family, he also moved his home from Shenzhen to Zhuhai.

That time, the MP3 industry is a huge outlet, the consumer market is in the era of gradual replacement of the MP3 tape. In 2002, Huang Zhang decided to separate from the original company, go it alone.

"Old white, wages, I'll settle it, follow me."Bai Yongxiang so involved in the creation of a company called Meizu.


White Yongxiang in his youth Pictures from cnBeta

The early Baiyong Xiang, Meizu's status as much as Jobs in the eyes of Wozniak.

Huang Zhang main product design, the main product of Yong-Xiang Bai. MP3 era, yellow and white partners Meizu products to promote fast.

However, to do a good job for the then Chief Engineer Bai Yongxiang MP3 is a difficult task.

In 2003, Meizu soon launched the first MP3 & MX; although it was the "MX to MX" and "Dream Machine" in the innumerable "kerosene", it was not enough to form a strong brand effect. Open the market situation. The next generation of product ME began to pick up, but because OEM foundry for Onda made a wedding dress.

Until 2005, the classic E3 was born, Meizu finally made the product brand: Before the E3, there are only two kinds of MP3 on the market: iPod as the representative of foreign goods and domestic MP3. After the E3, MP3 category has become three - iPod, Meizu MP3, domestic MP3.

White Wing Cheung summed up during that period, "very hard, but very high."


In 2007, Meizu engaged in a more high. An MP3 factory to do the phone, and from the mobile phone overlord nokia tiger snatch nibbling.

"You can not, want to die," everyone thinks Meizu crazy.

Bai Yongxiang soon began implementing this plan. Digging people - he dug up from Shenzhen Zhizhi developed a smartphone operating system programmer, dug senior core developers from domestic hardware vendors, and Microsoft WinCE negotiations for authorization.

Meizu hard for two years, by 2009, M8 was finally born. The official sale date, M8 hard to find a machine, a number of Meizu store lined up a long queue.

Meizu difficult to complete the thrilling jump from MP3 to mobile phone, as one of the founders, Bai Yongxiang know better than anyone, this "jump" in the event of failure, there may be no Meizu this company.

Meizu successful transformation of mobile phone business, Huang Zhang is assured of the company to the former "comrades" Bai Yongxiang, chose "hidden." 2011 Huang out of the daily management of the company, Bai Yongxiang ushered in his career the most important title - Meizu CEO.

Bai Yongxiang at the helm of the Meizu era, Meizu's change can be described as earthshaking. In July 2012, the MX mobile phone with Flyme 1.0 was released and the MX 2 with Flyme 2.0 was released by the end of the year.

At the time, the phone was available on the market for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2, HTC Butterfly, and millet 2. Bai Yongxiang is very clear, if there is no Flyme, in the face of these opponents, MX Nothing is & mdash;

Laobai served as Meizu CEO's title until 2013.

Yang Yan: designer's hard work and fortune

The year before Flyme was born, Yang Yan joined Meizu.

Previously, he was creative director at Eico Design, which led the design of the Meizu M8 UI. Thus won the appreciation of the Yellow Chapter, was dug Meizu.

"500 interface, more than 300 renderings, more than 1000 controls."

This is the design background Yang Yan Meizu after the completion of the task to complete the largest amount of a job. Meizu was only more than 10 software technicians, two interactive designers, there is no visual designer.

"An effect chart is changed several times in a day. All are freehand sketches and they are handed over to designers to extend the interface." After the work was completed, Yan Yang got the company's re-use - because he was involved in the design The work was finally named Flyme.


Yang Yan Source: Baidu Encyclopedia

Yang Yan really come out of a turning point, but also from his sincere Meizu.

In 2014, Ma Lin, who was originally responsible for Flyme, joins the limelight as he heads up and the head of the Flyme team is vacant. Yan Yang finally fill the seats.

"We dare to reform our lives" - Yang Yan summed up the changes that led the Flyme team.

It was in Yangmei's charge Flyme 4 that Flyme finally got rid of the smartbar, which is prone to double-column phobia. Flyme 5 to join mback Flyme from niche to the general public, suitable for more people to use.

Since then, Yang Yan all the way up, from the Flyme division was promoted to vice president, to take over the original responsibility for the accessories business unit Li Nan, increasing authority.

