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Jingchi headquarters settled in Guangzhou Wang Jin response Baidu lawsuit

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King Chi King CEO King Jin speech at the scene

However, just last week, Wang Jin chase by Baidu lawsuit probably not so good mood. Nine months after the departure of the former executives, the company suddenly sued King Technology and Wang Jin for accusations that the latter violated the non-compete agreement and stole the company's secrets. It resolutely filed a lawsuit in court.

There are various questions from the outside world about it:

"Baidu executives leaving many entrepreneurs, why alone prosecute Wang Jin?"

"Why is it that only nine months after the establishment of Kingco, has it suddenly uncovered the company's guilt?"

Today, Wang Jin accepted an interview with Sina Technology after the signing ceremony and responded to the Baidu indictment. At the same time, Wang Jin described this cooperation with Guangzhou Huangpu District Development Zone in more detail.

The cooperation mainly involves:

◆ King Chi technology global headquarters settled in Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone. The core team, including R & D headquarters, operations headquarters and sales headquarters, will move from Silicon Valley in the United States to Guangzhou Development Zone in Huangpu District to build the first large-scale UAV industrialization company in China to build world-class driverless technology.

◆ King Chi technology will be in the Guangzhou Development Zone, the normalization of operations, to create the first unmanned aerial vehicle normal business demonstration sites;

◆ From the first quarter of 2018, 500-1000 unmanned vehicles will be mass-produced throughout the year;

◆ To build Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Heights and Kingmax Technologies to participate in and build a world-class artificial intelligence institute and artificial intelligence school;

◆ Three years, King Chi technology will introduce and train 1000 people, including 100 high-end talent;

◆ Jingchi Technology and Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone, Guangzhou Development Zone Financial Holding Group and well-known fund will focus on Jingchi technology together to create 10 billion yuan of industrial funds, layout of unmanned upstream and downstream industries, together to create intelligent driving, intelligent manufacturing and Wisdom travel, a total of plastic new smart travel ecology.

Jing King Technology CEO Wang Jin and Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone leaders signed an agreement

King Chi Technology said that Guangzhou Development Zone will be in the talent, policies, funds, venues and industrial chain to give King Chi technology very large support. This is in line with its "IAB" strategy set out earlier this year - that is, developing a new generation of strategic emerging industries such as Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Biopharmaceutical. King Chi Technology is just a combination of the first two, helping to enhance the Guangzhou city in the field of artificial intelligence and intelligent transportation development.

King said global technology headquarters, including R & D headquarters, operations headquarters and sales headquarters, King will be the headquarters and its headquarters in the country and other related companies to reorganize, in order to make other related companies 100% ownership of Jingchi headquarters.

Former executives were Baidu "kill", Wang Jin response to litigation:

Last week, Baidu prosecution King Chi science and technology incident, by the media as "the first case of Chinese unmanned vehicles."

On December 22, Baidu filed a lawsuit against Beijing Intellectual Property Court on the grounds that the commercial secret was infringed upon by Baidu's Wang Jing and Wang Jing, general managers of Baidu's former auto-driving division. The lawsuit is mainly based on three reasons:

Violation of competitive agreements and recruitment of Baidu personnel;

Baidu registered Jingchi while in office;

By leaving the computer and printer does not return the theft of company secrets.

In response, Wang Jin responded today.

CEO Wang Jin, CTO Han Xu (right), Yang Qingxiong, vice president of technology to accept Sina science and technology interview

Technology, Wang Jin believes that their own technology and Google, Uber and other world-leading driverless technologies are different, including Baidu.

As for Baidu's "non-competition agreement," a accusation, Wang Jin did not respond directly, but said he did not want to fight this bickering, do not want to litigate in the media. If the indictment is true, it should go to court. Wang Jin also mentioned that he still has not received a summons from the court so I do not know why the allegations were made.

And on Baidu's "lost computer and printer responsible for the full commitment," said Wang Jin dumbfounding: "I returned the only computer I was using, there is material evidence, but also returned only I Of the two printers, which have evidence.As for the above that lost printer that is damaged has been scrapped for three years, the computer is a failure, but also scrapped two years after the printer scrapped them to give me an update The new equipment, then scrapped printers where to go, not a vice president of concern, it may still gray in the building of Baidu it.

Because Baidu has a depreciation (rules), (use) more than 3 years (equipment) residual value is zero. I did not think what happened, the results said Baidu said I had to lose money, three years of scrapped things also sold me 318 dollars, I felt a little injustice, I did not get. By the last day, I will not allow me to leave without compensation. But in two days I'm about to fly to the new company. So I lost money, to two or three years ago already scrapped equipment. I am really unjust. "

As for the accusation of "registering Jingchi Company while Baidu is in office," Wang Jin said he left Baidu on March 31 and joined the new company on April 3, "I have not worked at both companies at any one time at any time."

How to develop the road to return?

According to Wang Jin introduction, the first 9 months chose to do in Silicon Valley driverless technology, because there is a concentration of talent, road test regulations more mature. Now that China has introduced policies and regulations that support unmanned vehicles, it is not unusual for King Chi to return home.

While the headquarters are moving back to China, the R & D center in the United States still retains the reason for the talent strategy. Wang Jin believes that Silicon Valley is a forward base for attracting the world's top talent, and it is also continuously developing artificial intelligence and driverless personnel. Artificial intelligence is the battle for talent.

"We need to attract talent on a global scale and of course we are very much looking forward to nurturing talent in this fertile ground in Guangzhou. In three years we will train 1,000 self-driving talent and will also introduce over 100 high-end talent."

Wang Jin mentioned that his wife and family will move to Guangzhou early next month. "There really are dozens of engineers outside (the meeting place) today, thanks also to Huangpu District for their support, and there are people apartments for us to live in. Our engineers can live and live. it's here."

Jing Chi technology unmanned car

Kill a hundred?

Headquarters relocation, King's technology for the meaning of extraordinary. However, affected by last week's Baidu prosecution incident, this event side invited the media cautious, the presence of media is not much.

King Cheung Technology was established April 3; closed road in May to complete the driverless test; June 18 received a road test license issued by the United States, California GMV to complete the open road driver test; September peak in Silicon Valley car sea Commute, the pace of development can not be described as unpleasant, return sooner or later.

In 2017, Baidu is the year when a large number of top-level technical personnel have been leaving and starting their business. Jingchi Technology is one of the fastest-running companies among them. In the King decided to sign the headquarters headquarters, mass production of unmanned vehicles, Baidu suddenly killed, had to make people question: Baidu sniper King Chi at the moment, intended?

An investor in an interview with the media had expressed such concerns: "Baidu unmanned aerial vehicles are high-profile operation, driving the internal forward. Is doing a lot of internal incentives, or the rebels to choose one to fight? If it is me, Will choose the second one, because the second cost is the smallest, the fastest, the best. "This confirms this view.

However, this is only speculation. Baidu and King Chi technology in the future how the relationship will develop, it is not conclusive.

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