In fact, Yang Yan-led Flyme department also made a lot of things do not fly, Meizu smart watches, intelligent weighing scales are the software part of the Flyme, these products are finally died. Flyme also experienced a serious cloud service failure in 2016, causing users to synchronize their phone contacts with others' contacts. For these things back pot is the Meizu.

Flyme Meizu, the importance of no doubt. However, the establishment of such an independent software division division, will lead to many problems.

Flyme independent, has its own complete marketing department, conference Keynote, has been Flyme own marketing department in the operation, and has long been not Li Nan help. However, Flyme out of trouble, Li Nan and Meizu Marketing Department has a lot of back pot.

Under the leadership of Yang Yan, Flyme department is not satisfied with the Meizu and Charm blue hardware sector adapter system. Yang Yan also want to do the ecology of intelligent hardware. In 2014 Li Nan has begun to do both hardware and software, Flyme abruptly pull a team to do smart ecology. So when Li Nan responsible for the intelligent hardware department was cut off, Yang Yan took over the parts business department will be a matter of course.

In such a corporate structure, Yang Yan, who is on an equal footing with the hardware department, is a big bargain. Flyme system is inseparable from the Meizu mobile phone sales increase, mobile phone sales, Flyme users will increase. The profit of 1 billion a year also allows Meizu to maintain normal operation under the huge loss.

But Flyme borrowed a strong growth of mobile phone business development performance, out of the problem Meizu backpackers. For other business units, how much will be a bit unbalanced.

From the recent structural adjustment point of view, Huang Zhang apparently pay more attention to Yang Yan Meizu ability to make money.

Li Nan: KKK's legend

Meizu's team expanded rapidly from 2011 to 2013 with the exception of Yang Yen, another "swordsman" who also joined Meizu due to his appreciation of the Yellow Pages. Li Nan, who had been a contributor to Ai Fan, eventually led the Meizu market and brand marketing efforts.

As one of "Meizu Three Musketeers," Li Nan and Meizu have a long history.

At that time, Li Nan was the one who wrote an article under the pseudonym KKK in Love Van Children. In 2009, Li Nan published an article exploring iPhone software interactions: "Can iPhone have a design philosophy? ".

"Water Friends of the Forum," Huang Zhang very appreciated after reading, in the Meizu Forum replied: "The author of the usability research is very deep, very insightful .If I can invite the author to join the Meizu interaction and user experience .If you can not join Meizu, I am also happy to make friends. "

Commenting on the article so far retains: "KKK, Meizu J.W would like to invite you to join the Meizu."


After joining the Meizu, many people are ridiculed Li Nan Mei Meizu eat fat, as well as former employees know almost answer the company's cola are Li Nan finished. Meizu previous conference, the audience can remember, in addition to the new product announced by Li Nan, that is, he often pause gasping.

As known to the senior "water friend," Li Nan, "Why Meizu Vice President Li Nan portrait in various sites are used when the picture of young?" Also self-ridicule: "Lazy, this is not when I was young, is my third Years ago, Meizu did not take long time, you dare to do it?


This is the picture of Li Nan, who was lean three years ago. Source: Baidu Encyclopedia

Of course, Li Nan is unequivocal, familiar with the importance of marketing and branding, can be said to be a fat in marketing even breath.

At the end of 2012 at the MX2 press conference held by Blue Water Cube, Li Nan took the stage to deliver & introduce the Meizu Flyme 2.0 operating system. "The core concept of Flyme Design is the beauty of silence."


The next few years, the "silence" the label was printed on the Meizu brand, Meizu brand differentiation as a bright spot.

Li Nan was also engaged in a concept - Connect to Meizu, ready to open the API through the application, network services integrated into Flyme.

By 2014, Li Nan realized that playing Fa Fa changed, not just music as advocating ecology, old rival millet is also engaged in millet ecological chain. And single-selling mobile phone is difficult to hold up the market value of a large company, Meizu sooner or later to do other than mobile phones products. Connect to Meizu soon switched to smart hardware.

At the MX 4 conference, Li introduced three devices that have accessed LifeKit: inWatch & pi; smartwatches, Broadlink smart sockets, and billion-Ghost quadcopter.

In fact, due to the appreciation of the Yellow Chapter Li Nan was entrusted with the task in Meizu far more than the imagination to do much.

He created the Charm Blue brand to sell the hot red rice thousand-yuan machine that has been dismissed as veteran rival Millet. The label of "Young Good" was successfully imprinted on the Charm Blue, and the design of the product was also lapful Can point.

Li Nan once took over the Meizu sales department.

Yes, Ali precious 5.9 billion financing is also led by Li Nan took the lead, to the urgent need of blood transfusion Meizu provides a key supply. So far, this investment has 96.9 million yuan equity not redeemed from Alibaba.

Obviously, a few years ago the outside world saw Meizu's speed and layout, is to be driven by Li Nan.

With the reaction speed of the Meizu family-owned enterprises and the unobtrusive attitude of the Huangzhang family, it is obviously difficult to adapt themselves to the rapidly changing external environment. There are millet and red rice in front and music afterwards.

2014 & mdash; 2016: The real situation of the return of the Yellow Chapter

2014 is Meizu anxious year. Its anxiety comes from the inside, but also from the outside.

At the critical moment of Meizu, Yang Yan, Bai Yongxiang and Li Nan went to Huang Zhangjia on many occasions and asked him to return to the stability of the company.

So, just after the Spring Festival in 2014, Meizu took place a major event - Huang Zhang re-served as CEO.

The widely circulated "Inside Story of the First Chapter of the Huangzhui Reprisal" makes it inevitable to guess the "Gongju Drama" between Huang Zhang and Bai Yongxiang. Because "Meizu Three Musketeers," only the oldest senior Bai Yongxiang did not appear in the yellow chapter.

In his internal speech, Huang Zhang, in answering an employee's question, mentioned that he had officially served as CEO of the company and affirmed the help of the former Meizu CEO Bai Yongxiang to the company.

Later, Huang Zhe, who has always been outspoken in the Meizu forum, said: "Since I'm out of the mountain, I definitely need to personally lead me. He can help me."


After the return of Huang Zhang, the former CEO Bai Yongxiang changed his position three times, from the CEO to the senior vice president, to the Meizu president.

"I am also one of the founders of MEIZUWhite Yongxiang later told Tencent Technology such an interview stressed that for the absence of internal Huangzhang speech, Bai Yongxiang's explanation is "just after the Spring Festival I returned home, came back two days later."

However, during this period of Bai Yongxiang in the company's position and shaken, the more crucial point is that he and Li Nan joined the board in 2015.

This is a "family business" with a ratio of 51.96% funded by Huang Xiuzhang (Huang Zhang's own name). Joining the board of directors shows the recognition of Bai Yongxiang's status as Meizu. But Yang Yan has not yet joined the board.


Data Source: Eye check

In fact, Bai Yongxiang's position is not much change, is still the principal, 2016 product planning is what he did. However, it seems from the outside world, these three years Meizu chaos, it becomes without itself.

Finally in 2016, Meizu, which was originally jealous of millet heat and flow, suddenly began to obsess with OPPO and vivo. The final step was to take shape. It exaggerated to hold at least one press conference a month, at least 10 press conferences a year .

Meizu at the time, the development of the conference may be to maintain the popularity of this brand, the most economical way.

2017: Meizu eventually change the sky

Meizu is not the first to encounter a crisis, but this time the crisis seems a bit unusual.

According to the announcement last October Tianyin Holdings Meizu shares disclosed the acquisition of news, after a year and a half ago, Meizu's loss of more than 1.3 billion yuan, PRO 7's poor sales even worse, more than six figures. Prior to the introduction of professional managers, Meizu senior vice president Yang Ye is no longer responsible for Meizu division sales.

Not only the sales, Bai Yongxiang responsible for Meizu products also in the most recent Meizu organizational structure adjustment was cut, focusing on assisting in the management of various business units and business sharing platform.

Once the Meizu second hand Baek Yong-hsiang at the level or even to CFO Qi for the people on an equal footing.



Li Nan was assigned to be responsible for the charm of his hand created blue. At the same time, the independence of charm blue is gradually increasing.

Li Nan confirmed in Weibo, Meizu recently closed nearly 500 stores follow-up will be changed to the charm blue store. Including Charm Blue has applied for your own logo.


The restructuring, Li Nan's terms of reference only the charm blue. However, the scope for tossing him getting smaller and smaller.

From December 23 Charm Blue third anniversary of the broadcast seems, Li Nan even charm blue design rights have to be recovered.

"Next year, the charm of the new blue chapter will personally design," Li Nan very calm in the live broadcast to tell you. His calm may have more frustration.

Meizu eventually returned or yellow Meizu, he finally decided to personally rescue the burning ship.

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